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Review: Fight and Flight Tactical 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel

You only have so much space to carry the gear that you need. The best pieces of gear will be versatile enough to serve multiple functions and maximize that limited space. The 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel from Fight and Flight Tactical is just such a piece of gear. It is simple concept with many applications.

4x4 Hybrid Patch Panel in Coyote Brown


The 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel is about 4″ tall by 6″ wide. The front of the pouch is covered with 4 rows and 4 columns of PALS webbing, hence the 4×4 part of the name. That PALS webbing is sewn over with loop Velcro, hence the patch panel part of the name. There are two sleeves integrated into the body of the pouch that are sized to carry a number of different items, hence the hybrid part of the name.

The back of the 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel is also covered with PALS webbing that allows you to attach it to any other PALS webbing using the 2 included short MALICE clips. It also comes with 2 bungee retainers with pull tabs that are adjustable for length or completely removable.

Fight and Flight Tactical makes these in all the usual colors including Multicam. The Multicam version is pretty slick since printed Velcro is used to cover the PALS webbing on the front. It is cut and then realigned during sewing so that the camo pattern is intact.

Shown with a Glock 17 and Glock 21 magazine


The 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel is very well made. The body of the panel is constructed from folded over 1000D nylon. All of the cloth edges are covered with binding tape which is always a very nice touch that increases durability by preventing fraying. The PALS webbing is triple stitched to the body of the panel. This should be a very long wearing piece of gear.

The back is identical to the front except for the loop Velcro so this 4x4 Hybrid Patch Panel is actually reversible.

In Use

The key to the versatility of this pouch is the sizing of the two internal sleeve type pouches. They are sized larger than you might expect so that they can be used to carry items like pistol magazines, multi-tools, flashlights, folding knives, medical shears, tourniquets, energy bars, or anything else that you can find to fit in the sleeves.

Even larger multi-tools like my favorite, the Multitasker Series 2, fit perfectly. The belt case on some multi-tools like the Leatherman Wave can used to turn the sleeve into a flap covered pouch.

It works very well on plate carriers or chest rigs. I don’t always carry pistol magazines on my plate carrier or chest rig since I prefer to reload from the belt but it is nice to have the option of carrying them. The 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel can be mounted high center on a plate carrier and used much like a compact admin pouch or it can be mounted lower in much the same way that you would mount a pistol mag pouch. It can be used to carry so many different types of gear that you will only be able to determine a mounting location based on what you are carrying in it.

Knives and flashlights are easily retained by the bungee straps and pull tabs. The split design of the pull tab allows the light to be held without activating the tail switch.

It also works very well on a backpack. It lets you attach a few patches can keep your multi-tool and flashlight (or other items) handy on the exterior of the pack. I found that some multi-tools could be carried by placing their entire belt pouch into the sleeve and then the flap on the belt pouch could be fastened to the Velcro on the front of the panel. It effectively turned the sleeve into a flap covered pouch.

The 4x4 Hybrid Patch Panel can be mounted and used like an admin pouch (shown with a knife and flashlight).

I tested it with Glock 17, 19, and 21 magazines. The sleeves are large enough to easily accept the Glock 21 magazines. Glock 17 magazines work perfectly but Glock 19 magazines are just a bit too short to be able to easily remove from the pouch. The included bungee retainers work very well with handgun magazines and they are necessary to retain the magazines since the sleeves are too large to retain the magazines on their own.

I really appreciate how low profile the 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel is when there is nothing loaded in the 2 internal sleeves. It really isn’t much thicker than most patch panels but it offers a ton of additional utility versus most patch panels. It isn’t obtrusive at all when it is empty so you won’t mind keeping it on your gear, even if it is just to hold some patches. It also saves space on your gear by virtue of all the different items that it can carry. This one pouch may be able to cover much of your admin pouch and pistol mag pouch needs.

It also works well when it is mounted and used like a pistol magazine pouch.


The 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel is versatile enough that every person that uses it is going to be able to find something unique to carry in it based on their specific needs. It is simple and low profile enough to serve as a great patch panel until you need it for something more. This is just a very simple, well executed pouch that serves a wide variety of purposes.

Read more about the 4×4 Hybrid Patch Panel on the new and improved Fight and Flight Tactical website.

