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Sneak Peek: Zulu Nylon Gear and Manticore Arms Collaboration Gear

Zulu Nylon Gear and Manticore Arms are introducing a new line of gear that will be available exclusively through Manticore Arms. The new line of chest rigs includes the Subgun RSCR, a subgun version of the excellent Zulu Nylon Gear RSCR complete with the RSCR’s unique pull-forward flap magazine pouches and low profile harness. The Subgun RSCR fits Colt 9mm, Uzi, MP5, Scorpion EVO, Glock extended, and similarly sized magazines (bulkier UMP and Sig MPX mags do not fit).

There will be a number of collaboration gear pieces available in the future. The Subgun RSCR is already available exclusively at ManticoreArms.com.

Manticore Arms Launches New Site

The previous Manticore Arms website was functional but dated. While it never kept me from purchasing several of their muzzle devices over the years, it was time for an update. The new Manticore Arms website is now online and it looks great.

Check out Manticore Arms.


Manticore Arms CZ Scorpion EVO Slider Stock Prototype

Manticore Arms released an image of their latest Slider Stock prototype for the CZ Scorpion EVO. This most recent iteration should be close to the actual production stock that will go into production soon. I’ve always appreciated Manticore Arms willingness to support niche firearms with great quality accessories.

manticore arms scorpion evo slider stock

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