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ITS Tactical TourniQuick

ITS Tactical’s new TourniQuck is a pouch designed to carry, fully cover, and even deploy CAT and SOF-T tourniquets. It makes use of a similar one-handed pull-to-deploy design found on ITS Tactical’s ETA Trauma Kit Pouch. When the user pulls the red marked (included red Velcro ONE-WRAP) loop, the outer surface of the pouch breaks away and unfurls the tourniquet fully so that it is immediately ready to place around a limb.

The TourniQuck can be mounted a number of ways including vertically or horizontally on a belt, vertically on a backpack strap, or vertically on PALS webbing. It is made in the USA.

TourniQuick on ITSTactical.com


Sneak Peek: Wild Hedgehog Tactical and Ryker Nylon Collaborate on the EDATK

Wild Hedgehog Tactical assembles and sells a variety of trauma and first aid kits. Ryker Nylon makes the AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit), an ankle pouch designed to carry essential aid items. It sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

These companies have teamed up to offer the EDATK or Every Day Ankle Trauma Kit, a fully stocked version of the AFAK. It features components like the SOFT-Wide Tourniquet, HyFin Chest Seals, and Celox Rapid hemostatic gauze and weighs in at 1 pound fully stocked.

The EDATK is designed to be carried on the ankle discreetly and comfortably anywhere from the trail to the office. Each compartment is individually secured so that items won’t be lost during high activity.

Stay tuned for pricing and release information. The release date should be closer to the end of this month.


Ballistic Advantage .224 Valkryie Premium Barrels

Ballistic Advantage is now allowing pre-orders for their new .224 Valkryie Performance Barrels. They are initially offering 2 18″ SPR barrels, one with fluting and one without. These have all the features of their Performance Series barrels including their sub MOA guarantee.

From Ballistic Advantage:

The .224 Valkyrie provides extremely flat trajectories and match accuracy beyond 1,300 yards. The cartridge offers significantly less wind drift and drop than other loads in its class, as well as less than half the recoil of cartridges with comparable ballistics. Loaded in an unmatched array of high-performance projectiles, .224 Valkyrie is the new choice for both long-range target shooters and hunters.

Our Premium Series Barrels are machined from 416 Stainless Steel and feature a Bead Blasted Finish and Nickel Boron Coated M4 Feed Ramp Extension. All Premium Series Barrels are HP and MPI tested.

.224 Valkryie Performance Barrels at BallisticAdvantage.com



Last chance to get Early Bird pricing for the Raine Inc. Bridger™

Time is running out to get Early Bird pricing for the Bridger™. The Kickstarter ends this Friday (2/23) at Midnight.

Check out the Bridger on Kickstarter.


A Deeper Look at RE Factor Tactical’s Trauma Tape

RE Factor Tactical’s Trauma Tape has been a hot product for them. The initial release of Trauma Tape was covered here but since that time, RE Factor Tactical has released a blog post that dives deeper into the features, function, and background of the product.

Read more about Trauma Tape: RE Factor Tactical Blog


MagnetoSpeed T1000 Target Hit Indicator

Fortunately, MagnetoSpeed’s new T1000 isn’t a shape-shifting, liquid metal robot from the future. The T1000 is target hit indicator for steel targets. It is essentially a light that can be attached to the back of a steel target to indicate the impact of a projectile on the target. It can also sense and indicate missed shots.

The T1000’s main light body is water resistant and protected by the steel target itself. The rubber reflector is replaceable (along with several of other parts) and designed to withstand many impacts before it needs to be replaced.



Sneak Peek: Gear Dynamics Wedge Pouches

Check out this sneak peek at some upcoming Wedge Pouches that Gear Dynamics is developing. The pouches are MOLLE compatible and feature a laser cut, MOLLE compatible surface. The pouch is open top and lined with loop material so that they can be used with a variety of inserts like mag pouches, holsters, sheaths, and more.



Trump’s Bump Stock Ban – Even Senator Feinstein Calls BS!

By now you have heard that President Trump is calling for the ban of so called “bump stocks” and other items that simulate full-auto rates of fire while still meeting the current definitions for semi-auto firearms. You have probably also seen the same variety of responses including those who don’t own bump stocks and are wondering why a ban even matters. Well… Why does it a matter?

Bait and Switch

We’ve been had. President Trump was elected on the backs of gun owners and the NRA with the promise of ending the 8 year assault on Second Amendment rights. Now we see that he (and the NRA) are willing to capitulate on our rights when politically expedient. Worse that that, they are willing to do it in the same cowardly, backdoor ways as previous administrations – by decree of the ATF. Even Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling BS:

Loose Language

Perhaps the biggest reason that you should care about a bump stock ban, is the potential for the language used in such a ban to be more broadly interpreted than the author intended. Early ban legislation referred to devices that “increased rate of fire” which could have application far beyond just bump stocks and binary triggers to include high end target triggers, muzzle devices, and more.

Who gets to decide what constitutes an increase in rate of fire? What is the baseline rate of fire for a particular firearm? These questions should worry you.

Same Old, Same Old

The current threat to your rights doesn’t end with just banning certain firearm accessories. The President is reportedly exploring a whole host of potential measures including expanded background check and raising the age required to purchase certain guns. In the end, this is just more of what gun owners have become all too use to from a President, Legislature, and Lobbying Group that people expected would stand firm against such threats – the very reason they elected them.

Lets just throw new laws and definitions at the problem. That has always worked in the past right?


Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics LAB – Lightweight Ankle Band

Gadsden Dynamics is in the testing phase of a new ankle band designed to carry a tourniquet and other items for stopping bleeding. The Lightweight Ankle Band (LAB) features a pouch that accommodate a variety of different tourniquets and an elastic slip pocket for hemostatic agents or gauze.

Stay tuned for pricing and release details.



Beez Combat Systems Combat Belt GRID

The Beez Combat Systems Combat Belt is now available with their GRID fabric. GRID is a laser cut material with a series of voids that create a MOLLE compatible surface. The Combat Belt GRID is 3″ wide and padded with 3/8″ thick closed cell foam for comfort and support.

Beez Combat Systems Combat Belt GRID


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