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Dark Star Gear Muzzle Pad

The new Muzzle Pad from Dark Star Gear is soft wedge for use with kydex holsters. It is designed to aid in comfort by cushioned the lower edges of the holster that can dig into the wearer and concealment by pushing the grip of the handgun into the wearer.

Soft wedges are not new. There are number of ways to improvise them and there are other purpose built wedges available. The ergonomic tear drop shape of the muzzle pad and availability of two different firmness levels makes the Muzzle Pad unique.



Wilde Custom Gear Developing Pouch for Fostech 12 Gauge Drum Magazine

Wilde Custom Gear is working directly with Fostech to develop a pouch for Origin 12 drum magazines. The pouch protects both the front of the drum and the feed tower via a flap that clips in place over the tower. Two side retention straps ensure the drum stays securely in place.

These pouches are not available yet. They are expected to be released soon on both Wilde Custom Gear’s website and the Fostech website.



New from V Seven: 18″ Valkyrie Enlightened Rifle

V Seven Weapons just added a new caliber to their Enlightened series of complete uppers/rifles – .224 Valkyrie.

The 18″ Valkyrie Enlightened Rifle is built around their Enlightened receiver set which makes use of 2055 lithium-aluminum alloy and machining to reduce weight. This is paired with their 15″ Hyper-Light handguard in the buyer’s choice of M-LOK or Key-Mod. V Seven Weapons uses many of their proprietary small parts to further reduce the weight.

The heart of any rifle is the barrel. This one has an 18″ 416R stainless match barrel with a medium contour. It has 1 in 7″ twist and polygonal rifling.

The complete rifle weighs just 5lb 4.8oz in spite of it’s 15″ rail and 18″ barrel.



Murdock M81 Woodland Jacquard Woven 1″ Webbing from Whiskey Two Four

Gear makers take note: It took a few revisions to dial in the colors perfectly, but it was worth it. Whiskey Two-Four has Murdock M81 Woodland Jacquard Woven 1″ Webbing available by the yard.



Luxe Hiking Gear to Release Minipeak XL

Luxe Hiking Gear is known for their lightweight, stove-ready backcountry shelters. They make a number of pyramid, hexamid, octomid hot tents that cost significantly less than most similar shelters.

One of their smallest and most popular shelters is their Minipeak – a floorless 2 person (1 person with stove) pyramid shelter with double entries and ripstop polyester construction. It’s popular due to its low cost for a stove-ready shelter, versatility, and solid feature set. It only makes sense that they would offer a larger version.

Luxe Hiking Gear has announced that the Minipeak XL will be available soon. It retains everything that makes the Minipeak great but has a larger foot print that allows for up to 3 people or more space for a taller person versus the Minipeak. It is available in a number of configurations with is typical for all Luxe shelters (floorless, with an optional partial nest, and more).

The Minipeak XL is available to pre-order now at a special price. Delivery is expected in August.

Minipeak XL at Luxe-Hiking-Gear.com


It’s a Sticker Now! Skeletor Wielding an AK47

Russian Roulette Clothing’s Skeletor Wielding an AK47 shirt has been a smash hit for them. It’s one part nostalgia, one part comedy, and at least 25 parts smoking AK47.

Now you can get your Skeletor Wielding an AK47 fix on more than just a t-shirt. Russian Roulette Clothing is offering the graphic on a 4″, full color, vinyl sticker suitable for sticking to your gun safe, tool box, truck, or Panthor’s battle saddle.



XTech Tactical Expands Partnership with GOA with OEM47 10/30

XTech Tactical, one of the fastest growing firearms accessory manufactures, is now shipping its OEM47 10/30 (MSRP $19.95) as an expansion of its “Commufornia Special” magazine line. Like the MAG47 10/30, $1 for each magazine sold off the company’s website will go towards Gun Owners of America to fight for gun rights. The magazines will also ship with a $5 off annual membership offer to Gun Owners of America.

The XTech Tactical “Commufornia Special” offers a field strippable 10rd magazine in a 30rd magazine body. This permits much easy mag changes and insertion into the rifle, while still permitting the user to clean the magazine. The term “Commufornia Special” is intended to remind and encourage the company’s customers to get involved in protecting their rights as firearms owners and supporters of the Constitution.

The OEM 10/30 will not function if its blocker is removed due to its reduced spring, and the magazine is only marked as a 10-round magazine.

About the OEM47 Line:

The OEM47 line is a result of numerous requests from rifle manufactures for XTech Tactical to offer a lower cost AK 7.62×39 magazine option to include with the sale of their rifles. However, the company would not settle for simply making a less expensive option without optimizing the value and its competitive placement in the market. The OEM47 line features an all polymer construction using a proprietary composite blend.

After 9 months of development the polymer permits the 30rd, standard capacity, version of the OEM47 to pass drop tests that more expensive US Made AK magazines will not.

The OEM47 line currently is only available as the OEM47 10/30 with the standard capacity 30rd option soon to follow. The OEM47 line up offers a great value to those looking for magazines for recreational and range use. For those looking for a battle-ready magazine, the MAG47 offers the most advanced US manufactured AK magazine on the market. The MAG47 features the most advanced polymer, stainless steel feedlips and locking lugs, where-as, the OEM47 is an all polymer construction.

Dealers can contact dealers@xtechtactical.com or Zanders Sporting Goods

Media: media@xtechtactical.com

For more information on XTech Tactical please visit https://www.xtechtactical.com


Snake Eater Tactical Loadout Package

Snake Eater Tactical now offers a Loadout Package that includes everything you need to set up a SET War Belt or even a MOLLE compatible belt from another maker. The Loadout Package represents a considerable savings over purchasing all the components separately.

The package includes 2 Rifle Burro Magazine Pouches and 4 Pistol Burro Magazine Pouches which can also be used for other items like flashlights and multitools. It also includes one their unique dump pouches that allows for a mag pouch to be mounting inside it. This configuration saves belt space and adds efficiency by placing the reload mag as close as possible to the dump pouch.



Hill People Gear Coyote Knife

Hill People Gear is now offering their first knife – the Coyote Knife. The knife is modeled after a custom knife that the Hill brothers’ father had made in the 1960s and they refer to the design as a “generalist”, suited to a variety of outdoor tasks.

It is produced for Hill People Gear by LT Wright Knives. The A2 tool steel blade 5/32″ thick and 3.5″ long. It has a spear point shape with a saber grind, false swedge, and 90 degree spine for scraping/sparking a ferro rod. The micarta hidden tang handle construction is topped off with a brass guard and pins.

The knife ships with a bushcraft style leather dangler sheath. It will be available to order very soon.



OscarDelta GTFO Wrist Strap

The need to break a side or rear window in your car rarely arises… but when it does, it really does.

The GTFO Wrist Strap from OscarDelta is a glass breaking tool that can be worn on your wrist so that it is always with you. It consists of a length of shock cord with a tungsten carbide bead.

To use the GTFO Wrist Strap, remove it from your wrist. Hold the shock cord in one hand and the bead in the other. Stretch the shock cord and release the bead so that it strikes the window. This simple design allows the user to generate high velocity for the bead in a confined space.


These are also available at USA based dealer, Vigilant Gear.


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