Multitasker Series 2X

I fell in love with the Multitasker Series 2 last year. Since I received it, I haven’t been to the range without it and I use it at home frequently when working on my ARs (and other things). I guess that I was so absorbed in my Series 2 that I forgot to mention that the Series 2X is now available.

The Multitasker Series 2X offers several great improvements over the Series 2. The most noticeable of which are the new larger and beefier jaws. The Series 2 had really fine teeth that were very grippy, but not necessarily the best for gripping items with large angular surfaces like large bolts. The Series 2X has teeth that would make a T-Rex jealous. These will definitely grip just about anything you can throw at them. The wire cutters have also been improved which is saying a lot because they were already pretty darn good.

The Series 2X also features a new pivot design. The Series 2 ball bearing pivot has been replaced with a self lubricating hybrid pivot design that is bull strong and very smooth.

The melonite coating of the Series 2 has been replaced with a more durable PVD or Titanium Nitride coating. This new coating will offer increased wear resistance versus the melonite treatment that was used originally.

Glock shooters will find the 2X to be more useful. It will come with a 3/32″ punch attachment that replaces the cleaning pick that was found on the Series 2 (except for the Brownells models which will still feature the cleaning pick). Many Glock shooters will know that a 3/32″ punch is basically the only tool needed to detail strip a Glock down to small parts.

The Series 2X is a worthy successor to the Series 2. Get all the latest Multitasker information at and at the Multitasker Tools Facebook Page. You can purchase your own Multitasker Series 2X from TacStrike.

You can also check out the earlier Series 2 at Brownells.

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