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Free Essential Shooting Guide at RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical is known not just for creating targets but for creating resources and drills to help people get the most out of their targets. The Essential Shooting Guide is one such resource designed to go with their Essentials Target. Now, they are offering it for free when you purchase 100 or more Essentials Targets.

Buy 100 Targets and get a versatile target to add to your training regimen, a volume discount, and a free book of drills and other info. Check out the Essential Shooting Guide and the Essentials Target at RE Factor Tactical.


Sneak Peek: New Aero Precision AR-15 Lower Receiver

Aero Precision is working on a new AR-15 lower receiver – likely their Gen 2 Lower to go with their Gen 2 Uppers. These lowers obviously have some pretty slick aesthetics with the angular surfaces, the stylized fence around the magazine release, and what appears to be an integral skeletonized trigger guard. However, the real story here is that magazine well. Just look at it!



Emdom Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch Gen 2

Emdom has launched the newest iteration of their Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch, the Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch Gen 2. Like the original, the Gen 2 is designed to carry nearly any rifle magazine. The new version includes several improvements over hte original like reinforced side panels, a drainage grommet on the bottom, loop material added to the front panel, the addition of Hypalon material to the inside of the pouch to help retain magazines, and a new optional flap accessory.

You can check out the Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch Gen 2 at EmdomUSA.com.


Free Resource: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

Aaron Cowen of Sage Dynamics has written an e-book titled Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use. The book contains a wide range of information on the topic of utilizing red dot sights on handguns including equipment considerations, training considerations, advantages of red dot sights on handguns, and more. If you own an RDS equipped handgun or if you are considering one, this free resource is worth checking out.

Find the book here: Miniature Red Dot System for Duty Handgun Use by Aaron Cowan

Not included in the book – The use of bipods on sniper Glocks…


New from TOPS Knives – Yacare 10.0

TOPS Knives’ latest creation, the Yacare 10.0, is a product of many influences. This knife is a direct result of testing and local knowledge gathered in the jungles of Columbia, the influence of traditional knife designs like the Barong, and the TOPS Knives design language.

The Yacare is a barong-like machete with a blade that is all-belly. This knife came about from inspiration that TOPS’ GM Craig Powell got from trips to both Costa Rica and Colombia. In Costa Rica he saw locals carrying machetes with similar looks, and after his Bushcraft Global trip in Colombia, it was time to see if he could design one that he would like. As far as machetes go, it’s made of thicker stock than most (3/16”), but it has a high grind to keep the weight manageable and give a fine edge for chopping or slashing. The Yacare is definitely worthy of jungle, mountainous terrains, and everywhere in between.

You can see some of the vetting and refinement that this knife went through in our previous post about TOPS Knives’ testing process.


  • Overall Length: 15.50”
  • Blade Length: 10.25”
  • Cutting Edge: 9.88”
  • Blade Thickness: 0.19”
  • Blade Steel: 1095 RC 56-58
  • Blade Finish: New Tumble Finish
  • Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta
  • Knife Weight: 17.7oz
  • Weight w/ Sheath: 25.4oz
  • Sheath Material: Ballistic Nylon
  • Sheath Clip: Belt Loop
  • Designer: Craig Powell

Check out the Yacare 10.0 at TOPSKnives.com


Chest Rig Tips from UW Gear

UW Gear posted a useful video recently that contains some simple tips for getting the most out of their chest rigs. The tips include some fit adjustment and strap management tidbits that are applicable to many type of chest rigs. It turns out, I’ve been using the elastic keepers wrong all these years!



Human Resources Target from RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical’s newest training target is now available. The Human Resources Target isn’t a photo-realist Toby Flenderson target. It is actually a series of 5 similar targets with the same targeting zones but with unique shape, color, letter, and number combinations in those targeting zones. This built in variety allows the trainee or trainer to create a nearly infinite number of drills. The drills can be as simple as fundamental accuracy drills or advanced enough to work skills like decision making and visual processing.

The targets are printed in the USA on 23 x 35″ paper. There are significant discounts for volume purchasing. Check out the Human Resources Target at RE Factor Tactical.



Craig Morgan, Spirit of Blue Foundation Present Safety Equipment Grant to Dickson County Sheriff’s Office

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – August 10, 2017 – Yesterday, the Spirit of Blue Foundation partnered with country music star Craig Morgan to present a safety equipment grant to the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office.  The grant includes 70 tourniquets along with tactical belt holders that will be issued to all patrol division and reserve deputies that serve the county.  Craig formerly served as a Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office in Dickson County before embarking on his country music career and was on hand to present this grant to the Sheriff’s office in his hometown.  The grant, with a combined value of $4,238, is the first of Spirit of Blue’s 2017 Tourniquet Project campaign and was funded by a generous donation from Law Enforcement United (LEU).  LEU is an organization of over 1,000 active and retired police officers who honor fallen officers and raise funds to assist charitable organizations that serve the law enforcement community.

“Having served as a Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office, I know firsthand how critical it is to have this kind of lifesaving equipment available for all of our men and women on the force,” said Craig Morgan, following the event. “I’m glad for the opportunity to take part in this donation to Dickson County and proud to help kick off Spirit of Blue’s Tourniquet Project Campaign.”

