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New from TOPS Knives: Rapid Strike

The new Rapid Strike, from TOPS Knives, is a slim fixed blade knife designed with concealment in mind…

Everything about the Rapid Strike makes it an excellent combatives blade. The cutting edge is long enough for good slashing cuts and thrusts. It can be single or double-edged to meet legal requirements or be even more dangerous. The G10 handle is strong and grippy and combined with the recessed jimping that goes all the way around the handle, it’s easy to keep it in your hand when you need it the most. The sheath was designed to allow for a combat grip straight out of the sheath (meaning the hand doesn’t have to be readjusted to grip the handle properly after it’s removed from the sheath). The thin blade material and narrow profile take up little space on a belt, on a vest, in a boot, or wherever else you choose to carry it. 154CM stainless steel was chosen to provide a strong blade with little maintenance needed to keep it clean and sharp.

So whether you’re deployed to one of the current hot spots around the world, serving and protecting in your neighborhood, or just a prepared citizen who wants something to help get you home safe, the Rapid Strike is perfect for you. Plus it makes a great steak knife too.

Check out the Rapid Strike at TOPSKnives.com.


Cloud Defensive – Cloud Optimized Rail

Cloud Defensive’s new COR (Cloud Optimized Rail) is designed from the ground up with light and laser integration in mind. The COR mates closely with the Cloud Defensive OWL giving a nearly integral feel. The CORv2 features a recessed channel in the middle of the top rail that is optimal for remote switches like the Surefire SR-07 and DS-07.

The COR series of rail also feature M-LOK compatibility, integrated QD sling sockets, and makes use of BCM’s barrel attachment system. You can see the full line and learn more at CloudDefensive.com.


Multitasker Tools M:4 Multitool

Multitasker Tools and B5 Systems gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming M:4 Multitool. This one piece tool can be nested inside of a special butt plate and then attached to your B5 Systems SOPMOD or Bravo stock. The tool features a 1/4” slotted screwdriver, M4 castlenut spanner wrench, 1/2” hex wrench, and a bolt override clearance tool.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information.




New from RE Factor Tactical and GTGConsult: GTG Baseline Target

RE Factor Tactical and GTGConsult have collaborated on a new target – the GTG Baseline Target. Read on to learn more…

The GTG Baseline Target is the brainchild of GTGConsult, a premier training company based out of Denmark. The target was designed by Ebbe 
Wolff, a 15 year veteran of the Danish Army and the lead instructor of 
the company.

The GTG Baseline Target is one of the best paper shooting targets for 
anyone looking for a training solution that offers multiple training 
scenarios. The shooting target offers both traditional and 
non-traditional overlays that allow you to run a wide variety of pistol 
and rifle shooting drills, tests and exercises.

For more information on GTGConsult visit: https://www.gtgconsult.com
where you can also find and download a wide variety of shooting drills 
specifically supported by this target.

– Developed by GTGConsult
– 23 x 35″
– Printed in the USA


Weapons Armament Research RMR-G

The Trijicon RMR is already very durable but if you are looking for even more protection, check out the new RMR-G (RMR-Guard) from Weapons Armament Research. This drop-in part is designed to protect the glass from smudging during palm charging and protect the RMR itself from damage when charging against hard objects like walls or tables. It will be available in two versions – one that is just a guard and one with a built in rear sight.

Pre-orders should be open soon. WeaponsArmamentResearch.com


Hill People Gear Decker Pack Frame

Hill People Gear (HPG) has released the details of their new Decker Pack Frame. The Decker is built on the same proven frame used in the Ute and qui-Ya backpacks but with the adaptability of a pack frame.

The Decker features an array of 8 compression straps (3 on each side and 2 on top) and a central compression yoke that serves as a hub for attaching the side compression straps. This yoke is easily replaced with an HPG pocket or pack like the Tarahumara, Tarapocket, Palspocket, and similar. The Decker Pack Frame also features a hypalon capture flap/shelf that can be tied into the frame in multiple locations.

The applications for a relatively lightweight but still very robust pack frame like this are many and varied. HPG states that it can handle everything from awkward loads like jerry cans to multi-day loadouts. It can also be coupled with something like a large ultra-light dry bag to create a very lightweight pack system (less than 4 pounds).

You can expect to see HPG continue to develop the Decker Pack Frame into an entire load carriage system by introducing other accessories designed to work with the frame. One accessory already in the works is a Decker Pocket that will be a large capacity pocket with a sewn in hypalon yoke that docks in place of the Decker Pack Frame’s included yoke.

The Decker Pack Frame will be available soon (it is already listed on the website but not available to purchase). You can sign up for email notifications at Hill People Gear.



Sneak Peek: Gadsden Dynamics ALPC and Chest Rig Updates

Gadsden Dynamics is in the process of finalizing the design of their first production plate carrier along with updates to their chest rig line. The ALPC or Adaptable Lightweight Plate Carrier will have some clever features in keeping with Gadsden Dynamics’ other low-profile load carriage gear.

The ALPC and updates to the chest rig line will roll out in March. Stay tuned for details. GadsdenDyanmics.com


Shadow Systems MR918

What would it cost to purchase a Glock 19 and then custom machine the slide with new serrations and to accept an RDS, stipple and undercut the frame, install a flat face trigger, and add a custom barrel? It would be a lot more than the $799 base price of the Shadow System MR918 which has all those features and more.

The MR918 is a Glock in the sense that it is a G19 sized handgun that is completely compatible with Glock parts and G19 holsters. However, there are no Glock OEM parts used in the construction of the MR918. It is a full production pistol from Shadow Systems with a surprisingly affordable base price.

The have essentially found a way to build a product handgun at a production price that already incorporates all of the most popular custom modifications.

It is available in two models: Combat and Elite. The main difference between the two is that the Elite has some additional slide machining. Both models can be upgraded to optics ready and/or suppressor ready.

You can learn more about the MR918’s features, options, pricing and availability at ShadowSystems.com.


The Real Woobie Smoking Jacket

I posted a Woobie Smoking Jacket earlier today that was just for fun. Now, thanks to JTT’s great readers, I know that the jacket shown in that post isn’t really all that fun at all… It’s a knock off.

The original Woobie Smoking Jacket is produced by MK Schwarz. It appears to be of much higher quality than the one posted previously based on reviews and it is made right here in the USA by military spouses!

This is the Woobie Smoking Jacket you are looking for: MK Schwarz Woobie Smoking Jacket.


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