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Dot Mount for ACRO from Reptilia Corp

Reptilia Corp is now offering their Dot Mount for the Aimpoint ACRO. This minimalist, pillar mount is machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and mounts to any M1913 Picatinny rail via a nitrided steel clamp and bolt. It provides a lower 1/3rd cowitness.

The Dot Mount for ACRO is available now in black and FDE hard anodized finishes. Q will have an exclusive clear anodized version in late April.



Fostech Echo Sport Trigger Back In-Stock at Proven Arms & Outfitters

ABERDEEN, N.C. – (April 2019) The Fostech Echo Sport is back in-stock, by popular demand at Proven Arms & Outfitters.  The Echo Sport trigger sold out in one day with the first launch!   The new shipment has arrived and is available, which means you can order today!

The Fostech Echo Sport Trigger is an economical pull and release trigger for the AR-15 platform.  The Echo Sport has the functionality of the ECHO AR-II.  The only difference is that you select the ECHO mode from the paddle rather than the safety selector.  You can negate the second round but you do it off the paddle, rather than the safety selector. The Fostech ECHO Sport for the AR-15 gives you all the functionality with a more affordable price.  Fostech launched this video last month describing how it works.

Quick list of features:

  • 5-8lb trigger pull
  • ⁠Not drop-in (YouTube instructions should be up soon)
  • Two-position paddle (called the “Echo Selector”) above trigger to switch from semi to echo
  • No ambi safety
  • Requires a full auto bolt carrier

Proven Arms and Outfitters has long stocked the popular Fostech Echo Trigger.  The Fostech Echo trigger gen 2 is available, in-stock and for sale now at the sale price of $375.00, vs the MSRP of $479.00! The Fostech Echo Trigger system is easy to install and requires a full auto bolt carrier.

The Fostech Echo Gen 2 trigger system allows the shooter to select from 3 different settings.

  • Safe Mode: Firearm will not fire.
  • Semi-Automatic Mode: When the trigger is pulled, the firearm will fire.
  • ECHO Mode: Firearm will fire when the trigger is pulled and will fire again after the trigger is released.

The ECHO trigger is designed with safety being the utmost priority. When the Shooter is in the ECHO mode and depresses the trigger one round if fires, if the target moves, the shooter can move the selector to the safe position and the second round will NOT fire upon release.

Fostech Echo Trigger Gen 2 for AR-15 Trigger Features:

  • Patented design that gained the ATF Approval (Patent#US 8,820,211 B1)
  • Drop-in design technology for the AR-15 platform (Licensed through Mossberg)
  • Technology licensed through HIPERFIRE inside the ECHO trigger
  • Light, clean, and crisp pull in Semi-Automatic Mode
  • The Echo trigger is packed full of cutting edge technology
  • Reliable function in Echo Mode

The Fostech Echo Sport Trigger and Fostech Echo Trigger Gen II are not available in ND, OR, WA, and NJ.

If you’d like to purchase the Fostech Echo Sport Trigger, please click here.

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About Proven Arms & Outfitters:

Proven Arms & Outfitters is a leading supplier of apparel, gear, and firearms to Enthusiasts, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Military professionals. We have the PROVEN selection of products designed to help you perform at your peak.  For a complete and current outfit for your weapon, build out existing kit, or gear up for your next adventure, choose us for our practical knowledge, experience, extensive selection, and exceptional customer service. 

Visit one of our Proven Arms & Outfitters locations, find us on the web at ProvenOutfitters.com, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


GRSC 1.1-10×30 Full Spectrum Optic

GRSC has been one of the leading proponents of the horseshoe reticle over the years, specifically their ranging version of said reticle. The GRSC reticle has been placed in a number of optics over the years and recently it seemed they were mostly unavailable until the announcement of their new 1.1-10×30 Full Spectrum Optic FSO.

The FSO has a number of features as seen in the image below. The highlights include a 35mm tube, low profile covered turrets, a detachable honeycomb sunhade, and daylight bright illumination (green only initially, with red a possibility for later), and an oversized magnification adjustment knob. It sounds like a lot of rifle scope for the $575 MSRP, especially if it can deliver truly daylight bright illumination.

The optic itself, according to GRSC, is being manufactured by the same OEM that is making the Atibal X 1-10×30. These optics are in production now with an expected delivery date in the next two months. You can keep tabs on progress and learn a lot more about the optic on AR15.com.

GRSC has launched a new website. Visit it at GRSCInc.com.


KE Arms Adds Aimpoint ACRO Options for Glock Shooters

KE Arms has several potentials solutions for shooters who want to adopt the Aimpoint ACRO. First, they are now offering their Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and Echo slides with ACRO cuts. Additionally, they offer milling services to machine existing slides for the ACRO.

Finally, they are now offering their RMR to ACRO Adapter Plate. This plate allows an ACRO to be installed in an RMR cut.

