Nick Allen of NWA Knives Goes Full Time

Nick Allen is the man behind NWA knives. His knives are known for their extremely unique and recognizable organic lines, functional designs, extreme durability, and bullet proof sheaths. Until recently, knife making was his part time job but now Nick is hanging out his shingle as a full time knife maker.

The NWA Sierra Scout is purpose built to thrive in the wilderness.

Not only does Nick make phenomenal knives, he backs those knives with great customer service.

One of the missions of Jerking the Trigger is to shine a spotlight on real American entrepreneurs, small business people, and craftsman. Nick certainly fits all three of those categories. Next time you are ready to buy a knife, consider supporting a skilled craftsman like Nick at NWA knives.

You can see NWA’s full line of knives on the NWA Knives website. You can also communicate directly with Nick and NWA Knives users at the NWA Knives Forum on

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