Review: Multitasker Series 2

The box has many of the features of the Series 2 printed on the sides.

The Series 2 is Multitasker’s version of the traditional folding pliers type multitool. I have reviewed the Multitasker Tools TUBE and Ultralight in the past and I was very impressed with their design, quality, and function. The Multitasker Series 2 tool takes that same design, quality, and function to a whole new level.

Several useful items are included with the Series 2.

In the Box

The Multitasker Series 2 comes with a number of useful items. When you open the box you will find several items: the tool itself, a sheath, 10 assorted 1/4″ screwdriver bits, a bit holder, and an instruction sheet that also spells out information about the limited lifetime warranty.

The 10 included screwdriver bits are as follows:

  1. T10 Torx
  2. T15 Torx
  3. 3/32 Hex
  4. 7/64 Hex
  5. 1/8 Hex
  6. 9/64 Hex
  7. 3/16 Hex
  8. 3/32 slotted
  9. 3/16 slotted
  10. No. 1 Phillips

The sheath is made from heavy duty ballistic nylon and seems to be very durable.

The sheath is MOLLE compatible.

The bit holder is held in place behind the Series 2 with an elastic sleeve.


The sheath is designed to accept both the Series 2 itself and the bit holder (with bits). There is an elastic sleeve in the back of the sheath that holds the bit holder in place and keeps it from rattling against the Ultralight. The back of the sheath features a MOLLE strap that allows you to attach the sheath to your chest rig, belt rig, plate carrier, pack, or any other MOLLE webbing. The sheath is very nice but I usually just end up throwing the Series 2 into a pocket on my chest rig or cargo pants.

The 2 piece bit holder holds the bits in place when in the closed position.

Bits and Bit Holder

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The fact that Multitasker Tools use standard 1/4″ screwdriver bits is one of the best things about the tools. There are other tools on the market that use non-standard or proprietary bits which makes them far less useful to me. With a Multitasker Tool, I can walk into any hardware store and buy a screwdriver bit to customize my kit. It is convenient and inexpensive.

The bit holder that comes with the Series 2 is ingenious. It separates into two pieces to allow access to the bits and connects together for easy storage. The bit holder is made from plastic and maintains a tight friction grip on the bits to prevent loss.

The pliers are precision CNC-machined from D2 tool steel.

A precision roller bearing keeps the pliers moving smoothly.

The Pliers to End All Pliers

I will discuss the entire tool selection below, but the pliers are impressive enough to merit their own section. These pliers will blow you away.

Most users will notice the needle nose pliers first. These are the sturdiest multitool pliers that I have ever seen. The pliers are CNC-machined from D2 tool steel which makes them incredibly durable and very precise in how they fit together. They are finished with QPQ Tufftride, a nitrocarburizing treatment, which is very durable. D2 steel is not considered a stainless steel but is close. The QPQ Tufftride finish will protect the pliers from the elements.

The D2 steel will really pay off in the wire cutters which are integrated into the pliers. D2 is highly wear resistant and should deliver great cutting performance for a long time. The teeth of many multitool pliers are easily gouged and rounded over during use. This is not the case with the Series 2 thanks to the D2 tool steel.

To top it all off, the pliers pivot on a precision roller bearing. This makes the pivot point very strong and very smooth. You really have to feel how these pliers pivot to understand how smooth they feel.

The Series 2 features a wide variety of useful tools.

Other Tools

The tool selection of the Multitasker Series 2 is impressive. It is the most exhaustive tool in the Multitasker Tools line up. You will recognize several of the tools from the Ultralight review but several are unique to the Series 2.

The castle nut wrench is a great idea. The castle nut is the notched round nut that holds the end plate and receiver extension (AKA buffer tube or stock tube) in place. Ideally, the end plate should be staked to prevent the castle nut from coming loose but most manufacturers skip this step. If the castle nut comes loose, it is can lead to malfunctions. Castle nuts seem to have a knack for coming loose at the worst possible time so having a way to tighten the castle nut is a wise course of action. It should also be noted that the castle nut wrench also makes a great bottle opener.

The tanto style blade is made from 440C steel.

The liner lock engages the blade very securely.

