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Merkwater Casting Handlines

Handline fishing has been around forever and the rigs that people use to do it mostly all have one thing in common… They are much easier to pack than a fishing rod! The new Markwater Casting Handlines are barely larger than your outstretched hand making them a lightweight and compact way to add fishing gear to your backpacking or survival kit.



The Merkwater Casting Handlines are from the same people behind the excellent Emberlit stoves. They are made from Baltic Birch plywood and then stained, sealed, and have a handle wrap applied by hand. 40 feet of 10 pound test line is supplied.

Check out the Merkwater Casting Handlines at Emberlit.com.

Fire Steel 101

Fire steels/Ferro Rods can be an invaluable addition to your kit… if you know how to use them. It isn’t always as simple as just showering something with sparks and hoping for the best.


Mikhail Merkurieff, inventor of the Emberlit Stove, recently released a series of videos that show the best practices for igniting a wide variety of items with a fire steel. The video series is full of useful information and techniques for getting the most out of this versatile fire starting tool.

The video below is a playlist of all of the tips and tricks that have been released so far. You can also get your own Ferro Rod at Emberlit.com.

Crowdfund This: MerkWares Sprongs

MerkWares, creator of the Emberlit Camp Stove, is attempting to crowd fund their latest creation – Sprongs. Sprongs are a fork and spoon that can be clipped together to create a pair of camp tongs for camp cooking or to nest inside each other for storage. The same mechanism that allows them to clip together can also be used as a hook for lifting hot pots or lids. It is a very simple and ingenious tool much like the Emberlit.

emberlit sprongs

The current crowd funding effort is to fund the creation of a plastic version. Eventually, MerkWares would like to introduce stainless steel and titanium versions of Sprongs so consider this a sort of first step in that direction.

I can see these being seriously handy who spends more than a few hours in the field. Check out Sprongs on Kickstarter.


Emberlit FireAnt Now Available


After a smashingly successful crowdfunding campaign, the Emberlit FireAnt is now available. The FireAnt is the latest and greatest version of an already great stove. It allows the user to heat food using wood, alcohol burners, fuel tabs, and more. It stores completely flat and titanium construction means the whole stove weighs just 2.8 ounces.

Until now, only Kickstarter backers could get their hands on the stove. Check out the FireAny at Emberlit.

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