Review: JAVRAN HALP Holster

Most of the Velcro backed “universal” holsters on the market are downright terrible. Many of them are difficult to draw from due to poorly executed thumb-breaks or snag prone designs (often both). They get away with it because they spend their time locked away in a bag and they are cheap so hardly anyone actually thinks much about them. The standard designs were ripe for some innovation so that is just what JAVRAN did.

The HALP Holster from JAVRAN is a Velcro backed universal holster that offers one all important improvement over other similar designs – it has a longer sleeve. This longer sleeve is the key to it improved performance and functionality. It is the simple design tweak that makes the HALP better than anything else that I have tried (more on this later).


The HALP isn’t complicated. It consists of 2 main parts – a semi-rigid, Velcro backer and an adjustable flap that wraps around the handgun. The backer is made from 2” webbing with hook Velcro sewn to the back while the flap is made from a double layer of 1000D nylon.

Observations from Use

As I said earlier, the key to what makes the HALP better than anything else that I have tried is the longer flap. Most similar holsters have a flap that is just wide enough to cover most of the trigger guard. The muzzle of the handgun ends up dangling out in the open, below the flap which creates a snag point for weapon mounted lights, ejection ports, and front sights during the draw stroke. The wider flap also provides great retention and protection. It is such a simple adaptation that pays off in a tremendous increase in functionality.

I was able to adjust the flap to fit everything from a G17 with weapon light to an S&W J-Frame revolver. The adjustment range is wide enough that it should with anything but the smallest and largest handguns.

You can determine the tension of the holster by how tightly you wrap the flap around the handgun when you are fitting it. I found that I like to wrap it a bit tighter at the bottom and looser that the opening. This makes re-holstering a bit easier and still provides good retention.

Speaking of re-holstering… the HALP Holster would benefit from some reinforcement to the flap position. Since it is made from a double layer of 1000D nylon, it has very little structure which makes it prone to push and fold into itself while re-holstering. I am not sure what could be done, but a layer of webbing under the top part of the flap would provide some additional structure or lines of stitching at close intervals might also provide some additional structure. This is a small issue but it would be a big improvement to a great product.

Wrap Up

I am sure that I haven’t even come close to trying every holster of this type on the market but the HALP Holster is far better than any others that I have tried. Given the growing popularity of Velcro lined bags and packs, I suspect that more and more people will be looking for something better than the typical Velcro-backed universal holsters. They would do well to check out the HALP Holster from JAVRAN.

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Disclosure: JAVRAN provided this holster to me, free of charge, for review.

PS – I should also mention that JAVRAN has some of the coolest Made in the USA tags that I have ever seen.

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