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SHTF Gear Lock Loops

Breaking the plastic hardware on your holster gets old. SHTF Gear thought so, too, so they developed their new Lock Loops. They were designed specifically for hybrid holsters, and not just SHTF Gear’s hybrid holsters. They will work with many different hybrid holsters on the market.

SHTF Gear Lock Loop

The Lock Loops feature an industry standard Pull-the-Dot snap on a coated webbing belt loop. The coated webbing has a leather-like appearance but is more durable. The loop is mounted on a .093″ thick kydex strut that makes the holster tuckable. SHTF Gear is confident enough in the durability of the Lock Loop to offer a lifetime warranty on them.

Check out the new Lock Loops at SHTF Gear.

Two New Advertising Partners: Katylist and SHTF Gear

JTT has been blessed with the addition of two new advertising partners. These are the types of companies that I am proud to have on board here at JTT.


Katylist may be new but the people behind it are not. Katylist.com is basically Shellback Tactical’s hard armor site but it will not be limited to hard armor. They will also carry exclusive gear from Shellback Tactical, soft armor, self-aid gear, and more. They have already added several items from Eleven-10 including their excellent Kydex Tourniquet Pouches and they are running a sale on their Level IV Stand Along plates for just 169.95!



I recently had the opportunity to review the ACE-1 Holster from SHTF Gear and I was thrilled with it. The quality is excellent and it carries very comfortably.

SHTF Gear ACE Glock 19

In fact, I recently took a family vacation to a small town known for being very outdoor oriented. I knew I would be walking/hiking a lot so I took my normal carry setup, a Glock 19 in the ACE-1, and an airweight small frame revolver in a “summer special” style IWB holster. I wore the small frame revolver for the first day thinking it would be more comfortable due its small size and lighter weight but by the afternoon, I was ready to be done. I swapped it out for the G19 in the ACE-1 Holster and found that it was far more comfortable than even the compact, lightweight revolver. I wore it for several days more with no discomfort at all in spite of the heat and plenty of movement.

On top of that, SHTF Gear has the most transparent ordering process of any holster company that I have used. They update their site daily with the average lead time from the day before and send you updates as your holster moves through the production process.

These are the types of companies that JTT is happy to recommend without reservation. Consider checking out theirs and all the sponsor’s sites. They help keep the lights on here at JTT and I can personally recommend each of them.

Review: SHTF Gear ACE-1 Holster

The SHTF Gear is another of the seemingly unending stream of hybrid holster makers that have cropped up since the initial success of companies like Comp-Tac and Crossbreed. It would be easy to write them off because of this but SHTF Gear has done a good job of differentiating themselves in a number of different ways. They have done more than enough for me to take notice which is why I have been wearing the SHTF Gear ACE-1 Hoslter for several months now.

SHTF Gear ACE Glock 19 Logo


The ACE-1 Holster is what is generally referred to as a “hybrid” holster. The front “half” (the part away from the wearer) is made from molded Kydex and the rear (the part against the wearer) is made from leather. The ACE-1’s leather panel is very thick with a full sweat guard. It is aggressively cut to allow for a full firing grip from the holster.

The Kydex portion of the holster covers only the trigger guard and part of the slide, leaving the muzzle to protrude below. It is fastened to the leather back panel via large rivets and Kevlar thread. The Kevlar thread is exclusive to the SHTF Gear and is extra insurance to keep the Kydex portion of the holster attached to the leather even if a rivet should fail somehow.

The ACE-1 is not adjustable for tension. It is adjustable for cant and ride height. SHTF Gear offers a couple tuckable belt attachments including the standard metal clips and lower visibility leather belt loop options.

SHTF Gear ACE Glock 19

Observations from Use

I should probably just say up front that this is the most comfortable IWB holster that I have ever worn. That is due in no small part to the thick leather backer. It was comfortable right out the box but it became even more comfortable after about 7-10 days of wearing it to break in the leather backer. The leather backer sits basically flat against your body. There is no molding, ridges, bumps, or anything else to cause hot spots. The rivets are nearly completely flat and the stitching is so tight to the backing that you will never feel it.

There several similar looking holsters on the market that I have never been pleased with due to the cut of the backer. SHTF Gear gets it right. It has a huge, full sweat guard for comfort but it is aggressively cut away from around the grip to allow a full firing grip right from the holster. This alone moves the SHTF Gear ACE-1 to the top of the heap when it comes to similar hybrid IWB holsters.

SHTF Gear ACE Glock 19 Back

The lack of adjustable tension is likely to give some people pause but I found it to be a complete non-issue. The ACE-1 will be alarmingly loose at first when it is off your body but rest assured, when the backer is flexed around your hip, the retention is perfect. The retention level actually increases a bit as the leather breaks in and molds to the gun.

Visually, the Kevlar stitching that reinforces the holster is distinctive. Functionally, I am not sure how important it is since there are several similar holsters that are durable enough with just the rivets. It provides a lot of extra protection against separation and I am never opposed to overbuilding something as long as it doesn’t add much weight or bulk. If nothing else, it lets you know you are looking at a holster made by SHTF Gear.

SHTF Gear’s metal belt hardware is excellent. It is easy to mount, has no sharp edges, and is very durable. It is made from very flexible spring steel so flexing it on and off the thickest belts that I own was no problem. This is significant to me because of my previous experiences with competing hybrid holsters with plastic hardware. I broke and replaced plastic hardware on my previous hybrid IWB twice. It gets hold fast.

SHTF Gear ACE Glock 19 Detail

I also really liked the transparency of the holster ordering process at SHTF Gear. I received email updates as my holster moves through the production process. It took less than 2 weeks for it to arrive. Since I placed my order, SHTF Gear has added a feature on their website that shows the average wait time from the previous day. It is updated daily. There are some holster makers who wouldn’t dare do that.

While the open bottom, slide style of the Kydex portion of the holster is convenient from a manufacturing standpoint and for those of use who own multiple sizes of similar handguns (my G19 ACE-1 fits everything from a G26 to a G17 without the slide protruding below the leather), I would like to see some full coverage options from SHTF Gear. A full enclosed muzzle protects the front sight from impacts and prevents some situations where the handgun may be pressed up out of the holster by contact with the muzzle.

SHTF Gear ACE with Glock 19

Wrap Up

The ACE-1 is extremely comfortable and durable. SHTF Gear does the leather backer portion of the this holster better than any other that I have seen and their honest, transparent ordering process is a breath of fresh air. This holster has become a great addition to my EDC gear.

Check out SHTF Gear.

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