Blue Force Gear UWL with Push Button Socket

I think the previously reviewed Blue Force Gear Universal Wire Loop (UWL) is something that every shooter should have in their tool box just waiting to help you solve some tricky sling mounting problem. Blue Force Gear (BFG) has now made the UWL even more versatile with the addition of a socket that accepts push button QD sling swivels.

The BFG UWL with Push Button Socket lets the user decide whether to attach the sling directly to the UWL, use a push button QD sling swivel, or both. When you are using the UWL with Push Button Socket as a front sling attachment point, it makes sense to choose one attachment method or the other. However, if you are using this as your rear attachment point, the UWL with Push Button Socket can be used to turn a 2 point sling into a single point sling.

This is one clever piece of gear. Check out the UWL with Push Button Socket on the Blue Force Gear website.

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