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SKD Launched PIG FDT Alpha+ and Delta+ Gloves

SKD Tactical’s new PIG FDT Alpha+ and Delta+ Gloves are the next evolutionary step in the life of the excellent PIG FDT line of gloves. They combine the leather palm of the Alpha FR and Delta FR gloves with the affordability of the original Alpha and Delta gloves. The result is a premium leather palm glove with all the dexterity you have come to expect from the PIG FDT line.


SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Risers

The first thing many new Aimpoint PRO and CompM4 owners do is discard their perfectly usable QRP2 mount in favor of a new aftermarket mount. This is often done for no reason at all other than the assumption that the QRP2 can’t be good. In some cases because the user may be adjusting the height of the optic or trying to match heights for other accessories like magnifiers. SKD Tactical now has a solution for all these scenarios and it costs a lot less than the price of a new mount.

The SKD Aimpoint QRP2 Risers come in 4 heights that cover a variety of mounting setups and allow for broad compatibility with other accessories. SKD sends the following regarding the available heights:

  • The 1.73” Riser will place the center of the optic at 1.73”, which is the classic Bottom 1/3 Co-Witness position, allowing for fixed iron sights to be constantly visible for immediate use when needed, while keeping the iron sight picture at the bottom 1/3 of your Field of View so you have an uncluttered red dot view.
  • The 1.93” Riser will offer you a largely unimpeded FOV when using over your PEQ-15 and matches the height of the LaRue 1.93” Mounts. Even for those not using the IR aiming devices, the 1.93” Riser will allow for an upright head position for quickly finding your dot and reducing neck fatigue, while not being too high to shoot from the prone.
  • The 2.04” Riser will allow you to keep the exact same optic mounting height for shooters using a 2.04” Geissele mount for their Low Power Variable Optics, and also allows for in-line mounting of a CNVD that is secured to 1/2” Riser.
  • The 2.26” Riser provides an affordable entry-level solution to use your Aimpoint with the new Unity FAST Flip to Center Magnifier hotness, while staying within a budget. We view this Riser on a PRO or Comp M4 as the gateway mount to eventually using an Aimpoint Micro Optic coupled with the Unity FAST Mount.

Additionally, the riser is bidirectional so that you can switch the orientation of your QRP2 base to put the knob on the right side. The QRP2 base has a very large knob which, in its default position on the left side, does a great job of snagging on gear and punching the user in the solar plexus when the rifle is hanging.

These spacers is designed in conjunction with Arisaka Defense and made in the USA. They are machined from 6061-T651 Aluminum with a Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2 Hard Anodized finish.


Multicam PIG Glove Sale

SKD is offering 30% off their excellent Multicam PIG FDT Delta Utility Gloves when you buy two or more pairs today only. That is one of the better deals you will see on these gloves which are my favorite in the FDT Glove line.


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