Combat XII MEC Pack from Ares Armor and PredatorBDU

PredatorBDU and Ares Armor have already teamed up to create a special version of the excellent Ares Armor Combat XII Pack with camo matched webbing. Now they are teaming up again to create a new version of the pack – the Combat XII MEC Pack.

The MEC in Combat XII MEC Pack stands for Multi-Environment Camo, as in Hyde Definition’s PenCott Multi-Environment Camo patterns. These packs are available exclusively in the PenCott camo patterns. These patterns represent a set of 3 (soon to be 4) camo options that are tailored to specific environments while still being somewhat versatile across multiple environments. Soldier Systems Daily has had great coverage of these camo schemes.

In addition to the exclusive camo patterns, the Combat XII MEC Pack differs from the original Combat XII in that the MOLLE webbing has been removed from the large pouch on the back of the pack. This makes the pack light and more streamlined while also increasing the unbroken surface area and effectiveness of the camo. The Combat XII MEC retains the MOLLE webbing on the sides of the pack so there is still opportunity to customize the pack by adding mission specific pouches.

The Combat XII MEC Packs are made from 1000 Denier PenCott Textured Nylon that is DWR and NIR coated. The fabric also has a waterproof back coating. As with the original Combat XII Pack, it can be worn as a stand-alone pack with the included straps or attached directly to an armor carrier. It features storage for 6 M4 magazines integrated into the top of the pack. There are 2 external pockets and 1 large internal compartment. The large internal compartment is segmented for carrying hydration bladders.

You can pre-order the Combat XII MEC Packs in all 3 color (Badlands, Greenzone, and Sandstorm) right now on

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