Patriot Cases AR Pistol Foam Insert

Patriot Cases is known for their gun cases with custom cut foam inserts. Amazingly, they offer cases with custom foam for as little as $69 and that $69 case is about to get just a bit more interesting for AR pistol owners with the introduction of their AR pistol pre-cut foam.

The foam is cut to accommodate an AR Pistol with the SB-15 Brace installed and has cutouts that can be installed or removed to accommodate the configuration of your AR pistol. It also has room for 2 magazines and other accessories. The entire setup rides in a lockable, hard plastic case.

These AR pistol inserts will be available sometime in the next 2 weeks. Check out Patriot Cases.

patriot cases ar pistol 1 patriot cases ar pistol 2 patriot cases ar pistol 3


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