RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder

RE Factor Tactical has introduced a Tourniquet Holder with some interesting functionality. They claim that it is the first tourniquet holder that is designed to be carried either overtly or covertly.

The tourniquet holder utilizes 2 straps that can be weaved into MOLLE webbing, secured to a belt, and that hold the tourniquet (TQ) horizontally. This horizontal mounting position makes sense for placing the TQ high on the center line of the wearer when wearing it overtly. The straps are tied together so that the user needs only to pull in one place to release the TQ rather than pulling two separate straps. The straps have elastic sections that allow the RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder to fit a wide variety of TQs.

The back of the RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder is covered with hook material so when you need to covertly carry a TQ, you can locate the holder inside of a loop lined bag. Internal loop fields are becoming more and more common in EDC, police, and military bags.

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