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New and Improved RDK Carrier from Zulu Nylon Gear

Zulu Nylon Gear continues to impress with the latest improvements to their blow out pouch, the RDK Carrier. This pouch is specifically designed to carry the RSKTKR Down Kit but it should work well with your own blow out kit.

The RDK Carrier has some really slick features that make it stand out. The most noticeable is the very large elastic loop on the face of the pouch that is used to secure a tourniquet (TQ) like the SOFTT. Few blow out pouches from other makers provide a place to lash a TQ, if there are any provisions at all. The RDK Carrier’s TQ carrier has a ton of surface area that should make carrying and accessing your TQ a snap.

Pouches designed to carry life saving medical gear cannot be a success unless they are very accessible. The RDK Carrier has an innovative pull tab that can be pulled to open the pouch with one hand. It can be folded down and secured with hook and loop when not in use. The bright color ensures that the pouch is visible and that someone else can easily identify your blow out pouch.

These are features that you won’t find on any other pouch. Joel at Zulu Nylon Gear continues to apply his eye for innovation to pieces of gear that were basically all alike from one maker to the next. What will he re-invent next?

Check out the RDK Carrier on the Zulu Nylon Gear website.

Revision Eyewear Vipertail

Revision Eyewear announced their latest ballistic sunglasses yesterday – the Vipertail. They have all the features that you have come to expect from premium protective sunglasses like scratch resistant coatings, 100% UV-A and UV-B protection, MIL-STANDARD impact protection, and lenses that are distortion free from edge to edge.

As a shooter who also has a family history of vision problems, I have come to appreciate quality eye protection that looks good enough to wear everyday and doesn’t compromise on protection. You are more likely to have your eye protection with you if they are also the sunglasses that you wear daily.


Review: Tactical Watch Cover

A watch is an integral part of the gear that we carry everyday. It can also be a significant investment that needs to be protected. I have found that time spent on the shooting range can be very hard on a timepiece so I set out to find a way to protect my watch when I train.

I came across several options. I could leave my watch at home, but I like wearing it on the range. I could also purchase and install a watch band with a built in cover. However, these watch band covers don’t really blend in an office environment which means I would constantly be swapping out the watch bands. I couldn’t find a solution that I liked until I found the Tactical Watch Cover.


The Tactical Watch Cover is a simple 1 7/8″ wide black neoprene band that can be placed over your watch, band and all. The band has a 1″ diameter hole cut in the center that allows you to view the watch face. The stretchiness of the neoprene material allows the band to stretch enough to accommodate most watches. It also has a flap that can be secured with hook and loop material.

Fit, Finish, and Details

The Tactical Watch Cover seems to be very well made. It is made from a single piece of neoprene that is doubled stitched onto itself to make the flap that covers the watch face. The hook and loop material is sewn around its perimeter. The neoprene material is about 1/8″ thick and has a very slightly shiny appearance.

In Use

Neoprene is the perfect material for this watch band. It is very stretchy which allows it to move with you and makes it very comfortable. It is also excellent at protecting the watch from impact. I have worn the Tactical Watch Cover all day on several occasions and I basically forgot that it was even on my wrist.

I like to use the Tactical Watch Cover when I am running through my dry fire drills at home or when I am on the range. Training with an AK can wreak havoc on a watch. When I need to reach the bolt handle during a reload, I reach under the AK and use my index and middle finger to pull the charging handle to the rear. This has lead to several impacts between my watch and my AK. This motion can put the watch face in a precarious position, but the Tactical Watch Cover protected the face of my watch admirably.

If you break a watch band pin, the Tactical Watch Cover can retain your watch. Your watch immediately falls off of your wrist if one of the 2 watch band pins in a typical watch band breaks. If this happens at an inopportune time, you may never see the watch again. However, the Tactical Watch Cover can actually keep a broken watch on your wrist. You might not even notice the broken pin until you remove the cover.

