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Delta2Alpha Ragnar Bands

If you’ve used ranger bands made from bicycle tire inner tubes, you know how handy they can be for things like adding some grip to a slipper firearm, managing strap ends, starting a fire, or attaching a thing… to another thing. However, you probably also know that, while they can be made in a variety of sizes, big isn’t usually one of them and that they eventually crumble into a mess.

The Delta2Alpha Ragnar Bands are larger than typical homemade ranger bands. They are also not a cut-up-from-something-else or repackaged product. They are made from the ground up to Delta@Alpha’s specs. Each band is about 4 inches long (when flat) and can stretch to 8″. They are 3/8″ wide.

The Ragnar Bands (which is a clever name, by the way) can be used in all the same ways that you might use a ranger band. However, you may find that the larger size makes them more versatile and the better materials make them more reliable than regular ranger bands.


Ragnar Bands are also available from Tuff Possum Gear: TuffPossumGear.com


Tuff Possum Gear Multipurpose Sit Pad

Tuff Possum Gear’s Multipurpose Sit Pad has… multiple purposes. It is, of course, a sit pad or knee pad for camp and trail. A 1/2″ closed cell foam pad to provide cushioning is tucked into a hook and loop sealed pouch that is constructed from Cordura nylon. The pouch may be used for foraging or extra cargo capacity in a pinch.

The pouch features loops on the side that are key to many of its functions. They can be strung with paracord to improvise a backpack. They are also spaced to function as a compression panel on the Ute from Hill People Gear and possibly others as this spacing is similar across many pack brands.

Finally, the Multipurpose Sit Pad may serve as a part of your visual signalling kit in an emergency. One side of it is made in your choice of low profile colors or camo pattern and the other is high visibility orange.


New Med Pouch from Tuff Possum Gear

Tuff Possum Gear has launched their new Med Pouch. It is available today at an introductory price.

Designed with quick access and modular carry in mind, the Med Pouch is the result of our wish for a velcro backed “medical” or “first aid kit” pouch. It pairs perfectly with the Shackleton EDC Satchel, but works well with any pack or bag lined with a loop Velcro or the FirstSpear 6/12 material (PALS laser cut loop).

Sized to carry the basics of massive hemorrhage control (ie. gloves, a CAT tourniquet, a HALO chest seal, and wound packing materials), as well as the little boo-boo stuff you dispense in everyday life to those around you. (ie. band-aid, Advil, etc.)

The Med Pouch is 5″ x 5″ x 2.5″ in size. The first aid sign on the front is both reflect and glow-in-the-dark. It comes with beaded zipper pulls to aid in opening in less than ideal circumstances and a panel to cover the hook backing if it is not needed. Internally, it has two slot pockets to organize contents.


Tuff Possum Gear and D2A – TheSlapSack

TheSlapSack was designed by Delta 2 Alpha Designs and is manufactured by Tuff Possum Gear. This handy little coin purse can hold a fistful of coins and attach to the hand for palm striking. The hand strap is adjustable for size via heavy-duty snaps and the pouch is closed via a fold-over design with Velcro so there is no zipper to break.


Tuff Possum Gear Belt Pouch

The new Belt Pouch, from Tuff Possum Gear, is a belt warn pouch that is designed to be slick enough to work as an internal pack organizer as well. The 1.5″ wide webbing belt loops can accommodate belts of up to 2″ wide and they lay flat against the pouch when not in use. The 5″ x 4″ x 3″ pouch has a half zip design to provide access to the contents.

The Belt Pouch pouch utilizes 1000D Cordura Nylon and other durable components like #8 YKK zippers. It is made in the USA.


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