D.A.R.K. Gen2 from Dark Angel Medical

I was recently searching for a blow out kit pouch with a slimmer profile than one that I am currently using and a friend recommended that I take a look at Dark Angel Medical. Dark Angel Medical produces what they call the Direct Action Response Kit or D.A.R.K. which consists of a custom designed pouch and some proven trauma treatment supplies. The pouch that is used to carry the DARK is also available for purchase separately.

DARK full kit, shown with M4 mag for scale.

The pouch has been redesigned by Dark Angel Medical and produced by FirstSpear. It is barely larger than a double M4 magazine pouch and mounts to only 2 columns of MOLLE (versus 3 or 4 for some med pouches). Despite it’s compact dimensions, it still allows ready access to its life saving cargo. There is a pouch on the front that allows immediate access to a tourniquet. The pouch is sized to fit most common tourniquets like the CAT or SOF-T wide.

The majority of the components (gloves, HALO chest seals, nasal airway, compressed gauze, and 4″ Israeli bandage) are carried in the main pouch that features a reverse opening flap. The full coverage flap opens opposite of the way most pouches do. It hinges at the front of the pouch which makes sense since the person opening the pouch may also be the person wearing the pouch.Once the pouch is open, there is an elevator strap that can be pulled to lift the interior components out of the pouch part way for easy access. It also features webbing on the sides that allow the user to carry trauma shears, a Sharpie marker, or compression needle.

The DARK is available in black, ranger green, coyote brown, and Multicam. Check it out at DarkAngelMedical.com.

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