The Tactical Watch Cover also serves to reduce the visual signature of your watch. If you don’t want glare from your watch face or glowing watch hands to announce your presence in the dark, the Tactical Watch Cover might be perfect for you. I generally don’t have to worry about my watch giving my position away in the office but there people out that that need this functionality.

Viewing your watch when the Tactical Watch Cover is in place is very simple. You can pull the flap completely open or simply push it to the side. The stretchiness of the neoprene allows you to stretch the flap enough to see the watch without undoing the hook and loop material.


The Tactical Watch Cover is an elegantly simple product. It is a great design that has been constructed with the perfect material. It works.

Members of the Usual Suspect Network can purchase the Tactical Watch Covers on the forum or the seller can be reached via email at fosters@socal.rr.com.

I have a few of these to give away, so keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Granite Gear Adds Tactical Line to Their Website

Granite Gear recently added their whole line of tactical products to their website. Until recently, they were only viewable in catalog form. Now you can check out all of their innovative products at GraniteGear.com.

Beez Combat Systems AK47 Low Profile Chest Rig

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) has a new AK47 specific chest rig available called the AK47 Low Profile Chest Rig. It features the ability to carry 5 AK47 magazines, a generous 14 column by 4 row field of MOLLE webbing, shock-cord pull-tab retention, and a large internal pouch for carrying various items. The included H-harness helps distribute the weight of 5 AK  mags.

I really like the design of this rig. AK mags seem to work better in odd numbers when they are carried across your chest. The closer they are to your center line, the easier it is to deal with the curve and length of the magazine when drawing it from the pouch. I usually find the center 3 magazine pouches are easiest to reach. If I were running this rig, I would use the outer 2 mag pouches to feed the inner 3 when I was rotating ammo.

Steel AK magazines are somewhat  heavy and can be very bulky when stacked on top of one another. This rig allows the shooter to carry 5 magazines without the need for stacked magazine pouches. This makes it about as low profile as you will find in an AK specific chest rig.

BCS tells me that they purposely designed this rig with very deep magazine pouches to better support the weight of the magazine. I would prefer a slightly shallower pouch for two reasons. The first is so that more of the magazine is exposed for gripping during reloads and secondly to allow the use of 20 round magazines. BCS is a custom shop, so they assure me that these modifications will be no problem. There are definitely perks to dealing with custom shops like BCS.

Even if the pouches were made shorter, there would still be plenty of room for mounting a blow out kit and some pistol mags. The large MOLLE field on the front of this chest rig should give you plenty of options for mounting additional pouches. Just be sure to resist the temptation to use every last inch of real estate.

It is great to see this kind of well thought out AK specific support gear coming to market as the AK itself continues to adapt and evolve.

New Stubby Vertical Grip by Gear Sector

The new Stubby VFG (vertical fore grip) from Gear Sector is now available. It is a no-frills vertical grip that is meant to serve as a reference point, especially when used in conjunction with a hand stop.

The Stubby VFG is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum. The center of the grip has been hollowed out to save weight. The surface of the grip has several rings milled into it that can hold rubber o-rings in place if the users needs more grip. The mounting interface allows the Stubby VFG to be rocked into position rather than being slid on from the muzzle end. This makes installation easier.

Gear Sector mountable accessories are machined in such a way that they blend seamlessly with Tango Down rail covers. This provides a less interrupted, more clean, and snag-free gripping surface. This is the kind of attention to detail that I have come to expect from Gear Sector.

You can read more about the Stubby VFG and all the available colors on the Gear Sector website.

M4 Double Magazine Pouch from Zulu Nylon Gear

If you were to gather a sample of double M4 magazine pouches from a variety of makers and remove their tags, you would probably have difficulty telling them apart. If that pile of magazine pouches included the new M4 Double Magazine Pouch from Zulu Nylon Gear, there would be no mistaking it for another manufacturer’s pouch. This is a very unique, very innovative, and very functional pouch that really stands out from the crowd.

