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Snake Eater Tactical Loadout Package

Snake Eater Tactical now offers a Loadout Package that includes everything you need to set up a SET War Belt or even a MOLLE compatible belt from another maker. The Loadout Package represents a considerable savings over purchasing all the components separately.

The package includes 2 Rifle Burro Magazine Pouches and 4 Pistol Burro Magazine Pouches which can also be used for other items like flashlights and multitools. It also includes one their unique dump pouches that allows for a mag pouch to be mounting inside it. This configuration saves belt space and adds efficiency by placing the reload mag as close as possible to the dump pouch.


Snake Eater Tactical IWB Mag Pouch Update

Snake Eater Tactical has updated their IWB Mag Pouch once again. This mag pouch has been through a few iterations now with the the originals being IWB only with an integral belt loop. Then the laser cut panel was added so that the loop could be routed through it to form an OWB belt loop. Now, they are receiving another update – a removable belt loop.

The removable belt loop makes the IWB Mag Pouch more user serviceable and adds PALS compatibility. If you do manage to wear out the Onewrap belt loop, it can be replaced. They even ship with an extra loop. Additionally, the removable loop means that the pouch can be mounted on PALS webbing via a MALICE Clip (or similar, not included).

I use one of these pouches almost daily with a Glock 43 and have yet to wear out the loop. The elastic pouch is ultra-thin, lightweight, and very comfortable. I believe they are the best IWB magazine pouch available (most affordable too) and it is nice to see Snake Eater Tactical continue to improve them.


Snake Eater Tactical Rifle Magazine Inserts

There are a variety of hook-backed rifle magazine inserts on the market thanks to an explosion of applications for them. Everything from modular chest rigs, to kangaroo pouches on plate carriers, or even loop fields inside backpacks can makes use of these inserts. While there are a ton of choices, few are as lightweight and slim as the new Rifle Magazine Inserts from Snake Eater Tactical (SET).

The Rifle Magazine Inserts are actually SET’s second crack at hook-backed rifle magazine pouches. The new version (V2) is constructed from 4″ wide heavy duty elastic webbing with hook material sewn on the back. The biggest update is the new flared opening that SET claims makes one handed mag insertion easy. That mitigates the most often encountered drawback to elastic magazine pouches.

Check out the Rifle Magazine Inserts at SnakeEaterTactical.com.

Snake Eater Tactical IWB Mag Pouch Glock 42/43

You may already be familiar with Snake Eater Tactical’s IWB Magazine Pouch. These versatile mag pouches make use of elastic and hypalon construction to fit a wide variety of magazines. While they work just fine for shorter magazines like the Glock 43 (see our review), users requested a shorter version and Snake Eater Tactical delivered.

Snake Eater Tactical now offers the IWB Mag Pouch Glock 42/43 which is essentially a shortened version of the original pouch. As the name implies, it works with Glock 42/43 magazines but also with a wide range of other subcompact magazines.


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