You can find all of these products and services on the KE Arms Glock product page: KEArms.com


Two Thumbs Up: Outdoor Research Customer Service

I have purchased lot of gear from Outdoor Research over the years including multiple pairs of gloves, hats, insulation payers, shell layers, and more. My experiences with the products themselves have been great but until recently, I never had occasion to test their “Infinite Guarantee”.

I purchased a Ferrosi Hooded Jacket (which is an incredible layer worthy of its own review soon) recently from an online retailer. It was on sale for a very good price. When I received the jacket, I noticed that chest pocket was sewn or welded shut via some assembly step gone awry. The retailer was already out of the jackets so they would be unable to replace it.

I called the number listed on the Outdoor Research website to see if this was something that they would exchange for me. I was bracing myself for having to deal with an automated call center or for them to tell me to take it up with the retailer. To my great surprise, my call was answered by a live person after just a couple of rings and I was informed that the replacement would be covered. All I needed to do was fill out their online replacement form which was easy.

OR issued a pre-paid return label via email within 48 hours of me completing thereplacement form and they sent an additional email explaining the actions they would take. They shipped the replacement right away, before they even received my return so I had it in just 2 business days.

It isn’t just impressive that they so completely dealt with my issue at no additional cost to me but how painless, polite, and personal they made the entire process. That is definitely not the norm these days. Kudos to OR!



Emdom Flex Inner Belt

Emdom’s new Flex Inner Belt is now available. Like most inner belts, it offers plenty of loop material coverage for anchoring your duty or battle belt and the low profile closure ensures that there are no hotspots under heavy load bearing belts.

The Flex Inner Belt also has a number of interesting features that you do not typically see in other inner belts. The flex derives its name from the heavy duty elastic panel sewn into the back center of the belt. This panel helps ensure a comfortable fit. The belt also features several hidden pockets for storing items like cash or keys. It also features a Trelleborg HANK patch at the center back to help prevent the belt from sliding along with other HANK and Blue Force Gear UltraCOMP panels to prevent excess wear on Velcro parts.



Tax Day Sale at Proven Arms & Outfitters

Tax Day Sale at Proven Arms & Outfitters. April 15th is Tax Day, so we’re having a SALE! 

Save when you purchase a gift card.  Purchase a $100 Gift Card, Get $10 Free!  Purchase a $200 Gift Card, Get $25 Free!

Save up to 20% Off or more on all AERO Precision April 13th through April 16th.

Save up to 20% Off SB Tactical April 12th through April 22nd

You won’t believe our prices on Sig Sauer Optics & Airguns!  For example SIG ROMEO5 for $133.99 or SIG MCX Air Rifle for $140.95

Magpul PMAG D-50s In-Stock Now, while supplies last!


Sneak Peek: Ballistic Advantage 9mm AR Lowers in Collaboration with Angstadt Arms

Ballistic Advantage is working on a new 9mm lower receiver in collaboration with Angstadt Arms. The lower is clearly still in prototype phase but we already have many of the most important details.

Here are some of the key details:

  • The lowers accept Glock magazines.
  • BA will also be offering complete 9mm uppers to go with the lower.
  • A 5.4oz 9mm buffer kit that includes the correct spring and spacer will be available.
  • The lower will have last round hold open functionality.

Stay tuned for new details.




Wiseman Company Geek

The Geek is Wiseman Company’s answer to a pocket protector. This pocket sized organizer can be used to carry the small items that you carry every day… or maybe even for your own version of The EDC Tool Roll.

The Geek is constructed from X-Pac so it is lightweight and durable. It features 4 pockets – a large zippered main pocket, a large front pocket, and 2 slash pockets for items like tools, light, knives, pens, and more.

The buyer can choose from Green, Tan, Red, Khaki, or Black.



Add Capacity and Organization to Your Tarahumara with PocketUp

The Hill People Gear Tarahumara is a unique pack in that it is very compact (about 900 cui) but has a harness system that can support loads far heavier than you can typically stuff into that small of a pack. This makes it something of a blank canvas for users and makers to develop ways to expands its capacity.

Mel Terkla of PocketUp recently showed how their pockets can be used to expand and organize the Tarahumara pack while still providing access to all compartments. Two Handy Pockets are hung from the upper tabs and compressed by the Tarahumara’s compression straps. These are PocketUp’s 1000D Handy Pockets but any of their large Handy Pockets would fit with the same proportions. There are plenty of hardware choices that can be used to hang the pouches in this manner like ITW GrimLocs or Slick Clips.

Additionally, he has attached a Mini Pod to the bottom of the pack. The Mini Pod would attach easily to the Tarahumara’s existing lower tabs, instantly adding compressible storage for items like light insulation or shell layers. We have previously discussed the Mini Pod here: Mini Pod on JTT

You can check out the full line of PocketUp pouches and packs at PocketUp.net.


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