The most unique feature of the M4 Double Magazine Pouch is the flap. Most double M4 pouches have a flap that is fixed at the back and runs to the front of the pouch. The flap always falls back onto the magazines when it isn’t secured. The flap on the M4 Double Magazine Pouch is integral to the front of the pouch. It folds down out of the way and stays there. This allows the pouch to be used as an open top pouch for speedier reloads. This is one of the most imaginative and functional innovations that I have seen in a magazine pouch.

I also like that this pouch has adjustable retention via shock cord. The shock cord is not actually tied to the pouch. Instead, it is routed through webbing loops on the side of the pouch. I mention this because I have older M4 magazine pouches that have worn out elastic retention which cause a very loose fit. If the shock cord on the M4 Double Magazine Pouch ever wears out, it can be easily and inexpensively replaced by the user. Not only can it be replaced, but it also completely adjustable.

The M4 Double Magazine Pouch allows the user to easily convert from a fully covered mag pouch to a speedy open top pouch based on the specific set of circumstances faced by the user. Everyone needs options!

The M4 Double Magazine Pouch is available directly from Zulu Nylon Gear.

Tactical Watch Covers

These Tactical Watch Covers feature a very clever design. Unlike other watch covers that are integral to the band of the watch, the Tactical Watch Cover slips over the watch that is already on your wrist. It features a cutout that allows the wearer to view the face of the watch and a flap that is secured over the face of the watch with hook and loop. Since the Tactical Watch Cover is not connected to the watch, it can easily be removed and moved from one watch to another.

The design of the Tactical Watch Cover is based on watch covers used by the Israeli Military. It covers the face of the watch to eliminate the chance of someone seeing the glow from your watch in the dark or reflections off the face of your watch.

The cover is made from neoprene which is the perfect material for this application. Neoprene provides more impact protection than other bands that have covers made from webbing. It also stretches and moves freely with the wearer which makes it very comfortable. The tight fit that the stretched neoprene provides also serves to retain your watch even if a watch band pin breaks.

Even if you are a cubicle dweller who doesn’t really need to worry about the visual signature of their watch, you will appreciate how this cover protects your watch when you shooting, hiking, hunting, or any other outdoor pursuit that tends to be hard on your watch. They also happen to be extremely reasonably priced.

Members of the Usual Suspect Network can purchase the Tactical Watch Covers on the forum or the seller can be reached via email at fosters@socal.rr.com.

I have some of these inbound for a full review. Stay tuned.

ClayMORE Bag from Arclight Systems

UPDATE: Read the comments below and weigh them carefully before purchasing.

The original M18A1 Claymore Bag is renowned for its simplicity and utility. It is a versatile bag with two compartments that can be used to carry a variety of support gear. Now Arclight Systems offers an updated version of this classic called the ClayMORE Bag.

The ClayMORE bag looks much like the original M18A1 from the outside except for its updated materials and larger size. The interior hides an additional slip pocket behind the two main pockets. The bag can be carried via a fixed nylon strap.

The ClayMORE is available in standard and custom versions. The standard version has the features listed above and will be available in limited colors as a stock item for just $30. Arclight Systems intends to keep a steady stream of the standard bags in stock.

The custom version has many possible customizations like Velcro interior in any of the pockets, various sizes of elastic organization/magazine loops, additional strap options, additional material and color options, and a Velcro patch field on the flap. There are a ton of functional options that add to the base price of $30. There is a 4 to 6 week lead time on custom work.

Mike, of Arclight Systems, is quick to point out that this bag not built to be an EDC bag or a primary load carrying gear. It is built to carry ancillary items and magazines. Think of this as bag that is purpose built to replenish your primary load carrying gear.

You can find both versions of the ClayMORE on the Arclight Systems website.

UPDATE: Read the comments below and weigh them carefully before purchasing.

Trijicon HD Night Sights

The new Trijicon HD Nights Sights are now available. Interestingly, they look very much like the Ameriglo I-Dot Pro and Hackathorn sights with some small differences. The Trijicon HD’s rear sight is serrated and has a true “U” notch. They are available in both orange and yellow colors.

You can find more information on the Trijicon website.

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