High Speed Gear SB15 IFAK Pouch

High Speed Gear gave the world a sneak peek of a new IFAK pouch that they are working on via their Instagram. The pouch is designed to hold the essentials for treating a gun shot wound in an envelope compact enough to ride in between the flaps of an SB15 Stabilizing Brace.

hsgi sb15 ifak

The initial reaction has included no shortage of internet law “experts” and BATFE tea leaf readers that have already declared it illegal and a bad idea. However, they don’t know that High Speed Gear is well aware of the potential implications of this pouch and are working through the proper channels to ensure everything is on the up and up. If everything goes well, it could be approved and ready for release by SHOT show.

I can only speculate but, if I was going to create such a pouch, I would design it to ride in the brace only during transport. If an end user were to leave the pouch in place while shooting the pistol, that would be using the pouch in a manner other than it was intended.

Kudos to High Speed Gear for at least trying. Hat tip to F3 Tactical for the tip.

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