Boker Plus Toucan

Multi-tools come in many forms. There are the typical pliers-based tools that are so common and the original Swiss Army Knives were multi-tools long before anyone knew the word “multi-tool.” More recently, a new breed of multi-tool has hit the scene. These tools are sometimes called pocket tools or keychain tools and one of the better known examples is the Toucan from Jared Price.

Boker now makes a product version of the Toucan in their Boker Plus line. It features a small knife edge, a pry tip, a screw driver, and bottle opener. The production version is made from 440C steel and features a small kydex sheath that covers the cutting edge so the user can open bottles or pry without the knife edge exposed. The whole package weighs a little more than an ounce and is around 3 inches long.

You can check out the Boker Plus Toucan at BladeHQ.


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