The Series 2 has a knife with an American tanto profile. It is made from 440C steel. 440C does not get the respect that it deserves as a knife steel. It takes and holds a very good edge without being difficult to sharpen like many more modern cutlery steels. The blade has a thumb stud that allows it to be opened with one hand. It is locked in the open position with a liner lock. The blade has an over-travel stop ground into the tang to prevent the liner lock from slipping off the tang.

The file has a coarse side and a fine side. It also has a tip that is designed to be used as a flat tip screw driver. A small file is a nice thing to have on the range. I have used mine for everything from cleaning up a scarred Glock magazine well to adjusting point of impact on revolvers with fixed sights.

Users of LaRue Tactical products will appreciate the 3/8″ box wrench. It can be used to adjust the tension on LaRue mounts. I have something from LaRue on every one of my carbines so this tool sees a lot of use.

The bit driver is one of the most used tools on my Multitaskers. It comes with a very easy to use front sight adjustment tool installed but it can easily accept any of the included bits. As I said above, many multitools use non-standard sized bits, but Multitasker Tools insist on the extra function, ease of use, and versatility that comes with using standard 1/4″ bits. These bits are available inexpensively in any hardware store which makes it very easy to tailor your Multitasker to your specific carbine. You may want to consider adding an extension to your kit.

The Series 2 features a well designed bolt scraper. It has a thumb stud that allows you to open it one handed. The end of the scraper is bent 90 degrees and is rounded. This allows it to conform to the unique contours of a bolt tail. Many users have also reported success when using this tool to clear brass stuck in the chamber of their AR or correct bolt override malfunctions.

The final tool is a dental pick. The pick is shaped to be helpful in cleaning the very small corners that can be found on an AR-15 bolt. It is also shaped to be a useful for removing the bolt retainer pin from the bolt carrier. The pick can be removed from the tool to reveal a threaded post that will accept an OTIS cleaning cable. This allows you to use your Series 2 as a handle for pulling your cleaning cable through the barrel.

Details, Fit, and Finish

Every tool but the pliers are accessible without having to open the Series 2. This also means that when the Series 2 is opened to be used as pliers you aren’t gripping over all the tools which makes it more comfortable to use.

Individual backsprings and bronze washers are a mark of a well made multitool.

The textured G10 handle slabs and lanyard loop make this tool hard to lose.

Each tool has an individual cut in the backspring. This enables the tool to have consistent tension on multiple tools. Many tools with a single backspring lose tension on the tools next to the one that you are trying to open. This is not the case with the Series 2.

The lanyard loop may seem like an afterthought to some but it is extremely useful. It is a good idea to dummy cord your tool to something if you are working in the dark or near water. It is the kind of thing that you don’t appreciate until you need it.

The handles of the Series 2 are covered with G10. G10 is a laminate material that is very durable. It doesn’t absorb liquid and it is impervious to most solvents. It can be machined with an aggressive texture which makes it the ideal material to cover a tool that works in and around oil and solvents. The use of G10 on this multitool is one of the things that absolutely sets it apart from other tools. It is obvious that some thought went in to where and how this tool would be used.

The construction of this multitool is reminiscent of a high end folding knife. The Series 2 feels substantial and well made in your hand. It has a weight to it that is confidence inspiring. It makes use of D2 tool steel and 440C cutlery steel. It features G10 handle slabs. There is a precision bearing in the pliers. Bronze washers are placed between every tool to allow smooth operation while maintaining a tight fit. These are all qualities and features that you typically see on high end production and custom knives.


This may be the largest, heaviest, and most expensive Multitasker Tool of all that I have reviewed but it is also the most complete. The tool selection is extensive and functional. The materials are purposefully selected to enhance function. The construction is bomb proof. This tool is made to work hard. I don’t go to the range without it.

You can purchase your own Multitasker Series 2 at Brownells. You can also check out the Multitasker Tools Facebook page for more insight on these awesome tools.

This Multitasker Series 2 was provided to me free of charge for review.

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  1. Bill January 3, 2011 at 12:48 #

    Holy Moley – nice review! I applaud you for the this level of detail. Keep it up!

    • Matt January 3, 2011 at 12:57 #

      Thank you for the kind words Bill. I will certainly try to keep it up or, better yet, improve.

      Thanks for reading Jerking the Trigger.

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