Crowdfund This: Aridus Industries Q-DC

Aridus Industries is attempting to crowdfund the launch of their Q-DC. You can brush up on the details of the Q-DC by checking out our previous post.

aridus Q-DC

They aren’t going through a typical crowdfunding site since most of the high profile sites wouldn’t accept a firearm part. Aridus Industries has launched their own website and is running their own campaign instead. All you need to do to be part of helping make this project a reality is pre-order a carrier or some swag from the site. These funds will go toward creating the molds for the Q-DC’s polymer shell carrier.

The pre-order items are being offered at a significant discount versus their eventual retail pricing. You’ll get a deal, be the first on the block to have your Q-DC, and help launch a very slick product.

One Response to Crowdfund This: Aridus Industries Q-DC

  1. Randall October 26, 2015 at 06:14 #

    Aridus just added their universal mount for a really deep discount, although it won’t be out until just after the new year.

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