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Basic Banshee Plate Carrier

The Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier is now available in a new, lower profile configuration called the Basic Banshee Plate Carrier. It is just like the regular Banshee Plate Carrier except it comes with the internal cummerbund only. The external cummerbund is not included. This saves weights, saves cost, and makes it ideal for those who won’t use the external cummerbund anyway. If you don’t need the additional MOLLE real estate and don’t use side plates, this is the Banshee for you.

Check out the Basic Banshee Plate Carrier.


Extended TACOs from High Speed Gear

Normally when I super-size my tacos, I just end up with heart burn. When High Speed Gear super-sizes their TACOs, you end up with versatile pouches that can handle many of the extended rifle, shotgun, and pistol magazines on the market. They have now introduced extended (deeper) versions of their pistol and rifle TACOs.

The Extended Pistol TACO should be ideal for the 33 round Glock mags, MP5 mags, ASP batons, longer flashlights, and probably even Ruger BX-25 magazines. The HCM TACO should be just the ticket for PMAG 40s and Saiga 12 mags. I currently use PMAG 40s in regular TACOs with good results but the extra depth of these would ease my mind.


Ares Gear Aegis Belt Melonite Buckle

Ares Gear Aegis Melonite Gray

The Ares Gear Aegis belt is already pretty awesome thanks in large part to their custom buckle that provides very fine adjustment and a more casual, less gun-toter look. Well, it just became a little bit more awesome now that it is available with a Melonite processed buckle! This should serve as a very durable way to darken the appearance of the buckle for a lower profile look.

Melonite makes almost everything better. Check out the Aegis Belt at Ares Gear.

Ares Gear Aegis Melonite Black

Chinook Medical TMK-IFAK

Chinook Medical just unveiled their new TMK-IFAK, a modular blow out kit pouch with seemingly endless features. The TMK-IFAK pouch consists of 2 main components, the insert and the pouch, that can be used separately as stand-alone items or used together as a functional unit.



TheĀ TMK-IFAK insert is not unlike similar inserts that are already on the market. It is a clam-shell folding platform with various elastic loops to be used to retain and organize your IFAK contents. Chinook Medical took care to design the elastic organization so that items could be removed without disrupting other items. It is designed to be used with the TMK-IFAK pouch or alone and inserted in most double M4 magazine pouches.

The TMK-IFAK pouch is a tall slender pouch that requires only 2 columns of PALS webbing to mount. The exterior of the pouch features PALS webbing on the sides and 3″ elastic tourniquet retainer on the bottom. The interior of the pouch features a wide webbing strap that functions as a lifter for pulling out the contents of the pouch and a leash for the insert.

Both the TMK-IFAK pouch and insert are available separately. They are also available to be purchased together with or without contents.

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