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Manticore Arms ARC LOK

Manticore Arms has released details of their own direct-connect mounting system called ARC LOK. The new system works with their Tavor handguard and, presumably, other accessories that are still in their pipeline.

manticore arc lok closed manticore arc lok open

ARC LOK consists of a what Manticore Arms calls ARC LOK Tabs which closely match the size and shape of the slots that they pass through when they are in the closed position. Once they are placed through the slot and the user begins to tighten them, the rotate until they are stopped by the stationary portion of the tab which effectively locks them in the open position. The user can then continue to tighten the bolts until the desired tension is reached. It is best explained by watching the video below.

The ARC LOK rail sections are already in production. You can expect to see them on ManticoreArms.com soon.

Bullpup Shoot 2014

It’s almost time for your yearly pilgrimage to Bullpup Mecca!

Bullpup Shoot 2014 will be held on Saturday, September 27th from 9AM to 5PM in Waterman, Illinois.  The event is free to the public but bring some cash so you can try out some of the full auto rental guns and take part in the Zombie Shoot.

Manticore Arms and RATWORX will be hosting this year. Other vendors include IWI, Steyr, and K&M Aerospace.

Check out BullpupShoot.com.



MI Tavor Internal Light Mount

Midwest Industries has released their own Internal Light Mount end cap for their IWI Tavor rails. It is designed to hold lights with 1″ diameter tube bodies inside the handguard.


Interestingly, it can also be used to mount a Surefire Mini Scout Light completely contained within the handguard. MI promises that this will come in handy for a future release.

These will be available soon in both black and FDE. Check out Midwest Industries.


Manticore Arms ARClight IPSM and Light Ring

Two new accessories from Manticore Arms just took their ARCLight Rail for the IWI Tavor to a whole new level of interesting.

The IPSM or Internal Pressure Switch Mount allows you to mount a flashlight pressure switch INSIDE the ARClight rail so that no wires are exposed. It provides a raised button that protrudes from one of the slots in the rail that is used to activate the light. This is a very elegant and streamlined solution for dealing with the evils of tape switches.

IPSM closeup WEB

The Light Ring bolts into the open, muzzle end of the ARClight rail and serves two purposes. It closes off the end of the rail and it holds a flashlight.

Manticore Light Ring

Think about this for a moment. If you use these two items together, you could mount a bomb-proof light with a quality tape switch like an Elzetta entirely inside of the ARClight rail. Only the bezel of the light and the small activation button would extend outside of the rail. This is one of the most streamlined lighting solutions that I have seen, not just on the Tavor, but on any weapon.

The IPSM is available now from Manticore Arms. The Light Ring will be available soon.

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