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FourSevens Mini Mark II – Pocket-Sized Lumen Hose!

FourSevens has just rolled out the newest iteration of their MINI EDC light – the Mini Mark II. This little guy is an absolute flame thrower.


Seven years ago, FOURSEVENS revolutionized the EDC (Every-Day-Carry) world with the MINI 123 flashlight. Now we are preparing to deliver the smallest, brightest, most feature packed CR123A MINI ever.

Developed from the ground up with a custom designed Lithium Ion battery, enhanced Mil-Spec electronics and advanced optics, the Mini Mark II RAISES THE BAR OF EDC LIGHTS with a never before achieved 1000 lumens as well as a true current-regulated sub-one lumen moonlight mode with a 19 DAY runtime!

We’ve never been able to package this much output in a single CR123A flashlight this small.

Aerospace grade electronics inside helped us make the smallest EDC light ever. And the new features don’t just stop with the inside of the light.

The Mini Mark II includes a 2-way pocket clip, detachable key ring option, and multi-configurable modes so you can customize your MINI specifically to your needs.

We’ll be releasing more specific info closer to release date, so keep an eye on your inbox for how to order the MINI Mark II.

Check out FourSevens.com.

New from Elzetta: The Affordable Bones Flashlight

Elzetta is now offering a new bare bones flashlight, appropriately called the Bones Flashlight, that offers Elzetta performance at a lower price. The light retains Elzetta’s potted electronics (which is a large part of why their lights are so durable) and their balanced beam profile. However, the body of the light has been simplified and there are no customization options, allowing Elzetta to sell the Bones light at a lower price than their other offerings.


From Elzetta:

Elzetta Design, LLC is pleased to announce the release of our latest product; the Elzetta Bones Flashlight.  As the name implies, Bones is a bare-bones flashlight with legendary Elzetta performance and durability and an always-welcomed lower price point.  It produces 650 lumens and activates with a quiet bone-simple click switch.  Finished in natural gray Type III hard anodizing and projecting light through a field-replaceable solid-acrylic optical lens (no reflector), Bones models join their Elzetta brethren as The Toughest Flashlights on the Planet.  Made in the USA like Everything Elzetta sells.  More information is available at www.ELZETTA.com

Check out the Bones Flashlight at Elzetta.com.

TangoDown Light Portal Front Sight (FFA-02)

TangoDown’s FFA-01 Front Sight Flashlight Adapter, released in 2012, was one of the first attempts at integrating a front sight and 12 o’clock mounted weapon light. The FFA-01 was essentially a specially designed front sight tower that could mount to an extended rail and encompass the bezel of the Surefire X300. It worked well and represented an evolutionary step forward for 12 o’clock mounted weapon lights.

TangoDown is reviving the idea, albeit in a slimmed down format, with the introduction of the Light Portal Front Sight (FFA-02) for the Surefire XC-1. The original FFA-01 was made from steel but the new FFA-02 is machined from aluminum (hard anodized finish). The combination of aluminum construction and the svelte XC-1 should make for a compact, lightweight set up.


From TangoDown:

TangoDown is excited to announce a new item for the tactical community! The Light Portal Front Sight (FFA-02) is a combination weapon light mount & front sight all in one compact package. The FFA-02 was developed to give shooters the ability to place a weapon light on the 12:00 rail without obstructing the front sight. This weapon light mount accommodates the SureFire™ XC-1 Pistol Light, creating a lightweight option if you’re looking to reduce the weight on your carbine. Maintaining a hand forward shooting position makes activating the XC-1 weapon light easy and quick.

**Limited Availability

MSRP: $95.00

Please visit https://tangodown.com/shop/tangodowntm-light-portal-front-sight-ffa-02/ for more information on the FFA-02.

q16_9705a1 q16_9696a1


Dirt Cheap, Universal Flashlight Mount

Before there was KeyMod, M-LOK, and Picatinny rail, there were improvised ways of mounting flashlights on rifles like duct tape, hose clamps, and ranger bands. Abner Miranda recently released a video that shows how effective, and even advantageous, ranger bands (bicycle inner tube sections) can be as a light a mount.