Mountain Ridge Gear Redesigns the TMP-W

Mountain Ridge Gear’s TMP-W (Tactical Man Purse – Wide) was the subject of one of the very first reviews that I ever posted on this blog. Mountain Ridge Gear has made some small improvements since that review. Now, Mountain Ridge Gear is performing a major overhaul of the TMP-W with even more improved features. You have to love it when a company continues to improve their product.

The most noticeable improvement to the new iteration of the TMP-W is the laptop sleeve. In the previous version of the TMP-W, there was a large internal mesh pocket. That has now been replaced with a padded laptop sleeve. The sleeve is covered with loop Velcro so that you can add additional Velcro backed pouches to the face of the laptop sleeve.

The new version of the TMP-W also features an improved rubberized bottom panel. The new panel improves water resistance and is easier to clean so you can set your bag down without fear of picking up dirt and grime.

Check out the new bag on If you don’t need a laptop sleeve, there are a limited number of first generation Coyote Brown TMP-Ws on clearance for a great price right now.

This video shows all of the new features:


New Cobra 1.5″ EveryDay Belt Colors from Jones Tactical

Jones Tactical is well known for their belts and the Cobra 1.5″ EveryDay Belt is one of the most popular models. It can’t be beat for all day gun carrying comfort. They are used by some pretty serious people but did you know that the belts are available in some less than serious colors?

Buyers of Cobra 1.5″ EveryDay Belt buyers will now have some eye catching options for the accent webbing. Firemen will love the red webbing, while female shooters might want to check out the pink or purple. If you are a member of the Usual Suspect Network, you will really like the toxic green option.

There are plenty of options so make sure you check out the Jones Tactical website and get in touch to see if they have your favorite color.

Blue Force Gear D.A.P. Dappers

Some backpacks have so much internal organization that it can be difficult to carry larger items and other backpacks have so little internal organization that small items can not be easily accessed. Thankfully, Blue Force Gear has the D.A.P. (Denied Area Pattern) line of backpacks and organization pouches called Dappers. The D.A.P. line represents a completely customizable approach to organizing your gear.

The D.A.P. Dappers are pouches that are backed with hook side Velcro. They can be attached to any surface that is covered with loop side Velcro, like the interior of a D.A.P. pack or other packs that are Velcro lined. The Velcro attachment system allows pouches to be mounted anywhere inside the pack and in any orientation. The possibilities are nearly infinite. While other manufacturers offer Velcro backed pouches, no one comes close to having as complete a line of pouches and organizers.

All of the D.A.P. packs including backpacks of various sizes and discreet rifle cases are being discontinued for 2012 and will be redesigned eventually. This is actually a great time to check them out since they are being closed out on the Blue Force Gear Last Call page at steep discounts. While Blue Force Gear is discontinuing the packs, they will keep producing the Dappers for 2012. They will also be introducing products that will adapt the Dappers to just about any pack.

Blue Force Britteny recently posted this video that shows the versatility of the Dappers and the D.A.P. packs:

Be sure to check out the full line of D.A.P. Dappers and the discounted D.A.P. Packs on the Blue Force Gear webpage. Stay tuned to Jerking the Trigger for a full review of the Wall Street Warrior Dapper Kit!

Spyderco Yojimbo2

The original Michael Janich designed Spyderco Yojimbo was one of my favorite knives of all time. The tall flat ground Wharncliffe blade had an awesome thin edge and a very fine point. That great blade combined with Spyderco’s excellent Compression lock made for a great combination for a hard use or self defense knife that also excelled at EDC tasks. I foolishly sold my Yojimbo years ago and it has been discontinued for quite some time. Fortunately, that isn’t the end of the story…

Spyderco has recently introduced the Yojimbo2 – a new, redesigned version of the original Yojimbo. Like the original it features S30V blade steel, grippy G-10 grips, the excellent Compression Lock, a Wharncliffe profile blade, and a very ergonomic handle. However, this new version also sports some changes. For instance, the blade is hollow ground instead of full height flat ground, the handle features slightly more rounded contours, and the spine of the blade has a new thumb ramp shape.

The pedigree of this knife is clear. It is still reminiscent of the original Yojimbo while offering some improvements in shape. Michael Janich and Spyderco appear to have another winner on their hands. Check out the Yojimbo2 on Spyderco’s website.

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