A-TACS FG Plate Carrier Cumber from Beez Combat Systems

Beez Combat Systems (BCS) makes a ton of great armor carrier options. Their fullest featured plate carrier is the Plate Carrier Cumber. BCS was also one of the earliest adopters of the original A-TACS camo and as a result, they will be some of the first makers to have their product line available in the new A-TACS FG pattern.

The Plate Carrier Cumber is a compact plate carrier that has a lot of options that you won’t get from a large product tactical gear company. For instance, the Plate Carrier Cumber is available in your choice of 500D and 1000D nylon. Having the option of the weight saving 500D fabric is very nice.

BCS also packs in other features like routing points for comms and hydration hoses and top loading plate pockets, both of which are hard to find in a plate carrier. The BCS shoulder pads are also very slick. They features a webbing tab that can be snapped down over your sling to capture it and keep it from rubbing your neck.

The Plate Carrier Cumber in A-TACS FG will be available from our friends at PredatorARMAMENT. The folks at the Predator Intelligence group (PredatorARMAMENT and PredatorBDU) are also out in front on all the latest camo patterns.

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