S.O. Tech Redesigns the BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier

From S.O. Tech:

SOTech enhances the Quick Eject Tourniquet with input from the field.

SOTech has responded to requests from the field and upgraded the BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier with the addition of a rubber band and retention tab. The tab and rubber band give the operator the option to have the tourniquet hang from the tab in the center of the panel after the shroud is burst open. Most customers were happy with the tourniquet popping out into their hand upon releasing the snap and bursting the shroud open. However, some were concerned about applying a tourniquet while on the move, so we added the rubber band retention for that. A light weight rubber band is supplied so the wounded and bleeding casualty can easily snap the band while pulling the tourniquet away from the shroud. Additionally, a stitch was added to the shroud fastening it to the harness at a second point in order to form a slight cup to add light retention while bursting the shroud. Note that the tourniquet carrier can be used with or without the rubber band.

SOTech also want to call attention to the pairing of the Flat IFAK with the BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier. While the IFAK has room for the tourniquet to be carried internally, it was intended to be purchased with the separate tourniquet carrier so the tourniquet could be mounted on the front of the vest while the rest of the IFAK elements could be comfortably and compactly stowed in the lower back region using SOTech’s Flat IFAK. Both products are in wide use throughout law enforcement and the military.

Check out the Gen 2 BLOCS Quick Eject Tourniquet Carrier on SpecOpsTech.com.

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