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Sionics Weapon Systems Updates

Sionics Weapon Systems is about to change up their line-up with some worthy upgrades. Two of their most popular configurations will receive a rail upgrade. The Patrol III and Patrol III XL (both complete uppers and complete rifles) will be switched to the Centurion Arms CMR M-LOK Rail. In addition, their complete lowers and rifles will come with the TangoDown BG-18 grip. The updated uppers, lowers, and complete rifles will be available soon.

sionics CMR


The Prescription for Winning a Knife Fight – Dark Star Gear

There are few Kydex Benders that are more forward-thinking and self-defense oriented than Dark Star Gear. Their holsters are excellent and their knife sheaths don’t get nearly as much attention as they should. If you have a fixed blade that is worth carrying, they can make a sheath that will offer excellent retention and access.

When it comes to carrying a fixed blade knife for self-defense, they really know their stuff which is why this recent image that they posted just about sent coffee out my nose. It’s funny but this particularly sensitive region is also a very viable target.

dark star gear rectal use only



Unity Tactical is Now the Exclusive Seller for Iron Forge Concepts’ Product Line

Unity Tactical is now the exclusive source for Iron Forge Concepts’ line of headset-to-helmet mount solutions.


From Unity Tactical:

Houma, LA- June 27, 2016 – Unity Tactical™ is proud to announce that it is now the exclusive seller for Iron Forged Concepts™ entire product line. These products include the successful Sordin Arc Rail Adapters (SARA) as well as the upcoming Modular Attached Rail Kit (MARK), which will now proudly wear the Unity Tactical logo. Bringing on IFC’s line of helmet accessories is a natural progression for Unity. In 2015, Unity Tactical™ began delving into the world of helmet accessories with the Knuckl™ accessory mount and an NVG adapter for GoPro™ cameras developed is in association with TNVC. For more information on Unity Tactical’s full line of products, visit: www.unitytactical.com

“In our mission to better serve those that serve us; our military, law enforcement, first responders, and commercial partners, Iron Forged Concepts has accepted the opportunity to come under the Unity Tactical banner. Unity Tactical will continue to support IFC products and customers with the same top notch product and customer support that Unity and their existing products are known for. We are very excited to announce this agreement and cannot think of a better fit for the Iron Forged product family. God bless and stay safe – Zach, IFC “

“Zach and Iron Forged have built an excellent product and reputation in the industry. We are honored to continue to support our military, LE, first responders, and civilian shooters with his products. Unity Tactical will continue to push forward with new products and innovations in this product line to provide the end users with the absolute best products to support their mission.”

You can learn more about MARK and SARA in this product brochure (PDF).


Review Update: Black River Tactical Covert Comp

It has been more than a year since I originally wrote the Black River Tactical Covert Comp review and it has continued to be a very solid performer for me since then. When I wrote the original review, I was looking for a muzzle device for shorter barrels but my biggest surprise was how well-rounded and well-mannered the Covert Comp was on a 16″ barrels. I have become even more convinced of its merits on longer barrels now that I have spent even more time with it.

BRT Covert Comp Interior

The Covert Comp is somewhat unique in the realm of linear comps in that it is very compact and it does a good job of reducing flash. In fact, it is similar to the A2 flash suppressor in terms of size, weight, and flash reduction. Many linear comps are really meant only for shorter barrels. They tend to be large and heavy due to features designed to create additional back-pressure. Longer barrels don’t need that additional back-pressure to function and they certainly don’t need the additional weight. Most linear comps also do very little to reduce muzzle flash – they simply direct it forward.

It is that combination of compact size and flash suppression that has really endeared to me as an all around muzzle device. The bonus is that it still does what linear comps do which is make recoil more linear with less muzzle rise all without increasing noise or concussion to the shooter or those around the shooter. There really aren’t many muzzle devices out there that can do those things.

You can gain more muzzle control with a brake but you’ll also gain noise, concussion, and flash. You can probably find larger linear comps that do a better job of directing sound forward but it will come with a weight penalty and probably won’t reduce flash as well. The Covert Comp exists in a functional sweet spot that has me convinced that linear comps, like the Covert Comp, are very underrated as all-around muzzle devices.

The Covert Comp proves that linear comps aren’t just for short barrels!

Check out the Black River Tactical Covert Comp.

BRT Covert Comp Side


“Damascus” Slide Treatment from Lone Wolf Dist.

Lone Wolf Distributors recently posted an image of an experimental laser engraving process that came out of their custom shop and looks very much like Damascus steel. There are no coatings or other finishes applied. The effect is created with the laser only. This is an engraving option that they are considering adding to the regular offerings.

lone wolf damascus laser

It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I appreciate the work that likely went into achieving this look so seamlessly from surface to surface. Given the way laser engraving roughs the surface slightly, it may also be a functional finish that makes the slide easier to grip/manipulate.


Fight and Flight Tactical and Yeti Wurks CZ Scorpion Evo III Mag Shingle

Fight and Flight Tactical has been working with Yeti Wurks to create a very versatile magazine pouch for the CZ Scoprion EVO III. This MOLLE compatible, single style magazine pouch is sized to hold 4x 30 round magazines each in a single cell with bungee retention and removable full coverage flaps. In addition to its standard functionality as a magazine shingle, it can also be converted into a bandoleer.

These will be available exclusively through Yeti Wurks.

fight and flight scoprion evo pouch


Dark Angel Medical Celebrates 50 Lives Saved

We celebrate a lot of milestones in this industry – likes, followers, page views, subscribers, sales, rounds fired… Those are great but Dark Angel Medical can top them all. They are celebrating 50 lives saved as a direct result of their training and line of medical gear.

From Dark Angel Medical:

Not long ago, we received a report on our 50th save using one of our med kits. That’s 50 reported saves in just five years! This is why we do it. There’s nothing cool or sexy about med kits. It’s about giving someone another chance at another birthday.

We encourage all of you to carry a med kit. The time chooses you, but it’s up to you to be prepared!

Kudos to Dark Angel Medical. That is one heck of a milestone.

dark angel medical 50


A Simple Plan to Deal with Terrorism from 1MOA Solutions

1moa solutions plan

From 1MOA Solutions:

In light of current events here’s a reminder on the only proven method of ending terrorism.

1. Buy a Gun.
2. Learn to use it.
3. Carry it everywhere.

Given a choice I would rather have a rifle than pistol if I’m going into a fight. Unfortunately I can’t always carry a rifle so I carry pistol as a way to get me to the rifle. I don’t care what you carry or how you choose to carry as long as you’ve got a plan and you’ve trained to put that plan into action.


RS Regulate VZSA

rs regulate vzsaRS Regulate is about to release the VZSA, a stock adapter that is sure to please VZ58 owners. This adapter allows installation of the Magpul Zhukov folding stock on the VZ58 and maintains full safety function when folded. The Zhukov stock represents a massive comfort improvement versus the standard VZ58 folding stock.

Prototypes of this adapter have already been shown and RS Regulate states that the adapter should be available shortly. Check out RS Regulate.

rs regulate vzsa installed



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