ESEE Navigation Cards

ESEE had two new navigation products that very slick. One is sold under the ESEE brand and the other will be part of their Izula Gear line.

This single card replaces 3 commonly used map tools.

The first is a Map Card for 24K scale maps. This is part of the ESEE brand. 24K is the most common scale for topographic maps in the USA. The Map Card features a 1 mile map scale in 1/4 mile increments, a compass rose in 2.5 degree increments, acre squares in 1, 2.5, 10, and 40 acre sizes, and a UTM grid (which can also be used to take point to point measurements in meters). The card comes in a Tyvek sleeve to protect it from getting too scratched up as it bounces around in your kit. This single card replaces at least 3 commonly used map tools. It is everything you need to do your map work with a military lensatic compass and it would also be a great companion to a baseplate compass. This card is available on the ESEE website right now.

The Izula Gear Navigation Card Set provides multiple cards to work with just about any topo map. Click to enlarge.

The second product is a Navigation Card set that will be sold under the Izula Gear brand. The set will include 3 clear cards that are for use with 24K, 25K, 50K, 100K, and 250K maps and 2 opaque white information cards. These Izula Gear Navigation Cards are much like the Map Card above with a slightly different layout. The information cards are printed front and back with survival information, topographic map information, and UTM information. This set will be available from the ESEE dealer network soon.

Just like the ESEE Survival/Navigation Card, part of what makes these so attractive is the form factor. They are essentially credit cards sized which makes them easy to store and carry. They would easily slip into your map case, compass case, wallet, survival tin, or just about anywhere else.

These are some of the simplest, most well thought out map tools that I have ever seen.


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