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Crowdfund This: SPARtool

SPARtool is an “outdoor survival multitool” that is currently on Kickstarter in an attempt to crowdfund its production. There have been a number of these types of tools over the years but this one caught my eye because of its light(ish) weight and quality materials. Usually these sort of “survival” multitools are poorly designed and poorly made from junk steel. On top of all that, they are usually heavy.

The SPARtool is made from 1075 carbon steel – a steel that actually stands a chance of holding an edge for chopping and sawing tasks and that will be easy to resharpen in the field with a file or stone like you would an axe. It is relatively compact already so there is no need to add collapsible mechanisms or detachable parts that can fail under hard use. The Zytel handle should be basically shock-proof while also keep weight and cost down.


In many backpacking situations you are likely already carrying at least a shovel to deal with waste. You probably also carry some sort of cutting tool whether it is a hatchet, knife, or both. The SPARtool may be able to handle all of that for you with the addition of its other functionality though you may still want to carry a small knife. This tool certainly isn’t for the ultra-light crowd but if you don’t mind being at least a little bit geared up while you are the trail, it could be handy.

This could also be a great addition to a car kit. If you live in a colder, somewhat remote locations like I do, you are likely already carrying a shovel and some basic survival tools in your car.

Check out SPARtool on Kickstarter.

A Modern Seabag by Hardin Softgoods

Hardin Softgoods has taken the classic seabag and reimagined it as a modern EDC bag. The result is pretty darn slick.


The Modern Seabag features 1000D Cordura Nylon construction with a coated rip-stop nylon lining. All the hardware is metal and the bag is zipper-free and lockable thanks to the seabag style top closure. The bag features a single large, main compartment and a smaller exterior compartment for small items. The padded shoulder straps and reinforced side handle ensure the Modern Seabag is easily portable.

This bag appears to be sized right (21L) and just about bomb-proof. It is made right here in the USA. Check out the Modern Seabag from Hardin Softgoods on Kickstarter.

Aridus Industries Universal Q-DC

Aridus Industries is still in the process of crowdfunding the production of their Q-DC, a quick detach shell carrier for shotguns. None of the major crowdfunding sites would accept their project because it is a gun part so they are pre-selling product at a discount on their own in order to reach their goals. They also just released a new product for pre-sale that might just make reaching their goal easier.

Aridus QDC Promo

The Universal Q-DC is base plate unit designed to be used on a wide variety of shotguns. It uses some really tenacious double sided tape to stick to the side of your shotgun. As long as you prep the surface well, you will likely break parts of your shotgun or the Q-DC before it comes off. The Universal Q-DC has relief cuts in areas where pins would commonly be located on the receiver to allow the pins to be removed for cleaning.

This universal version of the Q-DC has already been tested on popular shotguns like the excellent Beretta 1301 and Mossberg 930. Aridus Industries has made a downloadable template available via their website so you can check for fit on your shotgun.

These are being offered at a steep discount during this pre-order. Check them out at Aridus Industries.

aridus industries universal QDC

Crowdfund This: Smith & Bradley Springfield Classic Field Watch

The simple field watch has been a functional and stylish men’s watch option for pretty much as long as it has existed. It is an absolute classic thanks to its slim, simple case, readable dial, and it’s chameleon like ability to go with a t-shirt and jeans on the range or a business suit at the office. The field watch is what you might call a classic.

smith bradley springfield pvd

Smith & Bradley’s new Springfield Classic Field Watch takes that clean, classic style and injects a dose of modern, muscular proportions. This timepiece is still an easy-to-wear field watch through and through but it’s style, proportions, and features are subtly more contemporary.

The Springfield starts with a 48mm case machined from 316-L stainless steel. It is large enough to look at home on large wrists but it is trim enough to work for anyone. Everything about the watch has been scaled up to meet the proportions of the case. The large crown is easy to use but also works as a design element. The long hand set fills the space of the face well without crowding it. The 20mm lug spacing ensures that you have more strap options than you would with the narrower lug spacing of a traditional field watch while also working with the larger proportions of the Springfield.

The 33mm diameter of dial let the designers at S&B convey a lot of information without making it feel crowded or unreadable. The 12 hour markings are very large and very easy to read, even at night thanks to the C3 Luminova (the hands are also C3 Luminova coated). The 24 hour and second markings are smaller and out of the way. The calendar placed at 3 o’clock on the dial is unobtrusive and easy to read. The dial is covered with a domed sapphire crystal. There is a Swiss Ronda Quartz movement under the dial, driving the hand set.

smith bradley specs

The Springfield looks great and it has good stuff under the hood but it also very affordable. This is Smith & Bradley’s 4th Kickstarter funded watch and it is also their most affordable by far. The single watch perk starts at just $159 which is downright impressive for a watch with sapphire crystal, Swiss movement, 316-L stainless case, C3 Luminova, and style this clean and versatile. The 2 watch perk brings the price per watch down even further!

The Springfield is built in the USA. It is available with a stainless finish or black PVD finish. It will come with a NATO style strap.

Check out the Smith & Bradley Springfield Classic Field Watch on Kickstarter.

smith bradley springfield breakdown

Snake Eater Tactical Quicky Buckle Belt

If read JTT regularly, you are already familiar with Snake Eater Tactical’s excellent belts and you have read about Carbon Tactics’ very cool new Quicky Buckle. The mere mention of those two in the same sentence probably has you reaching for your wallet reflexively based on the potential alone.

Feast your eyes on this prototype belt created by Snake Eater Tactical to show off the potential of the Quicky buckle!

snake eater carbon tactics quicky 2 snake eater carbon tactics quicky

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