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Faxon Firearms AR-15 Pencil Barrel Sale

A Faxon Firearms lightweight profile barrel was at the heart of JTT’s recent lightweight budget build. I have used two of these barrels in builds and I am very impressed with what you get for your money.

Faxon Firearms often has a coupon code for discounts on certain barrels but that rarely includes the lightweight barrels because of their popularity. This must be our lucky week because you can save 10% off 16″ 4150 Pencil Profile and 20″ Gunner Profile barrels when you use the coupon code PENCILSALE at checkout. The coupon code is valid through 8/8/2015.

Maybe it’s time for you to start your own budget lightweight build!

1200 Lightweight


Mega Arms/Hodge Defense Wedge Lock Hand Guards

Mega Arms first announced their upcoming Wedge Lock Hand Guards in January of this year. They are finally ready and we have even more details including the involvement of a collaboration partner, Hodge Defense Systems. Both Mega and Hodge can be considered heavy hitters when it comes to manufacturing, materials, and innovation. This is one of the more interesting rails to come along in a while.

hodge mega wedge lock

From Mega Arms:

Its finally time to tell you all the good news, Wedge Lock 7075 hand guards, compatible with any Mil Spec upper, have started shipping!

A collaboration with Hodge Defense Systems, the mind set from the start was to create the finest combative modular system that was strong, lightweight, and with a positive tactile feel. We spared no expense in our material selection understanding the rigors this hand guard would potentially be faced with. For example, most manufacturers exploit the use of 6061 aluminum for ease and cost of manufacturing, though 7075 has strength properties that exceed 6000 series aluminums at or near 40%. Our barrel nut is made from Titanium to help with strength/weight, and the thermal properties one would normally see with steel or aluminum during high volume of fire. We chose a little thicker wall thickness for a solid tactile feel, more surface area, added rigidity, as well as a more positive lock-up for modular accessories.

The Wedge Lock / Hodge Defense Hand guard slip fit attachment system utilizes a simple, yet robust method via a unique patented wedge lock system. We designed the front of this hand guard to allow a gloved shooter to access their suppressor attachment point via a small angle, so not to fight for space while gloved. A steel anti rotation pin is incorporated in the 12 o’clock upper section which mates with a predrilled hole as found on Mega Arms billet and forged uppers, as well in many of our competitors uppers. The hand guard can be mounted without the anti rotation pin if your upper does not have this feature.

Please note, that due to the slim design of the The Wedge Lock, sound suppressors will not fit under the hand guard like they do with our MKM and MML uppers.

First to be shipped are the 16″ Mega Extended length version, designed for use with an 18′ or longer barrel. 14″, 12″, 9″ and 7″ version will ship in descending order, so the carbine length will ship last. M-LOK variants are shipping first, Key Mod will follow shortly.

The hand guards will be available in 5 lengths.

  • Carbine = 7 inches, weight: TBA, $249 (all prices are MSRP)
  • Mid length = 9 inches, 11.12 oz, $272
  • Rifle length = 12 inches, 13.05 oz, $295
  • Extended Rifle lenght = 14 inches, 14.33 oz, $326
  • Mega Extended = 16 inches, 15.58 oz, $357

hodge mega wedge lock installed


Sale of the Summer at ALG Defense

ALG Defense is offering 20% off every in stock item on their site just because it’s summer. The sale starts today and runs through Sunday.

Now would be a great time to pick up some triggers and a 6 Second Mount like the one we recently reviewed.

ALG Summer Sale


Beacon Chest Seal at Rally Point Tactical

The Beacon Chest Seal is now available at Rally Point Tactical. This 6″ round chest seal is available with and without a vent. It is also available in a compact 4″ x 6″ pre-folded version that is useful for packing in smaller kits along with several other packaging options.

beacon chest seal

From Rally Point Tactical:

Rally Point Tactical is proud to offer the Beacon Chest Seal in 6 different kit options!

