MOLLEminus Burrito

So. Much. MOLLEminus.


The new Blue Force Gear MOLLEminus Burrito was originally developed for BFG’s sales people who need to be able to display various pouches and then roll them up into a compact shape in order to travel. It is basically a massive expanse (11 columns by 25 rows) of MOLLEminus cut ULTRAcomp material that can be used to turn your MOLLE compatible pouches into a huge gear organizer or just as a way to display/organize the pouches themselves.

Check out the MOLLEminus Burrito at Blue Force Gear.

Burrito-MOLLE-Back-600x400 Burrito-MOLLE-in-use-600x400

One Response to MOLLEminus Burrito

  1. EGSMACHINE December 18, 2014 at 05:07 #

    If they made a horizontal one, I could mount it behind the seat of my truck.

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