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Most nylon gear manufacturers start from a military end user perspective and while the gear can be successfully adapted to use by civilian shooters, it would be nice to have gear that is purposefully designed for the prepared citizen. This is why a new tactical gear company called UW GEAR is unique. They build rigs with designs and features that are geared toward what they like to call the Armed Citizen (AC).

UW GEAR is a new company but one of the founders of the company, Diz, is anything but new to making nylon gear. People who have been around tactical gear for a long time will no doubt recognize Diz’s work. His gear has been sought after for years for its unique design and custom quality. Now, after a time away from custom tactical gear, Diz is back.

UW GEAR’s first offering is the AK MINUTEMAN Mk. II Chest Rig. As the name implies, this rig is made for the AK series of weapons and is available in both 7.62×39 and 5.45×39 versions. UW GEAR doesn’t build one size fits all chest rigs, instead preferring to tailor each rig to the specific magazine of each weapon.

The AK MINUTEMAN Mk. II Chest Rig has a number of standard features that tailor it to the AC. The most obvious example is the flap closure system or that the pouches are even covered with flaps at all since most chest rigs are moving away from full coverage pouches. Many chest rigs make extensive use of hook and loop material or bungee retainers to close pouches. UW GEAR wanted something quieter, more robust in harsh conditions, and easier to repair in the field than hook and loop so they designed a system that consists of a tab that can be inserted into a small retainer slot. This provides great retention and full protection from the elements while still providing easy access without the noise of hook and loop material. It is a very slick innovation.

Magazines, both empty and partially full, are precious to an AC since they do not have the benefit of a supply chain. They have a finite number of resources with which to continue the fight, so UW GEAR thoughtfully added a magazine retention pouch on the back of the rig. At first glance, the pouch looks like any other map pouch that is commonly found on a chest rig but this one is a bit different. The main difference is the length of webbing that runs from the bottom of the pouch up to the opening where it forms a small tab. This acts as a small “lever” that makes the insertion of a magazine quicker and easier. Again, it is a very slick innovation.

AK magazines are somewhat bulky and really need to be carried in a single layer that is close to the body. This is why the older green and brown Chicom chest rigs are still so popular today – they carry AK mags exactly the way that they should be carried. The AK MINUTEMAN Mk. II Chest Rig is similarly configured. It features 4 pouches that hold the magazines very close to the body without any extra layers like MOLLE webbing or pouches. If the user does want to add additional pouches there is MOLLE webbing on the sides of the rig.

The AK MINUTEMAN Mk. II Chest Rig looks like one heck of a chest rig for civilian shooters. Be sure to watch the video to see the above features in action.

UW GEAR is also currently working on a version for the AR-15. Check out UW GEAR on their website and their forum where you can interact directly with the owners and read more about the philosophy behind this rig.

SKD PIG Kangaroo Pouch Mag Insert

There is no more modular plate carrier on the market than the SKD PIG Plate Carrier. The array of options and innovative accessories make it extremely versatile. Several of those innovative accessories, like the PIG Kangaroo Pouch Mag Insert (KPMI), will work very well with carriers other than the PIG.

The KPMI is a single mag pouch that is designed to be inserted into the kangaroo pouch of a plate carrier. Several carriers have these kind of pouches and the KPMI will work with many of them including the Shellback Tactical Banshee PC. Each KPMI holds one magazine which makes it more versatile than most kangaroo mag pouch solutions (which typically hold 3 magazines side by side) since the KPMI can be scaled to the specific carrier that they are being used in. For instance, the Banshee PC’s kangaroo pouch is only wide enough to fit 2 magazines so most kangaroo mag pouch solutions do not fit but 2 KPMIs work perfectly.

The KPMI has some really nice features including shock cord retainers and elastic to help grip the magazine even when the shock cord retainer is deactivated. The opening is also slightly larger than the rest of the pouch to aid in inserting magazines.

The KPMI is just a small part of the PIG Plate Carrier system, but it is big on usefulness, even in other plate carriers. Check out the KPMI on SKD’s website.

