Tuff Possum Gear Multipurpose Sit Pad

Tuff Possum Gear’s Multipurpose Sit Pad has… multiple purposes. It is, of course, a sit pad or knee pad for camp and trail. A 1/2″ closed cell foam pad to provide cushioning is tucked into a hook and loop sealed pouch that is constructed from Cordura nylon. The pouch may be used for foraging or extra cargo capacity in a pinch.

The pouch features loops on the side that are key to many of its functions. They can be strung with paracord to improvise a backpack. They are also spaced to function as a compression panel on the Ute from Hill People Gear and possibly others as this spacing is similar across many pack brands.

Finally, the Multipurpose Sit Pad may serve as a part of your visual signalling kit in an emergency. One side of it is made in your choice of low profile colors or camo pattern and the other is high visibility orange.


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