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Special 1404 Sling from Blue Force Gear

Every once in a while Blue Force Gear rolls out special versions of their slings. These special versions are often just standard slings with special camo patterns or custom color combinations but the most special ones have all new elements or unique hardware. That is the case with the new Special 1404 Sling that they just released today.


The Special 1404 Sling may look like a Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS) at first glance and, the truth is, it is very much like the standard VCAS in terms of function. However, the Special 1404 packs some features that you won’t find on other VCAS slings.

This sling features your choice of 2 unique colorways. The Multicam option is covered front-to-back with Multicam pattern webbing. The Desert Digital option has a Desert Digital (similar to AOR1) webbing on the forward section and coyote on the rear section. Both colorways make use of unique aluminum hardware with a brown anodized finish.

The most interesting difference between the VCAS and the Special 1404 is barely noticeable. The Special 1404 Sling makes use of 1.5″ webbing at the rear of the sling (the part that actually contacts the wearer) instead of the standard 1.25″ webbing found on the VCAS. This is interesting because it is designed to be a sort of happy medium between the standard VCAS Sling and the Padded VCAS Sling.


Blue Force Gear’s webbing is substantial and thick but has a brushed, soft canvas-like feel. The edges are quite rounded so it as already quite comfortable when bearing weight. So, this 1.5″ webbing should spread the weight of the rifle out on the wearer’s shoulder even more effectively while remaining just as low profile as a plain webbing sling. It is a sort of functional hybrid between the flat webbing and padded versions of the VCAS.

You can check out the new Special 1404 Sling at Blue Force Gear.


Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack… in Flectarn

If you are a little bit of a camo nerd (I know a few of you are), you may find this interesting. The excellent Lightweight Assault Pack from Grey Ghost Gear is now available in Germany’s well known camo pattern, Flectarn (500D)!



KE Arms Glock Slide Blanks

KE Arms continues to round out their selection of Glock parts and one of the newest are their KE17 and KE19 Slide Blanks. If you want to have some custom machine work done on your Glock but don’t want to cut up your original slide, these could be a great option.


The slides are basically a blank slate that can accept whatever machining you want. They are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and come ready to accept all OEM internals and a front sight. There is no rear sight dovetail in order to accommodate the various configurations of red dot sights the shooter might prefer. I suspect that whoever you have machining your slide will appreciate not having to cut through Glock’s Tennifer finish thanks to its high surface hardness.

Learn more at KE Arms.


CRKT Field Strip Technology

I cringe whenever I see someone using a folding knife to process a game animal. I know it can be done and I’ve done it myself but all I can think about is what a pain it is going to be to clean the blood, fat, and hair out of the knife. Apparently, CRKT feels the same way because they created their new Field Strip Technology – a construction method that allows the knife user to easily open and clean a folding knife.


The Field Strip Technology is available first on a Ken Onion collaboration folder called the Homefront. By simply closing the knife, throwing a recessed, and loosening a thumb wheel, the Homefront can be seperated into component parts (see it in action below). Thankfully, it is designed so that small parts like washers, pivots, and the like are captive so that when you take the knife apart, you only have 3 parts.

You can learn more about Field Strip Technology in the video below or by visiting CRKT.


10-Round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch from Armageddon Gear

The 10-Round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch from Armageddon Gear can be a very versatile part of your precision rifle support gear. This single pouch handles 5 and 10 round AICS and AW magazines with a very easy adjustment that ensures you never have to go digging for your magazine. It also accommodates both belt and MOLLE attachment.


Check out the 10-Round Adjustable AICS/AW Mag Pouch from Armageddon Gear. You can also check out their recent video (below) that clearly shows the flexibility and easy adjustment of this pouch.


Custom Hand Forged Tomahawks by Walk by Faith 777

What if you could customize every aspect of a forged tomahawk as easily as ordering off a menu at a restaurant? That is exactly what Walk by Faith 777 offers. The northern Michigan based forge offers true custom, hand-made tomahawks at a reasonable price.


The sheer number of options available on these ‘hawks is amazing. You can choose between 17 different bit (blade) shapes with multiple sizes for most shapes. There are 9 different poll options including a variety of spikes and hammer polls. The metal can be finished with your choice of two finishes. Choose between one of 6 different haft options. If you want an end cap for the haft, there are 5 options including tapered options. There are options for the sheath’s color, snap, welt, opening side, and you can even add a monogram!

The number of options may sound overwhelming but these are all presented in a format that actually makes it very easy to order the exact custom tomahawk you desire. You simply view the provided pictures of each option and choose what you want from drop down menus. If there is an extra cost associated with the option, that is shown in the drop down menu.

Check out Walk by Faith 777’s custom tomahawk configuration page for more details.


Stout Gear Knives Redesigns the Oxe

Stout Gear Knives just introduced the Oxe V2. The original Oxe sported a slightly recurve blade and filled the large camp knife niche in their line. The new Oxe V2 still works as a large camp knife but it’s chopping credentials have been beefed up with a more radical recurve blade and new flatter grind geometry.

Stour Gear Knives Oxe V2

The new blade is not only more radically recurved at the cutting edge but it also has a recurved spine. The new shape looks great and puts the point more forward in the chopping stroke almost like a kukri. The blade is ground from 1/4″ thick S35VN steel, 10.5″ long, and is nearly 2″ tall from edge to spine so it confirms to most chopping competition regulations. Like nearly all Stout Gear Knives, the Oxe 2.0 has a large contoured handle with an integral guard.

The sheaths that Stout Gear includes with their knives are excellent. They use a unique construction method that features a welt like you find in a leather sheath. The outer parts of the sheath are molded kydex and the welt is fitted HDPE.

Check out Stout Gear Knives.

Stour Gear Knives Oxe V2 handle


ACE Rail Sling Mount with QD

I have been using the original ACE Rail Sling Mounts (SMR) for years. I have always appreciated the simplicity of the design which is a simple sling loop, milled from a single block of aluminum, and clamped to the rail with a single bolt. Now ACE is offering a new version of the Rail Sling Mount with a QD sling swivel socket integrated into the design. This simple change adds a considerable amount of versatility and redundancy that will be welcomed by anyone who has had a QD swivel fail at a bad time.

These are not currently available at the ACE website. The are available from J&T Distributing.

Ace Sling Mount with QD


Armageddon Tactical and Stealth Engineering Group SURG Submission

Armageddon Tactical and Stealth Engineering Group have released some images of their their submission to the military’s Suppressed Upper Receiver Group or SURG program. The submission makes use of Stealth Engineering Group’s suppressor technology and Armageddon Tactical’s GMS-15 Charging Handle in a special color.

I’ve not put hands on any Stealth Engineering Group products but I have spent considerable time with a GMS-15 Charging Handle and found that it does go a long way toward preventing suppressor related blowback.

SEG SURG Submission Armageddon GMS15 SEG SURG Submission


Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck from RE Factor Tactical

RE Factor Tactical’s line of targets has impressed not only with how versatile they are on their own but with how they have continued to support them by developing drills and courses of fire to be used with them. Their latest addition, the Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck, is a deck of cards with 52 drills (one on each card) to be used with the IQ Target.

The card deck format allows you to carry them in your range bag and easily randomize the drills. Just grab a roll of IQ Targets, your Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck, and hit the range.



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