Tactical Handyman: Cat Tail/Throw Lever – 2 for $20

Cat Tails are rings with a protruding lever that clamp onto the magnification adjustment ring of an optic to make it easier to turn so you can move between magnification ranges quickly. They are very handy for jut about any magnified optic but they are especially useful on the low power variable magnification optics that are so popular in tactical shooting and 3 Gun Competition.

Typically, these Cat Tails cost $50-60 for one since they must be precision machined from aluminum to fit an individual optic. However, you know that when the Tactical Handyman comes around, you aren’t going to pay $50-60. I’ll show you how to get 2 of them for around $20.

The secret is a product that is designed to hold fishing reels on a fishing rod – Breakaway Nylon Coasters (NC-1 Universal). I first saw this handy hack posted on the Sniper’s Hide Forum by a user named strat81. They are somewhat like a cross between a hose clamp and a cable tie. You simply wrap the nylon cable around your optic’s magnification ring, turn the knob until it is tight, and then trim the excess cable. It is that easy.

They can be purchased directly from Breakaway.

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