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TNVC Introduces Financing

The words “night vision” and “awesome” are often found in the same sentence. The words “night vision” and “inexpensive” are rarely found in the same sentence. TNVC has a new program that may help you put quality night vision in your safe without blowing up your budget. They have partnered with First National Bank of North Arkansas to offer the TNVC Night Vision Financing Program.


You can read more about it at the TNVC website but here is the gist of it:

Here’s how it works: All night vision and thermal gear available from TNVC is eligible for financing and all U.S. Citizens are pre-approved. Obviously, all ITAR laws and regulations apply. Simply choose the “Finance” option at checkout on the TNVC site and you will be directed to a secure page on the First National Bank of North Arkansas website to fill out your application. The credit review is done within 2 business days. Customers meeting the bank’s minimum credit requirements will be approved for immediate product delivery and monthly payments will proceed according to the loan term. Customers not meeting the minimum credit requirement will have their product placed on layaway until the loan is paid.

New from TNVC: Torch PRO MKII IR Illuminator

Tactical Night Vision Company’s (TNVC) “The Torch” has long been a value leader in stand-alone, weapon-mountable IR illuminators. It has been through a few revisions over the years and they have just released the latest version in the form of the Torch PRO MKII Illumintor.

Torch PRO MKII Illumintor

The hallmark of the Torch has long been its clean, smooth, focusable beam. The beam on the Torch PRO MKII Illumintor can be adjusted as wide as 12 degrees and as narrow as 3 degrees. This gives the Torch the ability to illuminate objects further than 1000 yards away. This ability to fine tune the focus allows the torch to be adjusted to illuminate objects at a variety of distances while minimizing bloom.

The Torch PRO MKII Illumintor also allows the user to adjust it’s wavelength based on their needs. It comes standard with a 810nm LED but a 910nm LED module is available for purchase separately.

Torch PRO MKII Illumintor Output

It is powered by 2 CR123A batteries which give it a runtime of 10-12 hours. The CR123A battery form factor also allows the Torch to fit in any standard flashlight mount for 1″ diameter lights.

As if all of that isn’t cool enough, the Torch PRO MKII Illumintor is compatible with Surefire C-series tailcaps and light bodies. That means you’ll have no problem finding the perfect tailcap for your setup whether it is a tape switch, clickie, or momentary only.

Check out the Torch PRO MKII Illumintor at TNVC.

TNVC Helmet Builder


TNVC just rolled out their new Helmet Builder program. This program gives helmet buyers that ability to start with a Rabintex NIJ IIIA Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) shell in the cut of their choice and then add only the items that they need from TNVC’s wide array of shrouds, mounts, rails, and suspension. This service is not only convenient but helmet buyers will pay less by bundling all of their helmet gear together.

Check out the TNVC Helmet Builder page.

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