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Black Arch Holsters sends…

Logan, UT – November 3, 2016 – Black Arch Holsters, a manufacturer of hybrid holsters, announced today the release the Dri-Matrix backer. This all-new synthetic backer has an advanced composite construction that offers greater comfort and moisture wicking ability while also protecting the wearer’s gun from sweat.

The Dri-Matrix backer was designed to provide maximum user comfort while avoiding the issues of durability and condensation found in many other synthetic backers. The key to making this possible is a 3D mesh that transfers pressure over a larger area (providing comfort for the wearer) and allows for the lateral flow of vapor through the backer. This lateral airflow, combined with a surface layer of high density leather and a polymer sweat barrier, allows air to flow through the holster while preventing sweat from reaching the wearer’s gun. The leather face also provides a much more durable surface than many other synthetic backers and won’t degrade over time.

This advanced backer was designed specifically for Black Arch’s Protos-M family of modular holsters. This means that while you can buy a new Protos-M with a Dri-Matrix backer, current Protos-M owners can also buy the new backer separately and easily upgrade their holster.

Protos-M holsters with Dri-Matrix backers are currently available for $79.95. Individual Dri-Matrix backers are available for $35.95. All Black Arch holsters include free shipping and a lead time of only 2-4 business days.

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Black Arch Holsters – Ruger LCP II Holsters Ready to Ship

Black Arch Holsters already has their LCP II holsters ready to ship in 2-3 business days!


From Black Arch Holsters:

Logan, UT – October 12, 2016 – Black Arch Holsters, a manufacturer of concealed carry equipment, announced today support for the all-new Ruger LCP II pistol with its ACE-1 Gen 2 line of holsters. This inside-the-waistband holster is custom made for over 200 different handguns and the LCP II is the latest addition to the ACE-1 family.

Each ACE-1 Gen 2 holster for the LCP II is customized to take advantage of the pistol’s small size: the premium leather backer is sized down to eliminate bulk and the .093 kydex is carefully molded to perfectly fit the slide and frame. By customizing the ACE-1 Gen 2 for the LCP II, Black Arch is able to offer unparalleled fit and function in a highly concealable package.

While this new holster is designed around the tiny LCP II, it still offers all of the benefits of the ACE-1 family: all-day comfort, maximum adjustability, deep concealment, and a lifetime warranty. The LCP II holster is currently available for sale at blackarchholsters.com for $59.95 with a lead time of only 2-3 business days.

New Custom Clip for the Black Arch Holsters Protos-M

The Protos-M Holster from Black Arch Holsters will now feature a custom clip that they developed in conjunction with TacWare. The clip is a major part of the Protos-M’s functionality as it allows for adjustable ride height and cant while also being tuckable and adding nothing to the width of the holster. This is the clip that will be provided for the single clip configuration of the Protos-M (and the complete box set).

black arch protos custom clip

Black Arch Holster Protos-M

Black Arch (formerly SHTF Gear), just took the wraps off their newest holster – the Protos-M. This is an all-new modular holster design but as you might guess from the name, it shares some lineage with the Black Arch Protos holster in that is also features their patent pended 3/4 Hybrid system. This means that the kydex fully encloses the trigger guard on both sides to give the positive click-in and click-out retention you like about kydex with the comfort of a leather backed hybrid.


From Black Arch:

Logan, UT – June 28, 2016 – Black Arch, a manufacturer of hybrid holsters, announced today the release of its latest product, the Protos-M. Designed to be completely modular, this holster is intended to meet the needs of those who carry daily, train hard, and compete to win.

The Protos-M is able to adapt to any mode of carry (IWB, OWB, and AIWB) by using one of three interchangeable backers. This means that you can carry your gun in different positions and levels of concealment with a single holster. The Protos-M uses their patent-pending ¾ Hybrid system, which means that you will experience the exact same draw no matter which backer you use (note: each backer is custom designed and only compatible with a single model of gun).

More than just a modular holster, the Protos-M is engineered for all-day carry and built to last. Precision-molded kydex, hand-finished leather, and stainless steel components all come together in this new design to create the highest quality holster possible. Completely redesigned backers provide a smaller footprint and make these holsters incredibly concealable and comfortable.

The Protos-M will retail for $94.95 with one backer included and is currently available for pre-order online at blackarchholsters.com. Individual backers will be available for $34.95. The complete Protos-M system box set will retail for $209.95, including one shell, three backers, extra hardware, and accessories.  Pre-orders will begin shipping Friday  July 8th. All Black Arch holsters include free shipping and a lead time of only 2-4 business days.

3 quarter hybrid style xds

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