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Logan, UT – November 3, 2016 – Black Arch Holsters, a manufacturer of hybrid holsters, announced today the release the Dri-Matrix backer. This all-new synthetic backer has an advanced composite construction that offers greater comfort and moisture wicking ability while also protecting the wearer’s gun from sweat.

The Dri-Matrix backer was designed to provide maximum user comfort while avoiding the issues of durability and condensation found in many other synthetic backers. The key to making this possible is a 3D mesh that transfers pressure over a larger area (providing comfort for the wearer) and allows for the lateral flow of vapor through the backer. This lateral airflow, combined with a surface layer of high density leather and a polymer sweat barrier, allows air to flow through the holster while preventing sweat from reaching the wearer’s gun. The leather face also provides a much more durable surface than many other synthetic backers and won’t degrade over time.

This advanced backer was designed specifically for Black Arch’s Protos-M family of modular holsters. This means that while you can buy a new Protos-M with a Dri-Matrix backer, current Protos-M owners can also buy the new backer separately and easily upgrade their holster.

Protos-M holsters with Dri-Matrix backers are currently available for $79.95. Individual Dri-Matrix backers are available for $35.95. All Black Arch holsters include free shipping and a lead time of only 2-4 business days.

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