Crowdfund This: MerkWares Sprongs

MerkWares, creator of the Emberlit Camp Stove, is attempting to crowd fund their latest creation – Sprongs. Sprongs are a fork and spoon that can be clipped together to create a pair of camp tongs for camp cooking or to nest inside each other for storage. The same mechanism that allows them to clip together can also be used as a hook for lifting hot pots or lids. It is a very simple and ingenious tool much like the Emberlit.

emberlit sprongs

The current crowd funding effort is to fund the creation of a plastic version. Eventually, MerkWares would like to introduce stainless steel and titanium versions of Sprongs so consider this a sort of first step in that direction.

I can see these being seriously handy who spends more than a few hours in the field. Check out Sprongs on Kickstarter.


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One Response to Crowdfund This: MerkWares Sprongs

  1. Panzer0170 August 19, 2015 at 12:28 #

    You can already buy nesting KFS sets, and if you need to use a set of ‘tongs’, you can just put your little finger between the handles and work them in a similar way to chopsticks. I’m not 100% sold this is a solution to a problem that actually exists…

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