Snake Eater Tactical Belt Design Update

Snake Eater Tactical makes some excellent belts. I have used one of their Cobra Rigger’s Belts for years and I am currently trying one of their SET War Belts. Both have been excellent products.

They recently updated the design of their belts to remove the hook and loop material that secures the belt tail. Their reasoning behind this move is that the hook and loop is the weakest link in a quality belt. Its tendency to wear out is the only thing that prevents the belt from lasting forever. I have owned many webbing gun belts over the years and in my experience they are correct.

SET belt tail

They are now using a keeper that is sewn into the belt to secure the tail. The keeper can not be lost because it is sewn in between the layers of the belt. It is secured in such a way that it can move along the length of the belt a short distance in order to secure varying lengths of belt tail.

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