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Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems

The Battle Systems MPIL has a significant new capability under it’s belt thanks to a new camo pattern. The addition of a new Multicam Alpine version gives the MPIL true 4 season functionality.

multicam alpine MPIL folded

The original MPIL had an orange side and a pink side, just like the legacy VS-17 that it so deftly replaces. In subsequent versions, Battle Systems replaced the pink side with various camo patterns that gave the MPIL the ability to both be plainly visible and to conceal from sight. Now, with the addition of the Multicam Alpine, that concealment ability has been extended to winter and snowy, alpine climates.

The hunter/hiker can now purchase an MPIL with the original Multicam pattern and a Multicam Alpine pattern to cover their signalling and concealment needs throughout the year. Check out the new Multicam Alpine MPIL from Battle Systems.

multicam alpine MPIL concealment

Mayflower R&C Placards

The SwiftClip system from Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems changed the way we integrate chest rigs and plate carriers. Now, Mayflower R&C is about to drop the next evolution of that system on us.

mayflower placard 3

They have created what they call Placards which are panels that can be attached to the front of their plate carriers in much the same way as you would attach a chest rig. These Placards attach to the vertical buckles at the top of the plate pocket and they have hook Velcro on the back so they can secure to the loop Velcro material found on the lower front of many Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems plate carriers.

The Placards will be available in multiple versions for both 5.56 and 7.62 platforms. They will allow the body armor wearer to quickly change their load out to suite their weapon and mission.

Check out Mayflower R&C for more details. These will be available at Appalachian Training soon.

mayflower placard 2 mayflower placard 1

Midwest Armor VENTURE FM3 – 2.2# Level III Plates

VentureFM3Midwest Armor just released their new VENTURE FM3 armor plates. These 10×12″ level III, NIJ06 certified plates weigh just 2.2 pounds each. That isn’t a typo. I wrote 2.2 pounds. That means that a set of these will weigh less than a single level III plate from most manufacturers.

The VENTURE FM3 plates are manufactured from an advanced UHMWPE material. They feature a shooters cut and are 1″ thick. These plates are also positively buoyant (they float). The VENTURE FM3 plates are lined polyurea to protect against UV, salt water, and gasoline.

Check out the VENTURE FM3 plates at Midwest Armor & Strategic Solutions.

TNVC Helmet Builder


TNVC just rolled out their new Helmet Builder program. This program gives helmet buyers that ability to start with a Rabintex NIJ IIIA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) shell in the cut of their choice and then add only the items that they need from TNVC’s wide array of shrouds, mounts, rails, and suspension. This service is not only convenient but helmet buyers will pay less by bundling all of their helmet gear together.

Check out the TNVC Helmet Builder page.

“Better” Raptor Charging Handle Fakes

You may recall that fake Rainier Arms Raptor Charging handles began to show up on the market last year. At that time, the fakes were fairly easy to differentiate thanks to their inferior components. That is no longer the case. There is a new wave of more convincing fakes finding their way onto the market and the old rules of spotting them no longer apply. It appears that both Amazon and Ebay are laden with fakes. Stick to authorized dealers to purchase your Raptor. See this especially useful post on CalGuns to see the newest fake along side a genuine Raptor Charging Handle.

Fake Raptor CH

This image released by Rainier Arms last year is no longer a valid way to determine the authenticity of a Raptor Charging Handle. The new fakes are far more convincing.

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