The SLR-101 is Back!

The Arsenal Co. SLR-101 is one of the finest AKs (maybe the finest AK) that has ever been imported to the USA. They haven’t been imported for the last 10 years or so which drove prices up considerably on the secondary market. Thankfully, a batch of these rifles have been imported once again and K-VAR has them.

The SLR-101 has all the hallmarks of a great AK. I don’t get too wrapped around an axle about AR-15 fit and finish but with AK pattern weapons, fit and finish is more of an indicator of quality. The SLR-101 AKs that I have handled in the past have all exhibited some of the best fit and finish that I have seen on an AK. It features a chrome lined, hammer forged barrel with 14mm threads and a milled receiver.

The SLR-101 is a classic AK and it is great to see them available again at K-VAR.

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