A-TACS FG Plate Carrier Cumber from Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) makes a ton of great armor carrier options. Their fullest featured plate carrier is the Plate Carrier Cumber. BCS was also one of the earliest adopters of the original A-TACS camo and as a result, they will be some of the first makers to have their product line available in the new A-TACS FG pattern.

The Plate Carrier Cumber is a compact plate carrier that has a lot of options that you won’t get from a large product tactical gear company. For instance, the Plate Carrier Cumber is available in your choice of 500D and 1000D nylon. Having the option of the weight saving 500D fabric is very nice.

BCS also packs in other features like routing points for comms and hydration hoses and top loading plate pockets, both of which are hard to find in a plate carrier. The BCS shoulder pads are also very slick. They features a webbing tab that can be snapped down over your sling to capture it and keep it from rubbing your neck.

The Plate Carrier Cumber in A-TACS FG will be available from our friends at PredatorARMAMENT. The folks at the Predator Intelligence group (PredatorARMAMENT and PredatorBDU) are also out in front on all the latest camo patterns.

Combat XII MEC Pack from Ares Armor and PredatorBDU

PredatorBDU and Ares Armor have already teamed up to create a special version of the excellent Ares Armor Combat XII Pack with camo matched webbing. Now they are teaming up again to create a new version of the pack – the Combat XII MEC Pack.

The MEC in Combat XII MEC Pack stands for Multi-Environment Camo, as in Hyde Definition’s PenCott Multi-Environment Camo patterns. These packs are available exclusively in the PenCott camo patterns. These patterns represent a set of 3 (soon to be 4) camo options that are tailored to specific environments while still being somewhat versatile across multiple environments. Soldier Systems Daily has had great coverage of these camo schemes.

In addition to the exclusive camo patterns, the Combat XII MEC Pack differs from the original Combat XII in that the MOLLE webbing has been removed from the large pouch on the back of the pack. This makes the pack light and more streamlined while also increasing the unbroken surface area and effectiveness of the camo. The Combat XII MEC retains the MOLLE webbing on the sides of the pack so there is still opportunity to customize the pack by adding mission specific pouches.

The Combat XII MEC Packs are made from 1000 Denier PenCott Textured Nylon that is DWR and NIR coated. The fabric also has a waterproof back coating. As with the original Combat XII Pack, it can be worn as a stand-alone pack with the included straps or attached directly to an armor carrier. It features storage for 6 M4 magazines integrated into the top of the pack. There are 2 external pockets and 1 large internal compartment. The large internal compartment is segmented for carrying hydration bladders.

You can pre-order the Combat XII MEC Packs in all 3 color (Badlands, Greenzone, and Sandstorm) right now on PredatorBDU.com.

Ares Armor Amentum LR Sling

Ares Armor is now offering a new version of their Amentum Sling that is optimized for precision shooting – the Ares Armor Amentum LR Sling.

Getting into and out of a rock solid shooting position can be a key to placing shots accurately while minimizing the exposure of the shooter and the Ares Armor Amentum LR Sling is designed to allow shooters to do just that. At a glance, it appears to be just another well made, quick adjust style 2 point sling, but, on closer inspection a very, very interesting feature comes to light. The sling features a linkage that allows it to be quickly attached (and detached) to the shooter’s belt. The shooter can then draw the sling tight using the easy to operate slider that the original Ares Armor Amentum Sling is known for. This allows the shooter to stabilize the rifle in a number of field expedient positions.

This sling seems especially well suited to rifles that bridge the gap between dedicated precision and CQB (DM, SPR, RECCE type rifles). The Ares Armor Amentum LR Sling functions like any other well designed 2 point tactical sling until the need for precision presents itself. There is no compromise with a set up like this. You have a solid shooting sling when precision is needed and a 2 point tactical sling when mobility and ease of manipulation is needed.

The Ares Armor Amentum LR Sling also seems especially well suited to urban environments where its unique configuration seems like it would make it easier to shoot over cover than a traditional sling. It looks like this set up would allow the shooter to stabilize the rifle while exposing less of their body than a traditional shooting sling.

This sling is absolutely fascinating to me. I think it looks incredibly clever. Check out the Ares Armor Amentum LR Sling on the Ares Armor website.

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