Aridus Industries Q-DC

The Q-DC from Aridus Industries is one of those products that you need to have on your radar. It is one of the most exciting shotgun accessories that I have seen in a while.

aridus Q-DC

The Q-DC is somewhat like a hybrid between a shell carrier and a magazine. It consists of 2 main parts – a mounting plate and a quick detach shell carrier. The mounting plate is affixed to your shotgun’s receiver and the QD shell carriers lock into the mounting plate. The shell carriers can be easily released from the mounting plate via a large locking tab that is located on the rear of the plate. The result is a shell carrier that allows the user to quickly and easily swap in new shell carriers much like they would when changing a magazine in a magazine fed firearm.

The shell carriers are made from polymer with an aluminum back plate. Each cell in the carrier has its own leaf spring for positive retention. The use of a spring for retention allows the shell cells to be large enough to easily insert a new shell and to accept shells in either brass up or brass down orientation. Even without quick change functionality, this is a well thought out shell carrier.

The design of the carriers allows them to fit many soft AR-15 magazines pouches. This allows your shotgun to work with the gear that you already have and opens up all kinds of interesting possibilities for new ways to feed your shotgun. Even a typical belt rig that would typically be used for an AR-15 could be used to support the shotgun.

The Q-DC is not available yet. It takes a lot of capital to get a product like this off the ground, especially when it comes to molds for the polymer parts. Aridus Industries has announced that they will be launching a crowd funding effort to make the Q-DC a reality. Consider this an introduction so that you are primed when the crowd fund campaign comes online.

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