  • Non Vented 6 inch Round, Single pack
  • Non Vented 6 inch Round, Kit Size
  • Non Vented 6 inch Round, Two Pack
  • Vented 6 inch Round, Single Pack
  • Vented 6 inch Round, Kit Size
  • Combo Pack 1 Vented / 1 Non Vented Chest 6 inch Seal, Two pack

The Beacon Seal meets COTCCC preferred features for Chest Seals! Other features include:

  • Made in the USA
  • FDA 510(K) Exempt
  • Strong medical grade hydrogel adhesive
  • Lightweight & Compact
  • Latex free

Please visit RPTactical.com for ordering and be sure to ask about government and first responder pricing! Rally Point Tactical is a premier equipment and service provider to foreign and domestic militaries, federal agencies, and state and local municipalities.

Check out the Vented and Non-Vented versions of the Beacon Chest Seal at RPTactical.com.


DDI Magpul Zhukov Edition

Destructive Devices Industries (DDI) has officially announced the arrival of their Magpul Zhukov Edition AKs. These are DDI’s stamped AKs with factory installed Magpul Zhukov Folding Stock, Zhukov Hand Guard, and MOE AK+ Grip. They have been shipping to dealers this week so you should see them at online dealers shortly and your local dealer can order them now.

DDI Zhukov 1

Like DDI’s other AKM offerings, these feature KG Gun Coat finish. The bolt, bolt carrier, axis pins, rear sight assembly, spring guide, and barrel are Fenocite treated for corrosion resistance and increased surface hardness. Speaking of the barrel, it is made to DDI’s specs by Green Mountain and plays a large part in the surprising accuracy that has been reported by DDI shooters. Each rifle ships with a Magpul AK MOE magazine.

If you would like to get your hands on one, I suggest that you act fast. The Magpul MOE version of the same rifle has been on the market for just a few weeks and is already selling out at some dealers.

DDI Zhukov


Unity Tactical FUSION System Overview

Unity Tactical’s FUSION System continues to grow and adapt. They recently posted a video overview that shows all of the various FUSION hubs and accessories. The video does a very good job of offering application ideas for each of the hubs and accessories.


Review: ALG Defense 6 Second Mount

I have been able to spend a significant amount of time shooting a Glock equipped with an ALG Defense 6 Second Mount. I have accounted for 1400 rounds through the setup with who knows how many dry fire repetitions on top of that. During that time of shooting, note taking, and research it has occurred to me that this will likely be a long review because there is much ground to cover.

ALG 6 Second Mount Right

I will try not get bogged down in the overall concept of putting dot sights on handguns. One of the challenges with a review of the 6 Second Mount is that many of its benefits may also exist with other dot mounting configurations and so I must carefully draw out any specific advantages that this mount might possess over those other methods. This review will address the mount itself, the history of the concept and why this mount specifically exists, some observations from use, and attempt to flesh out whether or not it has any application for a regular guy like me.


The ALG Defense 6 Second Mount is a mount designed to mate an Aimpoint Micro to Generation 3 Glock 17, 17L, 22, 24, 31, 34, and 35s. It also provides a picatinny rail for mounting white lights or lasers.

The single piece design is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The 6 Second Mount (6SM) is attached to the host Glock via a replacement trigger pin that serves as a cross bolt and tight fitment at the accessory rail where it is also secured with a cross bolt. Installation is not difficult but the instructions should be followed carefully.

It should also be noted that the rear sight of the host Glock will need to be removed when using the 6SM as it interferes with removing the slide. The mount is designed to place the Aimpoint Micro as low as possible and there just isn’t room for the rear sight to pass under it during field stripping and assembly.

ALG 6 Second Mount Left

History and Context

There has been a lot of confusion online about the 6 Second Mount. I think a lot of that comes from misunderstanding the history and context for this particular mount and mounts like it.

I can remember reading about handguns that used similar frame mounted structures to attach an Aimpoint and white light back in the earlier days of my firearm interest. In a particular case that I remember, they were designed for the first man on an entry team so that he would have a free hand to do things like turn a doorknob while still being able to operate a firearm in a more offensive manner. There are Ichiro Nagata photos of Mark Morris custom 2011s etched into my memory. Mr. Nagata himself worked with Mark Morris to create a handgun with a similar concept called the Black Widow.

