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Ballistic Advantage Rolls Out New Site

Ballistic Advantage has a new website that makes it easier to navigate their selection of barrels. They have a barrel for just about every budget and application.



Executive Ordnance AR Pistol Grip

While most AR-15 pistol grips are molded from polymer, Executive Ordnance went a different direction. Theirs is machined from 7075 aluminum billet, hard anodized, and fitted with interchangeable G-10 panels. This is certainly not something everyone needs but they are really unique and they look great.


G-10 is a great material for this type of application. It is extremely durable, relatively lightweight, impervious to most solvents, available in a ton of colors, and easily machined for texture. Each grip has three G-10 panels – two sides and a front strap. The panels bolt to the aluminum chassis and are interchangeable so that the texture and colors can be changed to suit the user.

Check out Executive Ordnance. The grips are available for purchase at V7 Weapons Systems.


Joe Watson Knives Punch Blade

Push knives (punch blades) are one of the easiest to carry styles of defense fixed blades. They are also fairly intuitive to use. However, many of the available push knives on the market just aren’t that great. Joe Watson Knives is developing a push knife that looks to have a lot going for it.


The handle is hand filling with a broad backstrap to which helps prevent twisting and spreads the force of a blow out over more of the palm. The post area that connects the blade to the handle is well rounded to prevent injury. The random textured G10 scales should also go a long way toward preventing twisting.

The blade is very reminiscent of Joe’s Archangel design. It has a strong point that is well suited to the intended point driven use of this knife but also has a useable edge. The blade is not centered on the handle like many push knives. Instead, Joe has offset it so it falls naturally between the index and middle finger. It is also set at a slight angle to the handle in order to allow a much natural fist position and to more effectively lock the wrist.

It is obvious that a lot of time and thought went into this knife. It is not available to order yet but will hopefully be added to Joe’s line up of custom knives soon.


Fight and Flight Tactical Utility Patch Panels

Fight and Flight Tactical is trying to bring something new to the patch panel. Their panel features a large loop Velcro surface, bound edges, and grommets for hanging. All of that is pretty standard. The unique feature is the addition of PALS webbing along the bottom edge of the panel so the user can attach various pouches.


The PALS webbing addition would be pretty handy if you keep your panels above your desk like I do. Pouches could be used to hold small items I need at the desk, the webbing could be used to hang commonly used items like sunglasses, or who knows what else. The uses for PALS webbing are nearly endless.

The Utility Patch Panels are available in two sizes and a variety of colors. The medium panel measures 18″ x 12″ and the large panel measures 16″ x 24″.



10% Off Knucks at Edge/Equipped

When Nuck Chorris tells you to put your knucks on sale, you don’t argue. Use code “NUCK CHORRIS” to save 10% on all knucks at Edge/Equipped. The sale runs through 03/05/2015.


Bradshaw_Blades_Basher_Aluminum_1 Death_Brew_Knucks_Deck_Knucks_Double DB_Customs_Angry_Crab DB_Customs_Mr_Lump_1 DB_Customs_Papa_Lump_1


Win a Dalton Fury Custom 1911 and Support #MISSION22

Many of you likely remember the gorgeous Joe Watson Mission 22 benefit knife we showed you earlier this year. The knife is now ready and being raffled along with a custom 1911 built by Dalton Fury, customer sheath and holster by J.R. Custom Holsters, and custom presentation box build by D&L Sports.

Head over to the raffle page to learn more and to support Mission 22.



SAR Global Tool Inglorious Bastard Build to Benefit Run Ranger Run

Spencer at SAR Global Tool is building a 14″ Inglorious Bastard, one of the sveltest and most wicked knives he makes, to benefit Run Ranger Run and GalliantFew. This is a very cool project and Spencer is chronicling the entire build on his blog. You can keep yourself up to date at the SAR Global Tool Blog.

The knives will be finished any day now. Don’t miss it.




I have a pile of YouTube channels that I follow, most of which are firearm related. Many of the channels that I follow have begun to move to different platforms for sharing their content for a number of reasons. One such platform is FULL30.


FULL30 is a video sharing site that is entirely devoted to the shooting community. It has a ton of content from creators that you already know like Vickers Tactical, Military Arms Channel, Mrgunsngear, TwangNBang, and more. I have found the user interface to be very easy to use and the videos stream without issue.

If you haven’t checked out FULL30 yet, you should.



Panteao Introduces Subscriber Perks

Panteao Productions now offers a perks program with their subscriptions. The subscriptions give you monthly or yearly access to their streaming library of training videos and now they also come with discounts at a growing list of companies that have partnered with Panteao Productions. In addition to the discount perks, the yearly membership comes with a free 1 year NRA membership! Check out Panteao Productions.

panteao perks


Win a Free NFA Trust from SilencerCo

The only thing better than an affordable NFA Trust is a free NFA Trust. We told you about SilencerCo’s affordable NFA EasyTrust in past weeks. Now they are giving one away. Head over to the SilencerCo’s website to enter.

silencerco easytrust


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