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Snake Eater Tactical Belt Design Update

Snake Eater Tactical makes some excellent belts. I have used one of their Cobra Rigger’s Belts for years and I am currently trying one of their SET War Belts. Both have been excellent products.

They recently updated the design of their belts to remove the hook and loop material that secures the belt tail. Their reasoning behind this move is that the hook and loop is the weakest link in a quality belt. Its tendency to wear out is the only thing that prevents the belt from lasting forever. I have owned many webbing gun belts over the years and in my experience they are correct.

SET belt tail

They are now using a keeper that is sewn into the belt to secure the tail. The keeper can not be lost because it is sewn in between the layers of the belt. It is secured in such a way that it can move along the length of the belt a short distance in order to secure varying lengths of belt tail.

S.E.T. War Belt from Snake Eater Tactical

The S.E.T. War Belt from Snake Eater Tactical is actually three belts that comprise one system which can be warn multiple ways.

snake eater tactical set belt 2

The first belt is a thin Hypalon pants belt with Velcro sewn to the exterior. This serves as the anchor point for the other belts.

The second belt is a 1.75″ duty belt made from parachute webbing and closed with a Cobra buckle. This belt is the outer most component of the system and features a Velcro lining to mate with the other components. This belt also has channels built into the underside to capture MOLLE straps and prevent your gear from sliding around on the belt.

The final component is the belt pad which is made from closed cell foam and heavy mesh. It has Velcro on both sides so that it can mate with both the pants belt and the duty belt.

The strength of this design is it’s modularity. All three components can be worn together, the pants belt and duty belt can be worn without the pad, or either belt can be worn separately. The S.E.T. basically scales up from simply holding up your pants, to CCW, and then all the way up to supporting a basic fighting load.

snake eater tactical set belt 1

Snake Eater Tactical Surefire Burro Magazine Pouch

I have covered Snake Eater Tactical’s Burro Magazine Pouches before. Basically, they are open top, elastic magazine pouches that are reinforced with Kydex so they stay open. They recently added a larger version that is intended to carry Surefire’s 60 round AR-15 magazine. It can also carry a variety of other items thanks to its elastic construction. Like other Burro Pouches, these are MOLLE compatible but can also be adapted to belt use. They are available in Coyote Brown and Black.

Snake Eater Tactical is also offering $10 off any order of $60 or more throughout October.

Surefire-Burro snakeeatersale

Snake Eater Tactical Burro Magazine Pouches

There are kydex magazine pouches and there are elastic magazine pouches. Snake Eater Tactical’s Burro magazine pouches combine both into the same pouch.


The body of the Burro magazine pouches is constructed from 5″ heavy duty elastic which offers solid retention and allows it to adapt to a variety of magazines of similar shape and size. Snake Eater Tactical adds a curved kydex insert that adds structure and keeps pouch slightly open when open to make inserting a magazine easier. When the magazine is removed, the pouch lays mostly flat and out of the way. They are MOLLE compatible and come with MALICE Clips.

The Burro magazine pouches are available for both double stack pistol magazines and 5.56 rifle magazines.


Review: Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt (Diamondback)

I have been wearing a new belt for the last 3 months. The Cobra Rigger Belt (Diamondback) from Snake Eater Tactical is one of the many Cobra belts available on the market. There is certainly no shortage of choices but this one has a combination of features that I like quite a bit.

Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt Diamondback Buckle Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt Diamondback Unbuckled


All of Snake Eater Tactical’s Cobra Rigger Belts are made from two layers of resin treated 1 3/4″ Type 13 webbing. They add 5 rows of stitching that run the length of the belt to stiffen it. Then, depending on the pattern that you choose, they add some additional stitching that is both decorative and serves to further stiffen the belt. The result is a belt that is more than rigid enough to carry a full size handgun comfortably all day but more flexible than a belt with a stiffening insert.

The subject of this review features their Diamondback stitch pattern. It consists of 2 interlocking zig-zag stiches that form a diamond pattern, not unlike a tooling pattern that you might see on a leather belt. I think it looks great.

The belt features an AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle that is very, very durable and makes it extremely easy to don and doff. If you are a go fast type who might actually need a rigger’s belt for more than just holding up pants, the Cobra Buckle is suitable for extremely heavy loads and there is a 2” open slot in the belt next to the Cobra Buckle where you can add the carabiner of your choice.

Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt Diamondback Velcro Reinforcement Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt Diamondback Detail

Observations from Use

This belt is extremely comfortable. 5 stitch pattern belts like this aren’t new. Wilderness Tactical has been using this method to stiffen their excellent riggers belts for use and it may have been used before them. This type of stiffening system works. It provides an acceptable level of rigidity while remaining more flexible than belts with plastic stiffening insert. This belt is more than rigid enough to keep a G19 or G17 comfortable when carried inside the waist band all day – even when I am on my feet and moving for most of the time.

The decorative Diamondback stitching looks great. I can’t test how much additional rigidity it adds but it really doesn’t matter since the 5 rows of stitching are more than sufficient. The Diamondback pattern’s job is to look good and it does that well. It also does a good job of reinforcing the Velcro panels which can tear off with time and use if they are only stitched around the edges.

This belt is very well made. The stitching is even and straight which is great because it is very noticeable when it isn’t straight on these long, full length stiffening stitches. There is reinforcement where there should be reinforcement and the sizing is true to measurement.

Snake Eater Tactical was easy to work with. If your belt doesn’t fit right, they will return or exchange it. I didn’t need to do that because the fit was perfect. They offer several different stitching/webbing color combinations and several different buckle colors. They also offer a version of this belt without the costly Cobra Buckle.

Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt Diamondback Front Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt Diamondback Side

Wrap Up

There are other belts on the market with Cobra Buckles but I like the combination of quality components, stitch stiffening, and good looks that this Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt offers.

Check out the Snake Eater Tactical Cobra Rigger Belt.

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