I no longer have my stack of firearm magazines from my youth to reference but these setups were frequently profiled in American Handgunner and grew out of similar frame-mounted competition handgun configurations. They predated the Micro Aimpoints by a considerable amount of time. Some of them may date back to the days of the Aimpoint Comp M or even earlier. Suffice it to say, there has been a long history for this concept.

That brings us to just a few years ago when, according to ALG Defense, “a counter-terrorism unit approached ALG with a strict set of criteria. When entering a linear environment, such as an airplane or bus, the team’s primary weapon was their pistol and they were looking for a fast sighting method that was rugged and robust. Red dot scopes mounted directly to their pistol slides were showing a high failure rate due to extreme acceleration or deceleration of the slide. The balance of the pistols was thrown off from the rearward scope mounting position, and the slides were weakened from machining a pocket for the scopes into the top of the slide.”

So, this concept is certainly not without precedent and it has always served specific purposes for specific types or groups of people. This is not a concealment setup. It isn’t some kind of general-purpose firearm. It isn’t being pushed by ALG Defense as the handgun configuration of the future. It is simply a mount developed for a specific client with a specific need and it happens to be interesting, cool looking, functional, and refined enough to offer in the ALG Defense product line.

ALG 6 Second Mount Top

Context for the Regular Guy

We have established that the concepts behind the 6SM are not new and that the 6SM itself exists for a specific situation encountered by specific people but where does that leave guys like me? When I took on this review I figured it was my job to take all of that history and context into account while testing the 6SM to determine what usefulness it might have to regular guys who don’t work in counter-terrorism operations. I cannot speak to the counter-terrorism use of the 6SM but I can see strong parallels between the environments that this was designed for and the environments that a typical, civilian gun owner might face when using their firearm for defense of their home.

Ideally, when you hear that glass window in your living come crashing to the floor, you would shelter in place with your home defense firearm trained on your bedroom door while you call 911 to report the intruder. However, if you have loved ones in your other parts of your home, you lose the luxury of hunkering down behind your bed while looking over your sights. You must go to where your loved ones are to ensure their safety. Moving through a home can look an awful lot like moving through a “linear environment”. A compact weapon with a versatile sighting system and a white light is not a bad thing to have in such situations.

You may have to manipulate a doorknob along the way. You may have to operate a cell phone. You may need to place your hand on a child while still being able to identify threats and deliver accurate fire. A set up like the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount is perfect for such situations… but you could say that any handgun with red dot set up would work just as well, so why would you choose the 6SM?

Advantages and Disadvantages Over Slide Mounted Dot Sights

In my opinion, there are advantages of the 6 Second Mount over a slide mounted red dot sight. I am not saying it is better than a slide mounted red dot sight, only that it does have advantages in specific areas. You, being the most familiar with your situation, will have to decide what is best for you.

ALG 6 Second Mount

The 6SM offers a fixed mounting position that is not located on the slide. This is the basis for many of its benefits. First, the red dot sight does not need to endure that battering that it would take when mounted on the reciprocating slide of a handgun.

Second, it is easier to track a fixed aiming point through recoil than a reciprocating one. In this sense, I think the learning curve is shallower on this setup than a slide mounted setup. Most people aren’t really getting the most out of their handgun mounted dot sights because they haven’t developed the skills necessary to track the dot through recoil.

Another strong reason to consider the 6 Second Mount over a slide-mounted set up is that it requires no modifications to the host gun. If you decide you hate dot sights on handguns, or aren’t fully committed to the concept, or just have to sell the sight for some reason, the 6SM can be removed easily.

There are also a number of ancillary benefits that may factor into your decision in a less significant way. The 6SM has a very weight forward feel that helps soak up some recoil. There is a cutout on the side of the 6SM that falls directly under the shooter’s thumb and, when downward pressure is applied, can be used to control recoil much like the “gas pedals” found on competition guns.

There are, or course, things slide mounted dot sights do better. Chief among them is that slide mounted setups take up less space, which makes them viable for concealed carry.

Additionally, slide mounted set ups make manipulations easier, especially one handed manipulations where the dot sight itself can be pressed against a surface to operate the slide.

