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Elzetta Shield Lights

The newest lights from Elzetta aren’t likely to be part of your EDC… unless you EDC a ballistic shield.

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our new line of lighting systems for ballistic shields. The Elzetta Shield Lights bring a new level of quality and performance to the tactical protection market. The basic Elzetta Shield Light includes a horizontal handle with an integrated solid-state tape switch while the innovative TriDextrous™ version provides three unique gripping surfaces with light-activating switches in each location. Both models deliver 1,000 lumens of neutral-tint white light through two solid-acrylic optical flood lenses for a wall-of-light that uniformly illuminates an entire room. All electronics are fully potted for extreme durability with redundant circuitry for the two light sources to ensure continued operation should one source be damaged. A strobe feature is optional.

Elzetta Shield Lights are OEM devices installed on ballistic shields by the shield manufacturer. No soldering or wire-routing is required for installation and the units are backed by a five year limited warranty. Initially available on Blueridge Armor Vengence™ Ballistic Shields, Elzetta Shield Lights are currently in low rate initial production. Like all Elzetta products, the Shield Lights are Made in the USA by Americans. For more information, email info@ELZETTA.com or call 859-707-7471.

Interesting USB Charging Concept from Streamlight

Flashlights that can be recharged via USB ports are not new. However, Streamlight is taking the concept to new heights with an entire suite of lighting products that can be recharged via USB and a central product, the Super Siege Lantern, that can serve as the charger!

Streamlight’s Super Siege Lantern is great product on its own but by adding two headlamps and a handheld tactical light to their USB rechargeable lineup, the Super Siege is now the central element of an entire concept. The lantern features a large capacity rechargable battery with USB ports that can be used to recharge items like cell phones… and now flashlights. The applications for something like this are broad – hiking/camping, emergency lighting in the home, trade work like construction, and the list goes on.


Sneak Peek: Cloud Defense LCS with Integrated Light Mount

Cloud Defensive gave a sneak peek of a new version of the Light Control System that features a direct mounting option for Surefire Scout pattern lights. The new LCS prototype, the LCS-DM, will have a special direct mount panel that mounts in place of the standard cable routing panel. This allows this modification to be backwards compatible with all current generation LCS units.

The new LCS DM will be available as a package that includes the DM panel and standard panel. The DM panel will also be available separately. The pricing is expected to be around $15 for the panel whether purchased separately or added to a package.

Check out Cloud Defensive.

Sneak Peek: CDM Gear MTRS Light Mount for Mossberg 590 Shockwave

CDM Gear gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming MTRS Light Mount for the popular Mossberg 590 Shockwave. The MTRS provides two sling mounting options (for slings up to 1.25″ wide) and a rail section for affixing a pistol light the like the Streamlight TLR-1 shown in the image below. The rail can be placed on either side of the shotgun to accommodate right and left handed shooters.

The MTRS is designed to mount between the barrel and magazine tube so it can not rotate under tension. The mount is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and will have a hard anodized finish.

These mounts should be available in July with an MSRP just below $40. CDM Gear doesn’t offer pre-orders but they will notify you when the mounts are available if you email shockwavemount@cdmgear.com (notification only, no product questions will be answered at this email address).


Limited-Production “Decade Edition” Flashlights from Elzetta

We look forward every year to seeing what Elzetta is going to do for their annual limited edition flashlight. Past flashlights have been mirror polished or coated with cool colors. This year, Elzetta’s 10th anniversary, the limited edition light trumps all the past lights… because engine turning!

The new Decade Edition Bones Flashlight is based on Elzetta’s newest light, the more affordable Bones Flashlight. However, unlike the standard Bones Flashlight, this one has been spruced up with Blue Anodization, engine turned flats, and great looking “Elzetta Made in the USA” and “Decade Edition” engravings. I looks like the kind of thing you would find in a high end classic car restoration.

These limited edition lights never last long. Collectors snap them up in a matter of days. This one may last less time than usual.

Check out the Decade Edition Bones Flashlight at Elzetta.com.

Tactical Lites – Work and Tactical Gloves with LED Lights

Tactical Lites, LED enabled gloves, are the brain child of a high school senior… let that sink in for minute. They are different from every other LED glove on the market in several ways but one big one – they are actually usable.