Tourniquets are vital pieces of medical equipment that officers and deputies require on the road in the event of a traumatic injury to an extremity. When only precious minutes exist to treat such an injury, tourniquets are able to be applied individually or on a co-worker to prevent excessive blood loss until that individual can be placed into medical care.  As a secondary benefit, officers and deputies who carry a tourniquet are also able to use them to rescue a member of the community who may have experienced a similar type injury as happened with the Monroe County (NY) Sheriff’s Office in July of this year with tourniquets that Spirit of Blue granted to them in October of 2015.

“Being the recipients of this grant from Spirit of Blue means a tremendous amount to a sheriff’s office of our size. We operate on a limited budget and being able to supply all of our deputies with a new piece of equipment isn’t always feasible,” commented Sheriff Jeffrey Bledsoe of the Dickson County Sheriff’s Office. “The tourniquets and duty belt holders we are receiving will be an asset to each of our deputies.  Dickson County has a lot of areas that are rural and remote. These tourniquets could mean the difference between life and death for any one of our deputies who are out there putting their service to Dickson County ahead of themselves on a daily basis.  We are very appreciative of what Craig Morgan and the Spirit of Blue are doing for us here.”

The C-A-T Tourniquet, manufactured by North American Rescue, has proven to be 100% effective in occluding blood flow in both upper & lower extremities by the U.S. Army’s Institute of Surgical Research and has been the official tourniquet of the U.S. Army since 2005.  The duty belt holder, manufactured by Blue Force Gear, is constructed with their proprietary, lightweight ULTRAcomp material and was specially designed for Spirit of Blue’s Tourniquet Project Campaign to hold the C-A-T Tourniquet.  Spirit of Blue has granted 463 C-A-T Tourniquets since its first tourniquet grant in 2014.  In 2017, Spirit of Blue has a goal of granting another 1,000 tourniquets to officers who need them across the country.  To learn more, or participate in the campaign, visit:  www.spiritfofblue.org/TQ

Since 2011, the Spirit of Blue Foundation has awarded 47 grants in 23 states valued at nearly $200,000.  The grants have varied from patrol rifles, body armor, riot control gear, AED’s, K9’s, forensic software, flashlights, Police/Youth Dialogue training, night vision optics, LED flares, ballistic helmets and self-contained breathing apparatus.  The Spirit of Blue Foundation deeply appreciates the generosity and support of its sponsors in being able to continue its work of protecting our nation’s law enforcement officers.

Image Caption – The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office received a grant for 70 tourniquets and duty belt holders from Spirit of Blue.  Receiving the grant (left to right) were Chief Deputy Jerone Holt and Sheriff Jeffrey Bledsoe.  Presenting the grant (center) was country music star Craig Morgan and Spirit of Blue Executive Director Ryan T. Smith.  Representing the grant sponsor, Law Enforcement United, (right to left) were Metropolitan Nashville Police Department Officer Joshua Black and Sergeant Anthony Brooks.

About The Spirit of Blue Foundation

The Spirit of Blue Foundation, based in Rochester, NY, is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to the enhancement of officer safety and vitality throughout the law enforcement community by promoting public awareness for their protection and fulfilling safety equipment and training needs.  The Spirit of Blue Foundation develops and executes fundraising campaigns nationally with the support of partner non-profits, national retailers and safety equipment manufacturers.  Fundraising proceeds are distributed in the form of Safety Equipment and Training Grants to law enforcement agencies across the country from local to federal levels.  Since 2011 the Foundation has awarded 45 grants in 23 states valued at nearly $200,000.


Mean Gene Leather and Sentinel Concepts SBR Case

Mean Gene Leather and Sentinel Concepts have teamed up to create something beautiful It’s called the SBR Case (Sentinel Black Rifle Case) and it might just be the classiest way you could ever conceal an AR-15 SBR or pistol with a LAW Tactical Folding Stock Adapter.

The SBR Case is about as discreet as discreet can be simply because there is pretty much nothing else like it out there. No one would guess it is holding an SBR or AR Pistol because they have no frame of reference for any type of rifle case looking like this. In fact, it looks more like a custom pool cue case than a rifle case. Even if someone did pin it as a rifle case, they are more likely to think it contains a take down sporting rifle… or maybe a mare’s leg.

Mean Gene Leather will be offering these on a special order basis. They can be ordered in custom length to accommodate your specific rifle. Due to the custom nature of the SBR Case, it will require a lead time.



Zulu Bravo Kydex Custom Training Knives

Very few custom and production knife makers offer training versions of the knives they sell. This leaves people who seek edged weapon training stuck with generic training knives that don’t match the actual knives they carry… unless they happen to know about Zulu Bravo Kydex.

Zulu Bravo Kydex can make a training version of any knife even if it isn’t necessarily a self-defense oriented design. They recently made the above trainers for an every day carry classic, the Benchmade 943. If you look closely, you can see that they replicated the shape and even added texture to replicate the jimping found on the live knife.



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