Valhalla Tactical Prototype WML Switch

Valhalla Tactical has let the cat out of the bag on a very interesting new weapon mounted light switch that they are developing. The switch functions like a typical tailcap in that it can be depressed but it can also be activated from almost any direction like a joystick.

The following quote was taken from their Instagram feed where there is a lot of additional information and video of the new switch:

Reinventing remote tape switches!!?

Technically this is more of a clicky on steroid, but it was designed to function as a tape switches / pressure pads without their typical issues. Fundamentally, it works like a joy stick: no matter what direction you push, it will activate the light. So it has the same sensitivity and ease of use of a tape switch, but without the cable management headache.

It is also far more future proof then current tape switches. Most tape switches today can only handle around ~2 Amps of current; in fact many tail caps are only rated for 3 Amps. That translates to ~1,600 to maximum 2,000 lumen of light output – and they become the bottleneck when developing more powerful lights. Instead, this switch is rated for *10 Amps* and can easily handle 5,000+ lumen light heads in the future.

This switch is also ambi-friendly as you can activate it with both hands, regardless of which side you mount the light. Your thumb or arch naturally rest by the switch, and a very simple nudge from any direction will activate it.

Oh it is also FAR cheaper than the cost of replacement tail caps + remote tape switch.

It does, however, have the same drawback of a tape switch (and possibly more so due to the much higher sensitivity) – if you have not trained well, accidental activation can happen. So if you are airsoft ninja’ing, this switch might not be for you. Also just like pressure pads, you need to quarter-turn the tail cap to deactivate the switch for transportation. It could turn itself on inside a soft case, just like some pressure pads will.

So who is this for? We think if you want a simple, self-contained MLOK light that has all the benefit and ease of use of a pressure pad, this is for you. Also as a bedside gun or any high-stress situation where you NEED the light to turn on without thinking about it. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen people fumble and can’t find their clicky during simple trainings. Now substitute that with a home invasion. The time you spent finding your recessed clicky could mean life and death.

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