Most LED gloves are basically novelties with short battery lives and dim, sickly output. They just don’t work for anything other than maybe weird rave dancing. Tactical Lites has designed their gloves in such a way that the lighting module is removable, USB rechargeable, weather-proof, and able to put out an impressive amount of light. The light unit is fairly unobtrusive and it wouldn’t surprise me to see established glove makers licensing Tactical Lite’s technology.

From Tactical Lites:

No smart military member, law enforcement agent, EMT, Private Contractor, security professional or worker in a long list of trades wants to go without a pair of premium quality tactical work gloves on the job,  Entrepreneur and devoted expert on all things tactical Cade Cassidy, remarkably still a high school student, was quick to realize while there are many great products on the market, they all are missing something which seems like a quite obvious way to increase their value and functionality in extreme and not so extreme situations of all kinds – being able to supply high quality illumination.  This led to long research and development with professionals from all of these fields to come up with the Cade Cassidy’s new Tactical Lites – a rugged, premium quality glove with removable LED lights that can provide just the right amount of life to help in a long list of potentially vital situations.  The young entrepreneur recently announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to bring the first run of the Tactical Lites gloves to consumers.  The early response has been wildly enthusiastic.

“I’m not ashamed to admit I am near obsessed with developing superior tactical gear to help our heroes who protect our nation and our workers who build our country be able to perform more efficiently and more safely,”  commented Cassidy, founder of the company.  “We knew this was a need that had to be met and made sure we sourced top of the line materials to make it happen.  With us it is always quality over quantity.”

According to the company, six versions will launch initially covering both the tactical and worker communities.  Utmost care has been put into selecting the LED lighting system which feature three forms of removable LED lights, with each appropriate for different common situations professionals face.

Special features of the lights include: multicolor LED functions; USB charging; and completely IP44 weatherproof design, making them valuable even in very harsh weather conditions.

This same attention to detail was paid to the glove manufacture and design itself, which are rugged and can be counted on in even the harshest of situations.  Each are touchscreen enabled for quick and easy use, with a Velcro pocket for storing essentials; are completely form fitting and comfortable like a second skin and both reinforced and padded where needed.  The grip was designed to be extra secure and the gloves are both breathable and zero crunching to make them as comfortable as possible.  Many tactical professionals in the past have left tactical gloves behind for being bulky and annoying to wear, so this was a vital design feature Tactical Lights made a top priority to address.  After all if no one wears the gloves, because they are a nuisance, they are near completely worthless.

Special perks have been established with the Kickstarter campaign, which begins on June 7, 2017 allowing interested parties to donate and receive the first run of Tactical Lites gloves at a significant discount as a thank you for supporting their campaign.

Tactical Lites will begin their crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday, June 7th. You can preview the campaign on Kickstarter now. Stay tuned for a reminder of when the campaign goes live and other continued developments.

HSP Inforce WMLX 400/800

Haley Strategic Partners’ new version of the Inforce WMLX allows the user to choose between two outputs, 400 and 800 lumens, at the flip of a switch. The momentary only pressure pad activation switch ensures that you always get the bright, white light you need instead of having to cycle through various modes.

Check out the HSP Inforce WMLX 400/800 at HaleyStrategic.com.

Cloud Defensive Streamlight ProTac HL-X Package

If you need to add a light to your carbine or you just want to upgrade your existing light’s lumen output, pay attention. For a limited time, you can pick up one of Cloud Defensive’s LCSMK2K Light Control Systems bundled with a Streamlight ProTac Rail HL-X for $150. That is $150 for 1000 lumens and everything you need to organize all those annoying tape switch wires.

Cloud Defensive Streamlight ProTac HL-X Package

CDM Gear BC47 AK Light Mounts – Now Available

The CDM Gear BC47 AK Light Mounts, that we recently gave you a sneak peek about, are now available.

These light mounts clamp to the barrel and provide a flashlight ring for for use with a 1″ diameter light. Their anti-rotation design ensures that they can not spin on the barrel and they have a hole to accommodate the cleaning rod.

There are two models available. The BC47-1 positions the light below the bore axis which may be more comfortable for those using a vertical grip. The BC47-2 places the light above the bore axis which may be more comfortable for those without a vertical grip.

Check out the BC47 Light Mounts at CDM Gear.

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