Light Control System – Cloud Defensive

Cloud Defensive’s Light Control System or LCS, seeks to correct two common problems with weapon light tape switch use: holding/locating the pressure pad and secure, snag-free cable routing. The rail mounted, machined 7075-T6 aluminum mount securely holds the pressure pad in a precisely sized pocket and secures the wire out of the way with a clamp that can be bolted to either side.


The LCS is designed to work with the Surefire ST07 tape switch which works across a variety of Surefire weapon lights including the Scout Series and X-Series when used with the XT tail cap assembly.

Check out the Light Control System at Cloud Defensive.


Low-Pro Products Offset Surefire Scout Mount Updates

The Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire Scout was my first introduction to Low-Pro Products (all the way back before they were Low-Pro Products) and it remains my favorite. The mount has seen a couple of very important updates since my original introduction to it and I have found new ways to use it.

I’ll cover the new way I use it first. These mounts have a unique way of interfacing with the rail. They use a tension screw that sits in the cross slot and tensions the mount against the angled underside of the rail. This system is secure, strong, and forgiving of various rail specs. In fact, it is so forgiving that it can even be mounted on Weaver rails which is why I use one to attach a Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount Light to an XS Sight Systems Lever Scout Mount (image below).

Marlin 336 RDS and Light

AMS Machine, who produces the Low-Pro Products line, has updated the mount in two ways over the years. The newest versions of the mount have 2 tension screws instead of just 1 on the original mounts. They have also introduced 2 adapters that expand the capabilities of the mount. The Millennium Adapter Plate bolts onto the Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire Scout to allow it to accept Surefire Millennium series lights and the Scout Extension Bar allows both Scout and Millennium series lights to be cantilevered forward of the mount.

You can check out the Offset Flashlight Mount Surefire Scout and other excellent Low-Pro Products light mounts at AMS Machine.

Elzetta and PFC Partner for Low Light Training

Elzetta and Progressive F.O.R.C.E Concepts are partnering to provide low-light training on November 11 and 12 in Park City, Kentucky. The courses takes place at the excellent Rockcastle Shooting Center facility where a cave can be used to provide low/no light conditions any time of day. The course takes place over the course of two days with one day focused on carbine techniques and one on handgun techniques.

Visit PFCTraining.com for details.


Elzetta 2016 Limited Edition Light – Copper-Plated Alpha Modular Flashlight

Elzetta has announced the availability of their limited edition light for 2016 – the LE2016 Copper-Plated Alpha Modular Flashlight. It has all the features of the Alpha Modular Light but with a copper-plated finish that will age and patina. This light will look great when it’s new and even more amazing as it oxidizes and changes over time.

These never last long so act fast. Visit Elzetta’s website for details.


Win an Elzetta 2016 Limited Edition Light Before You Can Buy One

Elzetta releases a limited edition light in a unique, one-time-only configuration every year. The lights usually sell out pretty quickly and are never to be seen again. Past lights have included special black chrome finishes, colored anodization, and Cerakote. The details for this year’s limited edition light have not been released yet but you can register for a chance to win one!

Entering to win is a simple two step process. First, like the Elzetta Facebook Page HERE. Finally, complete the form found HERE. The winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, August 3rd.

2016 le elzetta giveaway

I should also note that the promotional image for this giveaway might be a clue as to which light might be receiving the limited edition treatment this year. It appears to be an Alpha which would make sense considering it just received an output upgrade.

Elzetta Rolls Out New Site and Updated Alpha

Elzetta.com is sporting an updated look these days. The new look also comes with updated flashlight selection tools to make it easier to get your hands on the Elzetta light that best fits your needs. For a limited time, you can save 10% off your ordwer when you use the code “NewSite”.

Elzetta has also updated their excellent single CR123A Alpha Flashlight (my current favorite EDC). The new light boasts increases in both output and runtime. The output is up more than 100 lumens to 415 lumens and the runtime has increased 10%! The light still retains its smooth, floody beam fitting its intended design as a close to medium range illumination tool.

Two Elzetta Aphas

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