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Boker Plus Stubby Strike – BladeHQ Exclusive

Boker is well known for affordable automatic knives that are actually of very good quality. This reputation is based in part on the Strike line. While previous iterations of the Strike line-up featured AUS-8 blade steel and full-size dimensions, the newest addition to the line sports upgraded D2 steel and much smaller dimensions.

The Stubby Strike is a California legal auto thanks to its 1.9″ blade. The flat ground D2 blade is paired with a 3.375″ long handle to keep the overall package compact. Like the full-size Strike, the Stubby Strike has a textured aluminum handle with sliding safety. The included pocket clip is set up for right hand, tip-up carry.

The Stubby Strike is a Blade HQ exclusive. Check it out at BladeHQ.com.

Boker Burnley Kihon Automatic Knives

If you like automatic knives, there is a good chance you are already familiar with the budget auto that everyone loves, the Boker Kalashnikov. The Kalashnikov is popular because of its mix of snappy action and quality, budget-minded materials.

Now Boker has applied that same formula to a new design, the Burnley Kihon Automatic. Like the Kalashnikov, the Kihon features a flat-ground, drop point, AUS-8 stainless steel blade (3.25″) and a textured aluminum handle. The pocket clip is configured for right-side, tip-up carry only.

The Kalashnikov is a budget knife classic and the formula has been followed so closely again with the Kihon that it is almost certainly going to be a hit. The Boker Kihon Automatic is available at BladeHQ.com.

Boker Plus Colubris

Boker and their Boker Plus line has been on a serious roll lately. One of their latest offerings is the Colubris, a production version of a custom American Kami design.


The Colubris’ 440C, modified Wharncliffe blade is .180″ thick and 4.25″ long. It has a stonewashed finish and machined green G-10 handle slabs. The handle has large hollow bolts and a separate lanyard hole. It comes with a kydex sheath.

The beauty of the Boker Plus line is that you can get your hands on designs from some of the most talented knife makers and designers at a fraction of what an original would cost. Check out the Boker Plus Colubris at BladeHQ.com.

Boker Plus Toucan

Multi-tools come in many forms. There are the typical pliers-based tools that are so common and the original Swiss Army Knives were multi-tools long before anyone knew the word “multi-tool.” More recently, a new breed of multi-tool has hit the scene. These tools are sometimes called pocket tools or keychain tools and one of the better known examples is the Toucan from Jared Price.

Boker now makes a product version of the Toucan in their Boker Plus line. It features a small knife edge, a pry tip, a screw driver, and bottle opener. The production version is made from 440C steel and features a small kydex sheath that covers the cutting edge so the user can open bottles or pry without the knife edge exposed. The whole package weighs a little more than an ounce and is around 3 inches long.

You can check out the Boker Plus Toucan at BladeHQ.

Boker Plus Tom Krein Pocket Bowie

The much anticipated Boker Plus Tom Krein Pocket Bowie is finally finding it’s way to dealer shelves. This knife is the result of a collaboration between Boker and knife maker Tom Krein. Krein has a reputation for great handles and scary sharp edges. This Boker Plus Pocket Bowie looks like it lives up to that reputation.

It features a 2 1/2″ blade crafted from 440C steel. The overall length is 4 3/4″. This really is a Pocket Bowie. It wears black G-10 scales with white spacers on its nicely shaped handle. The Pocket Bowie comes with an excellent looking kydex sheath all for a street price that is under $30!

This is going to be one hot seller.

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