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PIG UCR from SKD Tactical

A classic is reborn. SKD is reintroducing the Universal Chest Rig under their in house PIG label.

This new rig is based on the original Eagle Universal Chest Rig / SKD Version which was was based on the original Eagle Universal Chest Rig that was designed by Paul Howe. It became a classic for its combination of versatility, simplicity, quality, and reasonable price. Eagle was unable to keep SKD supplied with these rigs so they were perpetually out of stock. Now, with the introduction of the UCR under their in house PIG label, SKD will be able to more closely control the production of this popular chest rig.

The new version features several upgrades that make this old standby seem a bit more fresh including:

  • 500D Construction for less weight.
  • Adjustable retention straps that adjust with velcro instead of metal tri-glides.
  • PIG CR-UTV-MS Upgrade Straps, standard.
  • Internal drainage grommets.
  • Compatible with PIG CR H-Harness Kit.

According to SKD…

The PIG UCR still carries 2 x M4 mags (USGI/PMAG/Lancer) or 1 x 7.62 mag (SR-25/AR10) per each of its 4 rifle mag pouches.  The 4 pistol mag pouches up front are ideal for double stack pistol magazines, flashlights, utility tools or other similarly shaped items.  The Molle on the side of the chest rig allows for additional ammo, first aid, radio or utility pouches.  The PIG UCR also retains the mesh stash pocket and the internal Map Pocket of the original Paul Howe CR-UTV-MS with velcro closure along the top of the rig.  As with all Patrol Incident Gear tactical nylon gear, the PIG UCR is proudly made in the USA!

Check out the new PIG Universal Chest Rig on SKDTAC.com.

SKD Tactical PIG M4 Mag Pouches

SKD Tactical is gauging interest in the new PIG M4 Magazine Pouches and I, for one, am pretty darn interested.

The pouches are made from MultiCam Jacquard webbing. There will be a single and double magazine version that will retail for an impressive $17.50 and $19.50 respectively. The double version will retain the remaining magazine after the first is removed. The pouches will also feature a drainage grommet and will come with MALICE clips.

These look like a great value. Let SKD know you want them on their Facebook Page. Check out SKDTac.com.

SKD PIG Kangaroo Pouch Mag Insert

There is no more modular plate carrier on the market than the SKD PIG Plate Carrier. The array of options and innovative accessories make it extremely versatile. Several of those innovative accessories, like the PIG Kangaroo Pouch Mag Insert (KPMI), will work very well with carriers other than the PIG.

The KPMI is a single mag pouch that is designed to be inserted into the kangaroo pouch of a plate carrier. Several carriers have these kind of pouches and the KPMI will work with many of them including the Shellback Tactical Banshee PC. Each KPMI holds one magazine which makes it more versatile than most kangaroo mag pouch solutions (which typically hold 3 magazines side by side) since the KPMI can be scaled to the specific carrier that they are being used in. For instance, the Banshee PC’s kangaroo pouch is only wide enough to fit 2 magazines so most kangaroo mag pouch solutions do not fit but 2 KPMIs work perfectly.

The KPMI has some really nice features including shock cord retainers and elastic to help grip the magazine even when the shock cord retainer is deactivated. The opening is also slightly larger than the rest of the pouch to aid in inserting magazines.

The KPMI is just a small part of the PIG Plate Carrier system, but it is big on usefulness, even in other plate carriers. Check out the KPMI on SKD’s website.

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