NukoTools Titanium GBi

Titanium makes just about anything better. That is scientific fact. It is certainly true with the NukoTools GBi.

You may remember the cute little GBi that I reviewed a while back. The old version was made from G-10 which is a very good material for this application given its light weight, non-magnetic nature, and extreme durability. This new version is made from an equally well suited material – titanium. Titanium is also very lightweight (though it is a bit heavier than the G-10), non magnetic, and extremely durable.

NukoTools Heat Colored Ti GBi (subject of this review)

If you read the previous review, you know that the GBi is a discreet self defense tool. It looks like a funny little smiley face but functions like a flesh tearing, bone bruising, eye gouging set of two finger “knuckles”. The new Ti version is about 1/4″ thick (slightly thinner than the original G-10 version) and features larger “eye” holes which improves the comfort and fit for me.

NukoTools has made a few versions of these. I have a heat colored version for review. The most recent versions have been stone washed and left raw or slightly heat colored. The heat coloring on my example is striking. It is mostly a very deep purple with some blue, green, and even orange in the right light. It gives this GBi a very distinctive look that is also completely unique from any other GBi. No two heat colored GBis will be alike.

Original NukoTools G-10 GBi (from the previous review)

The cuts on this earlier Ti version that I have are a bit rough in places. The eye holes are smoothed enough to be comfortable but the teeth cuts are a bit jagged in places (which isn’t really a bad thing considering their purpose). The newer stone washed versions have corrected this roughness.

The best thing about the GBi is just how discreet it really is. It isn’t unusual for people to comment about how cute my keychain is without ever realizing what it actually is. That is exactly how NukoTools intended it to be. This tool works.

Check out the NukoTools website or email for purchasing information. Be advised, these tools are handmade in small batches so they may not be available all the time.

One Response to NukoTools Titanium GBi

  1. Dan February 25, 2012 at 17:13 #

    These are really cool! I remember your review on one a while back, the anodized titanium version is awesome looking.

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