Manticore Arms ARClight IPSM and Light Ring

Two new accessories from Manticore Arms just took their ARCLight Rail for the IWI Tavor to a whole new level of interesting.

The IPSM or Internal Pressure Switch Mount allows you to mount a flashlight pressure switch INSIDE the ARClight rail so that no wires are exposed. It provides a raised button that protrudes from one of the slots in the rail that is used to activate the light. This is a very elegant and streamlined solution for dealing with the evils of tape switches.

IPSM closeup WEB

The Light Ring bolts into the open, muzzle end of the ARClight rail and serves two purposes. It closes off the end of the rail and it holds a flashlight.

Manticore Light Ring

Think about this for a moment. If you use these two items together, you could mount a bomb-proof light with a quality tape switch like an Elzetta entirely inside of the ARClight rail. Only the bezel of the light and the small activation button would extend outside of the rail. This is one of the most streamlined lighting solutions that I have seen, not just on the Tavor, but on any weapon.

The IPSM is available now from Manticore Arms. The Light Ring will be available soon.


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