Observations from Use

I mounted my 6 Second Mount on a Glock 35 with a KKM 9mm Conversion Barrel that has proven to be very reliable for me. This particular Glock 35 had about 2000 relatively trouble-free rounds of .40 S&W through it before I began using the KKM conversion barrel. There were a couple of malfunctions early in this guns life that appeared to be tied to weak ejection. These were fixed with a White Sound Defense HRED. It had just under 900 rounds of 9mm through it without a stoppage before the addition of the 6 Second Mount. Then it digested 1400+ stoppage free rounds during testing with the mount.

I did not see any issues with shifting zero throughout the testing. I zeroed at 10 yards the day I received the mount. It still hits point of aim, point of impact at 10 yards today.

It is very easy to shoot this set up quickly. The muzzle stays very flat if you do your part. That is likely due to the extra weight and the way you can press down with your support hand thumb on the mount to control muzzle rise.

It is a heck of a lot of fun to shoot the 6 Second Mount at extended distances. Shooting a Glock 17 with iron sights at 100 yards is a real skill builder. Shooting a Glock 17 equipped with an Aimpoint Micro at 100 yards is easy if you know how to control a trigger.

ALG 6 Second Mount Gas Pedal

The accessory rail on the 6SM sits lower than the rail on the Glock. This can make reaching a light difficult for some shooters. I tested with a Surefire X300 and X300U, Streamlight TLR-1, and INFORCE APL. All were usable with my medium sized hands though the APL, with its large paddles, was easiest to use.

One-handed manipulations, as they are usually taught, are virtually impossible to do. One of the smaller, unobtrusive slide racker back plates made for Glocks might be a worthwhile addition to a set up like this. This would give the shooter something to press against their belt, holster, or any other surface in the event that they need to cycle the slide with only one good hand.

Wrap Up

I think the ALG Defense 6 Second Mount does have application for the civilian gun owner as a very, very solid home defense weapon. I also believe that it has some attractive advantages over slide mounted red dots. It is exceedingly well made, has had zero impact on the reliability of my already reliable gun, and is just plain cool.

It may have been made for a counter-terrorism unit but it sure feels right at home on my nightstand.

Check out the 6 Second Mount at ALG Defense.

Disclosure: JTT received the 6 Second Mount from ALG Defense free of charge, for review.


Chase Tactical – Warrior Wednesday – Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster

Warrior Wednesday – sponsored by Chase Tactical. Every week, we will feature a product from Warrior Assault Systems. This week’s featured product is the Universal Pistol Holster.

The Warrior Assault Systems Universal Pistol Holster (UPH) is a versatile adaptable holster that fully adjusts to accommodate a wide variety of large and small frame pistols.


Adjustment is simple and quick by the use of a  Velcro closure.  Handguns are secured firmly by the use of a molded composite internal housing. The weapon is released by means of a push down thumb release.

The rear of the holster has 3 rows of MOLLE webbing with 2 MOLLE arms, which allows it to be attached to a diverse range of Warrior Assault Systems gear such as the PLB belt, Frag Belts, Cobra belts and Rigger Belts. The Universal Pistol Holster’s MOLLE also allows it to be attached to plate carriers and chest rigs such as the Warrior Assault Systems DCS Plate Carrier.

The Universal Pistol Holster is currently available in MultiCam, Coyote, OD Green, and A-TACS-FG.

All Warrior Assault Systems products are made from genuine U.S. Mil Spec materials and hardware.

Interested in carrying the Warrior Assault Systems product line?  Click on the following link https://www.chasetactical.com/become-a-dealer/ or email Support@Chasetactical.com


BA Deal of the Week – 16″ .308 Tactical Government Mid-Length Barrel, Modern Series

Ballistic Advantage’s Deal of the Week leaves you AR-15 guys out in the cold but it is sure to please the AR308 shooters! They are offering their Modern Series 16″ .308 Tactical Government Mid-Length Barrel for $172.50.


Length 16″
Material 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium
Profile Tactical Government
Finish QPQ Corrosion Resistant
Gas System Length Mid-Length
Gas Block Journal .750″
Twist Rate 1:10 inches
Muzzle 5/8×24 Threaded
Weight 35.9oz

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