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This made my day. I am a fan (and user) of the light mounts that were sold by Danger Close Consulting. Unfortunately, those mounts started to become very difficult to find. The good news is that now they are more readily available than ever because AMS Machine, the original manufacturer of those mounts, has taken the Low-Pro Products brand public.

Low-Pro Products makes some of the most low profile and lightweight light mounts that I have used. Their designs tuck the light in closer to the rail than most others and they do a great job of machining away any excess material to keep the weight to a minimum.

They also make a variety of other products including a new vertical grip that has some really clever features. It converts from a full size to a stubby grip and has interior storage. The cap is machined so that it can be used as a wrench to install and remove the grip.

I have a few of these items inbound for review so stay tuned. Check out the Low-Pro Products and AMS Machine website. Their products are currently available at Grey Group Training.

2 Responses to Low-Pro Products

  1. Andrew H November 26, 2012 at 13:57 #

    Always looking for another way to mount a light.
    Any idea what they go for? COuldn’t find the mount listed for sale at GreyGroup.
    Looking forward to the reviews.

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