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Grapple Gun Belt from Hawkrigger

Hawkrigger has been offering the Grapple Gun belt for more than a year but, unless you were watching closely, you may not have noticed the near constant improvements it has received. The Grapple’s distinctive buckle is actually in its fourth iteration. It recently received new tweaks to improve how it grips the webbing, how comfortably it wears, and some updated looks.

The webbing has also been upgraded. The original 1.5″ Grapple, the 38 Grapple, is now constructed using a double layer of US made scuba webbing. Hawkrigger has also introduced the new 45 Grapple, a 1.75″ version. It is constructed with a double layer of US made Type 13 webbing.

On top of all that, Hawkrigger also offers limited edition versions of the Grapple belts with black PVD coated hardware. These are typically offered in small runs when the hardware is available.

Check out Hawkrigger.com for more details.

Crowdfund This: Hawkrigger Switch System

UK Based belt maker, Hawkrigger, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new Switch System. Hawkrigger’s existing belts already blur the line between tactical/outdoor and casual wear. The Switch System promises to blur that line even further with its interchangeable buckles.

The belt is designed to go from hiking duty, to range duty, to office duty simply by changing the included buckles. Each belt “system” come with the belt itself and 3 buckles. The first buckle is a simple, casual slider style buckle that Hawkrigger calls an Urban Buckle. The second is Hawkrigger’s exclusive lay-flat riggers style buckle called the Smokejumper. Finally, the set includes a 38mm Cobra Buckle. The image below shows ways you might use each of these options.

There are a number of color and buckle finish options available for backers. Check out the Hawkrigger Switch System on Kickstarter.

Hawkrigger Belts

If you are looking for a belt that bridges the gap between tactical/outdoor/EDC to casual, you may want to check out the offerings from Hawkrigger. The UK based belt maker uses custom hardware and high quality materials to create belts that will seem familiar to US based buyers but are unique in the materials they use and the function they offer.


For instance, many of you will be familiar with instructor or rigger style belts. Hawkrigger offers what they call the SF Rigger Belt with a number of options that sets it apart from most we are used to seeing in the US. They have designed a clever side adjustment buckle that completely does away with the loose tail often found on this style of belt. Their D-ring design even lays flat until it is needed.

The webbing is also different than most similar looking belts targeted toward the CCW market. Hawkrigger’s webbing is more flexible though still stiff enough to support a holster.

The belts are reasonably priced and Hawkrigger tells me they have hustled to ensure that shipping to the USA is affordable. You can check out all their offerings at Hawkrigger.com.

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