ETA Trauma Kit Pouch from Zulu Nylon Gear and ITS Tactical

The fertile minds at ITS Tactical and Zulu Nylon Gear have collaborated to make the most original trauma pouch to the hit the market in some time.

The new ETA Trauma Kit Pouch is designed to hold ITS Tactical’s ETA Trauma Kit. The pouch features a new, well thought out shape and design that makes it streamlined but accessible and trim but capable of holding everything you need to treat the most common killers related to gun shot wounds (Extremity Hemorrhage, Tension Pneumothorax, and Airway Obstruction).

Travis Haley of Haley Strategic just posted a video that covers the finer points of the pouch and the kit:

Joel at Zulu Nylon Gear does amazing work, not just with the design of a pouch, but with the execution. If it has his brand on it, it will be bomb proof.

The ETA Trauma Kit Pouch will be released today, November 11, 2001, so be sure to check out ITS Tactical for details.

2 Responses to ETA Trauma Kit Pouch from Zulu Nylon Gear and ITS Tactical

  1. Eric S November 11, 2011 at 21:17 #

    Thanks for posting guys, much appreciated! ~Eric & the Crew

  2. brent November 12, 2011 at 01:13 #

    If they offered it in ranger green I would buy 2!

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