TAREINCO LoPro Pick Sheaths

If you have been reading JTT for long, you know that we love the Bogota Entry Toolsets that SerePick.com sells. We have reviewed just about every set that they make and have found them to be easy to use and easy to carry. They are now even easier to carry thanks to the TAREINCO LoPro Pick Sheaths.

TAREINCO will be making two different sizes. One will accommodate the smaller Bogota Entry Toolsets. The other is a larger size that will accommodate the larger Bogota Titan Flats or similarly sized traditional picks. The sheaths are made from 1″ wide webbing and have Velcro closures. They also have a belt loop that will work with belts up to 2″ thick or allow the sheath to be attached to PALS webbing.

The LoPro Pick Sheaths are not available on the TAREINCO website yet. You can check them out on the TAREINCO Facebook Page.

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